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Author Topic: Current Wantlist - semi active - mainly for swap  (Read 151 times)

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Current Wantlist - semi active - mainly for swap
« on: November 15, 2017, 10:49:48 AM »
This is my wantlist and I am updating it as I acquire things from it.
Not actively buying unless it's an awesome deal and atm I prefer trades.
Will consider offers regardless :)

Strictly G1 collector. Mainly Excellent to mint condition ponies. Can have writings under hooves that are placed on ground. Can tolerate MINOR symbol rubs on painted symbols, not glittery.
No defects to plastic or hair (messy curls or the lack thereof and unruly hair is acceptable - no frizz- - same with uneven hair for italians etc)
Companions with lots of paint, eg. spikes of the princess dragons, can have color rubs.
Body/Head discoloration, mold and cancer disqualifies ponies.

Wanted (Ponies I don't own yet/any longer):
Companion Cha cha the llama
Spanish Confetti
Spanish Pinwheel
Spanish Starflower
Spanish Tickle
TE Party Time
Slumber party Pink Dreams
Slumber party Night Cap
Baby Crumpet
Baby Princess Sparkle
Baby Racer
Baby Leaper
Baby Lucky Leaf
Baby Pockets
Baby Stripes
Baby Paradise
Baby Pineapple
Baby Graffiti (must be white - toothrub ok)
Baby Billies Bunny
Baby Blubberchen
Baby Würfelchen
Baby Blümen
Dutch Shell pony
SHS Sweet Sundrop
SHS Sunblossom
Perfume Puff Dainty Dahlia
Ballerina Twinkle Dancer
All 3 Baby Mermaids
Magenta Satin'n Lace
NBBE Baby Heartthrob (pref blue wings)
Precious Pocket Bunny Hop (Must be white and have bunny on string)
Alt. Birthflower ponies except Daisy

Upgrades - must be perfect (will still consider writing under hoof):
Mint Dreams
US Confetti
Baby Sunbright
TE Masquerade
TAF Sweet tooth
FT Baby Fifi
FT Baby Quackers
Precious Pocket Sweet Pocket
Newborn Baby Shovels
TE Quackers
Baby Jangles and Tangles
Baby Lucky
Big brother Quarterback (no accessories)
Big brother 4-Speed (no accessories)
BNG Twisty Tail non trotter pose
Baby Shaggy
Dutch Butterfly pony
Baby Honeycomb
German Starshine

If none of the above are to be found:
Thai Sunburst + Tornado
Any French version rainbow pony
Any French version unicorn or pegasus
Any Spanish version pony,except piggies and Collectors pose, up until year 7 . Prefer unicorns/pegasi, rainbows, TAFS and big brothers
Any Argentina trotter-pose ponies
Any South America in general Unicorn, Pegasus or baby unicorn
Any greek pony except first 6

If really none of the above are to be found:
If the above are too hard to find I'll also accept a Genie or the big brother pose ponies from the new custom series, but would prefer real g1.
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