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Author Topic: PC - Accessories, Baity G1s and a few G2s.  (Read 5894 times)

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Re: PC - Accessories, Baity G1s and a few G2s.
« Reply #15 on: May 31, 2017, 02:40:15 PM »

Baby Cuddles buggy has its original ribbon but not the lace.

I don't have Paradise Estate, just the furniture and accessories--many of the teeny tiny ones are still there, like combs and the perfume bottle.

I have no idea if the dish/spoons has its original tape or whether this was done by their previous owner. That reminds me though, I do have a ribbon in its original packaging, which is kind of cool... I suspect more for novelty value than monetary value!

It isn't a princess comb in the lot--it's opaque rather than transparent. Does that make a difference?

Baby Milky Way has a lot of pink spots on both sides.  How noticeable they are depends on the light, but she's not going to pass for mint.

Bright Glow isn't in too bad condition--both ears present! Just a few marks and her tail was a pain to push back in so I gave up.

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Re: PC - Accessories, Baity G1s and a few G2s.
« Reply #16 on: May 31, 2017, 03:11:19 PM »
Oops okay! Let me try this again, I swear I came home from my morning walk, seen accessories and of course forgot my coffee! :lol: lol

Let's see, okay I'll stick with my valuation of baby Cuddles buggy, fine there IMO, just the lace would have added extra if that was the case :)

I read wrong Re: Paradise estate, I'm not the best person to ask on the accessories for those , I know the smaller bits are worth more (obviously easily lost!) But I'm very rusty with these!

I'm not good with ribbons either, (I don't have the patience to figure out who owns what-where, so unless they are with a pony I don't really buy them!) I do however have a few in packaging and I paid more for the ponies for this novelty,they're MIP really aren't they? :p I think you can charge more for these and get buyers..maybe offers?

Sorry about the comb, I think I'm slightly colour blind, it belongs to a ballerina pony, I think you should still get $5 for it

Milkyway, I agree with Nhals valuation. Poor wee lady but someone will love her all the same :heart:

Brightglow sounds too nice to be a bait, and Glow n Show have been selling very high lately! You should still get $10, even 15 for her, I would be surprised if she sat around not selling at that price!

I hope this helps :heart:


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