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Cannot send PM anymore

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Hi there,

Am i the only one that receive an error message everytime i wish to send a Pm? It says that my session has runned out and i need to connect again.... but i am connected....

Someone help me?


The Arena is currently experiencing some issues that we are working to resolve! Please keep attempting to send the PM, it will eventually go through. Consider emailing the recipient if necessary.

Ok thanks, i am still stuggling with sending PMs :/ hope its gonna be resolved

yes me too, i just had to keep pressing the send button like 5 times before it sent. iv been having other probs like all my post running out of time :(

Me, too! Trying to PM Holiday Swap before deadline. Hope it goes through . . .

edit: I hit submit a ton of times and now it says it's sent. Hopefully they don't receive 8 duplicate messages from me  ^^;


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