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Author Topic: Trade or Sale - G4 mostly  (Read 366 times)

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Trade or Sale - G4 mostly
« on: August 15, 2017, 04:44:29 AM »
*blows dust off my account*
It has been some time, so im updating everything. I may need to hunt thru boxes from moving to find some of these.
This will be updated, and i will bump when i do.
There are only a handful of things i actually want to trade for, just check out my wishlist.

-Postage is to and from Australia
-Paypal only (only aussies can directly pay to my bank account)
-Photos on request
-I can unbox things for cheaper postage, but theyre probably worth more mib?
-Anything posted will be bubble wrapped in one way or another
-Will be moving a bunch of these to ebay at some point, so best to get in before i do
-When on ebay i will update with links

*1 Dr Whooves (green tie i think)
* 1 Muffinpony Bubble pony, whatever her code name is now days

* 1 Star Dream & Applejack pack
* 1 Rainbow Flash & Rainbow Dash pack
* 1 Daisy Dreams & Fluttershy pack
* 1 2012 Fan Favourite pack
* 1 Mini 3 pack Canterlot Wedding set
* 1 2012 McDonalds Rarity toy MIB

* 1 complete set of 2012 McDonald ponies
* 1 Spring Fluttershy (complete)
* 1 Pinkie Pie from TRU fan favourites set
* 1 Rainbow Dash from TRU fan favourites set
* 1 Trixe Lulamoon from TRU fan favourites set
* 1 tinsel haired Pinkie Pie
* 1 tinsel haired Fluttershy
* 1 Celestia Solid Mold (from luna 2 pack)
* 1 Crystal motion Applejack with pet
* 1 Crystal motion Rainbow Dash with pet
* 1 Crystal motion Twilight Sparkle with pet
* Derplestia - Factory error Celestia, glitter on one eye
* Combs, wagons, saddles and animal companions - misc

* 1 Cupcake (factory error- a pinprick hole on top of NDS ear)
* 1 Applejack. Mismatching coloured head and body (free to anyone, just pay postage)
* 1 Rainbowdash (free to anyone, just pay postage)
* 1 Twilight Sparkle (im sure i still have her) pre-wings, plastic dark patch next to eye

* G3 Christmas ornament set (never used, in original box) = $8

* Daddy Celebrations
* Baby Brother Celebrations
* Baby Bouncy

Theres more i need to add to this, im sure its some more g4 stuff i dont need or want anymore. 2012-2014ish range.
Wishlist | Trade list
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