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Author Topic: Aimee's Wishlist 2.0 - Not currently buying  (Read 523 times)

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Aimee's Wishlist 2.0 - Not currently buying
« on: April 29, 2017, 04:42:37 AM »
Since my last one went kaput... here's an updated version of my wishlist :)
I have now moved it over to google drive since I didn't want to explode another thread XD This should also make it easier for me to keep it up to date and not end up duplicating purchases.

I will keep a short(er) list here of the higher priority items for now.

The entire thing can be found in this folder though:
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Currently Buying G2 and G4

G2 Ponies

Looking for ponies and accessories, I've been getting these either mint in box, or gently used with box or back card


Secret Surprise Ponies
Berry Bright
Single mane
Clever Clover
Single mane
Morning Glory
Double mane
Petal Blossom
Single mane
Sky Skimmer
Single mane

Magic Motion Ponies
Single mane
Extra closet
Single mane

Garden Playcase
Spanish w/ alternate Seabreeze


Magic Motion Ponies
Loose upgrade pony

Secret Surprise Ponies
Secret Tale

Sunny Garden Ponies
Ivy and Sweet Berry
Purple butterfly
Light Heart and Sundance
Pink comb
Purple hat clips
Lighter hats/invitations


Magic Motion
Bright Bramley
Dizzy Lizzy
Petal Blossom

Secret Surprise
Hip Holly
Merry Moments
Satin Slipper

Princess Ponies
Princess Silver Swirl (not sure which dragon I have)
Dragon – light blue eyes
Dragon – dark purple eyes
Princess Trixiebelle
Extra Wand

Castle Friends
Prince Clever Clover and Princess Morning Glory
Sweet Berry and Sky Skimmer

Royal Lady Ponies
Lady Cupcake
Extra gold pot
Yellow coin base/chest (coins) and pots
Lady Sky Skimmer

Magic Kitchen with Sweet Berry
Kitchen w/ white fence
Kitchen w/ pink fence
Purple pie/muffins/frying pan/2 bowls
Orange pie/muffins/frying pan/2 bowls
Rainbow Forest with Sunsparkle
Royal Castle Ballroon with Princess Morning Glory

Matte shoes
Queen Sunsparkle’s Magic Throne
Purple crown/goblets/ring/comb/collier
Red crown/goblets/ring/comb/collier


Magic Motion

Secret Surprise
White medical case/nurse hat/spoon/jar
Blue medical case/nurse hat/spoon/jar

Prince and Princess Ponies
Prince Firefly
Princess Silver Rain

Pink crown and watering can
Purple umbrella

Magic Motion Families
Sunsparkle with Baby Sunbeam
Purple eyes
Sweet Heart and Baby Honey
Smaller w/ mirrored symbol

Light Up Family Ponies
Ivy and Baby Fern
Silver Swirl and Baby Swirly
Twinkle Star and Baby Twinkles

Dart and Dash
Charm orange base/yellow top
Drifter and Dreamer
Dark body orange forelock
Charm yellow base/green top

Royal Twins
Giggles and Wiggles
Charm pink base/purple top
Jewel and Sparkle
Charm yellow base/pink top

Castle with Sweet Berry
Purple body, dark pink/white hair (smallest)
Purple body salmon hair (middle)
Pinker body bright pink hair (tallest)
Giggle Garden Nursey with Little Flitter
Pink clown toy/teddy bear/duck toy
Purple clown toy/teddy bear/duck toy
Yellow clown toy/teddy bear/duck toy
Wedding Carriage with Sky Skimmer and Fleur

Royal Lady Pony
Lady Satin Slipper
Red Tinsel

Holiday Pony
Sweet Snowflake


Secret Surprise Ponies
Leather backpack
Loose upgrade pony
Patterned wings
Clear wings

Magic Motion Family
Floral and Baby Petal
Open mouth Petal
Closed Mouth Petal

French Magazine Twins
Nosy and Click
Study and Play

Royal Lady Ponies
Lady Dragonfly
Flower mini clips
Lady Elegant
Lady Waterfall

Changing Mane and Tail Ponies
Golden Light
Night Star
Sky Skimmer

Unicorns with Magic Wings
Copper Glow
Golden Glow

Gold horn pink wings
Green wings and horn

Romantic Couples
Golden Dream and Blue Dream
Prince Fauna and Princess Flora

Anniversary Set with Festives
Pink glasses/footpads
Yellow glasses/footpads
Wedding Playset with Light Heart
Pink fence
Blue fence


Hobby Ponies
Globe Trotter

Blue spoon/medic case, white nurse hat/medicine jar
Mimosa (not sure which eye color I have coming in)
Light blue eyes
Dark blue eyes

Changing Mane and Tail Ponies
Apple Pie
Morning Glory

Blue flower clip
Blue heart clip
Clear heart clip
Any other clips?

Unicorns with Magic Wings
Diamond Glow
Golden Glow

Her Majesty Ponies
Her Majesty Ballerina
Her Majesty Flower (not sure which clips I have coming in)

Her 5 million clip variants
Her Majesty Star

Purse Ponies
Glittery Heart
Glittery Skater
Glittery Study

Magician Ponies
Magic Butterfly
Magic Butterfly II
Magic Diamond Glow
Magic Dragonfly
Magic Star Swirl

Fantasy Hair Ponies
Blue Pearl
Blue Haired
White Pearl

Holiday at the Sea
Holiday in the Countryside
School with Sky Skimmer


Fantastic Job Ponies
Miss Chef
Miss Painter
Miss Teacher

Wednesday Afternoon Ponies
Butterfly Hunter

New Hair Feature Ponies

Musical Ponies

Purse Ponies
Green umbrella/watering can
Yellow umbrella/watering can

Fantasy Hair Ponies

Play Area Twins
See-Saw Twins Rose and Lily
Play Area Twins Rumba and Samba
Play Area Twins Sunny and Sunshine

Sailboat with Coral and Ocean

Backcards/Cardboard Inserts/Boxes/Pamphlets
Will make a list of what I have, looking for other languages of those I already own


With Tags
Ivy (upgrade - unfaded pink please)
Moon Shadow
Tipsy Tulip

Without Tags
Morning Glory
Sky Skimmer

Highest Priority G4 Ponies/Equestria Girls

FIM Collection:
Sweet Apple Acres Barn
Nightmare Night Luna
Nightmare Night Scootaloo & Pip
Nightmare Night Spike

Rainbow Dash - Original Series: Single Wave 1 (no forelock)
Twilight Sparkle - Original Series: Single Wave 1 (no forelock)
Original Series: Royal Gem Carriage
Original Series: Riding Along Bonus Set
Blossomforth - Original Series: Single Wave 3 (with forelock)
Original Series: Ponyville Schoolhouse (with forelock)
Original Series: Applejack's Farm Truck (with forelock)
Original Series: Friendship Express Train
Original Series: Fluttershy Train Car
Pony Wedding: Wedding RC Car
Crystal Princess Celebration: Princess Celebration Cars
Rainbow Power: Train Set
Cutie Mark Magic: Playtime Fun Play Set
Cutie Mark Magic: Camping Set

Equestria Girl Dolls:
Princess Celestia - Original Series Doll & Pony Set
Original Series Canterlot High Pep Rally Set
Fluttershy - Rainbow Rocks Doll & Pony Set
Lemon Zest - Friendship Games Sporty Style Deluxe
Sunny Flare - Friendship Games Sporty Style Deluxe

Bulk unopened blind bags of any wave except 15 or 20 (US release shipped from within the US please)

I prefer my G4s to have not left their box yet, but I am generally fine with packaging damage. I just like being the one to debox them.
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Re: Aimee's Wishlist 2.0
« Reply #1 on: May 01, 2017, 06:35:44 AM »

I have quite a few of the G1 ponies currently for sale. The link is in my siggy :)
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Re: Aimee's Wishlist 2.0
« Reply #2 on: June 29, 2017, 09:21:45 AM »
I have Starburst, Royal Blue, Fizzy, and Party Time!! I also have Skyflier!

Starburst/Royal Blue: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login
Fizzy/Party Time: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login
My sales list: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

My want list: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

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Re: Aimee's Wishlist 2.0 - Buying a little :)
« Reply #3 on: August 28, 2017, 08:01:08 PM »
Okay I am currently buying in specific areas.

In order to hopefully prevent breaking another thread I've moved most of my wishlist to Google Drive.

Everything that's higher priority pony is here, everything else now lives on the drive. The drive will always have the most up to date version of my wishlist compared to here.

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Re: Aimee's Wishlist 2.0 - Buying a little :)
« Reply #4 on: August 29, 2017, 09:39:00 AM »
Hi there,

From your G1 wishlist i have:
- the three mermaid ponies-
-Rapunzel (on hold atm but not sold yet)

Let me know if you are interested in any ;)
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