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Author Topic: For how much money would you be willing to sell your pony collection at once?  (Read 1697 times)

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Offline NightGliderSA

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You can pry them out of my cold, dead hands.
Or for 10,000,000$.  Either is acceptable.

What Baby Sugarberry said.

Offline chelletay

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I actually wanted to do this. I put an ad up on Craigslist, $5k for everything, and I only had people asking for the g1s. I'd probably be willing to go less, just because I'm out of space and I really don't do anything with them anymore.   I just don't have the patience to sell them individually.

Offline DazzleKitty

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Some of these have sentimental value to some were given to me as a present by my late brother, my cousins, parents, etc. And some have memories intact to them.

I have actually been at a crossroads lately because of a personal life crisis going on.

I thought about selling them and then wanted to cry. I can't do it. Even if the story behind some of them is stupid, I get attached to each pony.  I had an ex boyfriend who was trying to get me to sell my G4's because I went through I time where I was so frustrated with G4's. This ex also was using me for money and knew any money I got would just go to him eventually for food and games. I ditched him a little over a couple of months ago. Since then? I have bought more G4 things. :P   
My dad even put him in his place when he started pressuring me not only to start selling my G4's, but also the G1's I don't care for as much. My dad said "She has worked hard on her collection."
I am so glad my dad stood up for me that day.

I really cannot put a price on them.
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