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Author Topic: For how much money would you be willing to sell your pony collection at once?  (Read 1696 times)

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With close to 2,000 members to my herd and many of them Nirvana, my price would be more than anyone would be willing to pay ;)

I love my ponies and don't know that I'd be able to sell them for any amount though...
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Offline Aurora

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If we exclude childhood friends, i would be willing to trade for all my debt being paid off! Then I can start over, smarter! I, like everyone, made mistakes and overpaid.
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Offline Glacia471

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I think the entirety of what I have is probably worth $20,000-30,000, maybe a bit more. I am in the process of downsizing but there are some ponies that just aren't going anywhere (my Venny Lickety Split in my avatar, ponies that were meaningful gifts from people important to me, childhood favorites, or my Greek Ladybird for example).

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I don't have a huge collection, and none of my ponies are particularly rare or valuable, but I love them, so it's difficult to say!  I don't even know how much it's all worth lol.
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Umm....Nope. Most of my ponies are valued to me, not because they are rare, most 'cause memories. If I was to put a market value on my ponies..I'd say 500-750$ I do have around 100 ponies, and some of them are the more sought after, limited time G4's.
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I really need to get around to appraising my collection.

G1 only, at least $5,000, but it would need to be a lot more for me to really jump at the offer. All of my ponies, probably add another $500 or so at least.

Offline Taxel

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None of my ponies are valuable or anything, honestly, but I wouldn't give them up for anything less than a crazy offer. Like a couple thousand dollars or so for most of them. However there's a handful I wouldn't let go of for any offer short of something entirely ridiculous (or nothing ever, in the case of two).
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Offline Shy Violet

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You can pry them out of my cold, dead hands.
Or for 10,000,000$.  Either is acceptable.

This! Lol!

I have a hard enough time rehoming my doubles. I don't think I can part with my collection and never part with the childhood ponies of course. I plan to have them until I die.  :biggrin:

Offline Duenia

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I have a handful that I could never let go of. My first Dazzleglow, Tappy, Little Flitter, Silver Swirl, Dainty Dove, and of course my custom Star Skimmer.

For the rest - pay off my student loans and we'll talk :lol:

Online ZeldaTheSwordsman

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I don't think I would.. My collection is precious to me

Offline Pierlala

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I think my topic is misunderstood. I don't mean that someone walks up to you and gives you the money in hand. But more like...if you were to sell your collection, what price would you put on it.

Because if someone came up to me right now and offered me 7000 euro, I would not sell it. Because at this point I simply have no interest selling it. But incase I ever will. That would most lilely be the price, sbould my collection not expand.
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Offline Baby Sugarberry

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Again, 10,000,000$
I wouldn't part with my ponies voluntarily.  They're more than a collection, they're an embodiment of childhood memories and make me happy when I look at them, in a time when few other things do.  What they'd fetch at 'market value' wouldn't come close to doing either of those things.

You might be better off asking 'If you had to buy a MLP collection identical to what you have today, how much do you think it would cost?'

For mine, I'd guess north of 10,000-15,000$.
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Offline Mami Tomoe

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probly 1 million dollars because then i can buy them back buy everything i dreamed of and pay all my parents bills and buy what they want too
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Thought I make a fun topic to see what people think or feel what value their collection might be. I am not asking what the value is. But more like what you would be willing to let it go for.

I think my topic is misunderstood. I don't mean that someone walks up to you and gives you the money in hand. But more like...if you were to sell your collection, what price would you put on it.

This is kind of contradictory...
You want to know what price someone would put their collection up for sale for but not it's value?  :what:

I mean, if I were to sell my collection, I'd put it up for what I believed it's market value to be.
I'd estimate mine to be worth maybe $2000 or so but if I were to actually sell my collection I know it's unlikely I'd get that much selling all in one lot. I'd sell ponies individually first then if there were some that didn't sell after a while I'd put those in a lower priced lot.

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I know the market value of my collection - I wanted to be sure it fit under the amount allowed under my home insurance. But no way would I let any of it go. For any amount, overpriced or otherwise. Many are gifts from friends and family, and even those that aren't, most are transactions where I have made new friends, and those are still dear to me. Even the nostalgia of buying new in store, each was a happy memory, and those too are important to me. You can have my ponies over my dead body - and I'd still probably haunt you!
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