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Author Topic: Selling Jem Dolls...  (Read 262 times)

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Selling Jem Dolls...
« on: June 24, 2017, 10:48:33 AM »
Mods, before you move this, this isn't a sale post but an advice post, so I think it's in the right place!

I've always had spare dolls in my vintage Jem collection which I use to display additional fashions. I rearranged my cabinet recently to fit the integrity dolls in there and put some outfits away. I have maybe eight or nine loose vintage nude Jem character dolls now that don't have a home. None of them are Jem herself because I dislike her. They are if I remember rightly, Video, Aja (1st and 2nd edition), Shana (1st edition), Clash, Stormer...I may have missed someone.#

All are in played with condition and none are perfect. I am not sure what to sell them for, and any general advice here would be good.

I also have a MIB Spanish Jem/Jerrica by which I mean Made in Spain. She is the last of my Spanish made dolls that I want to sell but I have not yet managed to do so. Maybe everyone else also hates Jem/Jerrica...who knows.

In any case, she is in her original box and has not been removed to be displayed, though the tray has been out (I got her like this) and the promotional cassette advertised on the box is missing. I have no idea what to price her at these days.

In terms of Jem 'Nirvana' dolls, there are no country dolls, Mexican dolls and Spanish dolls. The no country ones are really common in the UK and Europe, the Mexican ones show up somewhat often in the UK (not in Europe or the US) loose, less commonly MIB, the Spanish ones are the most difficult to find. But they are not always as sought after as the Mexican ones because they are less quirky. There have not been any Spanish dolls up for sale for a long time so pricing her is proving a problem.

I decided to only collect Mexican variant Jems so I parted with my Spanish dolls but Jem herself is still homeless after more than a year. :/

I do not have space for her and want to rehome her very much indeed, but I also don't want to just give her away because Spanish dolls are so much harder to find than all the others and I could do with the cash as well. So anyone with any input here would be helpful.

I don't mind what currency the suggestions come in as I am willing to sell stuff anywhere, though of course shipping must be factored in as an issue outside of the UK.

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