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Have you reached 1000 posts & would like a custom title?

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If you have reached 1000 posts and you'd like a custom rank, here's the place to ask.  ^.^

Yes please  :biggrin:

Its taken me long enough to think of something I would like as my rank (few years  :lol:)

Could I please have...

*ღ*Franky Buzzer*ღ*

With the stars & hearts if possible  ^.^
if that doesn't fit on the 1 line, rather than going to 2 lines could you try..
*ღ Franky Buzzer ღ*
if that doesn't work could you try just with the hearts
ღ Franky Buzzer ღ
:lol: if all else fails then just
Franky Buzzer

Hope thats okay  :blush:
(Thought I would give a few options in case they don't fit on one line)

Thank you

Is it possible to get a custom title?  ^.^

Can I please get a custom title?  Mine got changed by accident a while back.  I'd like Mom and Baby Pony, please and thank you!

bright rabbit 1:
Can my custom title be Titan Pony please. It's based on Giant :muffin: in that dream episode. She looked like a Titan.


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