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Author Topic: Ebay- Seller's (Eaglesfan73) PP Hacked - Received package, but incomplete  (Read 5891 times)

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Offline ollivander

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She did provide a tracking no. in that format but it was not valid from the start.
I have no knowledge of the Law you are mentioning but I have been buying from the US, and from anywhere really, for the past 5 years without any problems. Customs might be added upon delivery but that's normal above a certain amount.
The last news I had she was reshipping and sending info to me. She never did, and after 2 weeks from the last contact I felt it was time to file a claim :/

Offline ollivander

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The nightmare is finally over: Paypal closed both claims in my favour so I have recovered over 600$ spent in April. For some reason, maybe due to the purchase being so far back in time, I was unable to leave any feedback for this seller on ebay, which is pretty unfair since I have clearly been scammed. In the meantime, since I posted this, I have received a nasty private mail on FB from Angie Sawyer even though I bought the ponies from someone named Angela Ackman. I think this is a very interesting story, surely less interesting than those about supposed chemo treaments, parcels damaged in the post, post office errors and so on and so forth, but I hope other clueless collectors will read it and make up their own minds before deciding to purchase anything from this person.

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Glad you got your money back. She is certainly a seller to be avoided. In my experience with her I've found her to be a perpetual liar who utilizes guilt trips to get out of fulfilling her responsibilities as a seller. And your experience, and others, have also shown her to also be childishly temperamental and prone to vicious messages. Buyers beware with this seller.

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Glad you got your money back. I took one look at her infantile wording on her auctions and hit the back button and searched for her here. Glad I did because I was going to drop a few hundred on some of her items.
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I'm glad you got your money back too! :hug:
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Thank you everyone :)

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Wow, so sorry to hear of everyone's bad experiences!  Glad you got your money back, Ollivander.  I've bought from her a few times and never had any trouble, guess I've been lucky.  Always sad when a pony person gets into dodgy dealing :(
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Re: Ebay- Seller\'s (Eaglesfan73) PP Hacked - Received package, but incomplete
« Reply #67 on: September 12, 2017, 02:38:14 PM »
I actually bought from this seller several times. But that story with that second Paypal account is so fishy. That way you won't fall under Ebay's protection unless you pay it as goods and serivces. But then again, it's against Ebay's rules to do that. They even ask if your Paypal adress is correct BEFORE you list your items so it's a weird story to me. And even then she could have contacted Ebay about it before to ask information. Cause I know in some cases you can't cancel your listing because people already bid on it. But there is alwasy a solution.

So she had no excuse to do it this way.

And PS: Wow what a horrible thing to do: "If you don't do it my way (even though it's not your fault) I will sell it to the next highest bidder". if you should bow to her fishy will just to get some ponies. No, no, no, no, no (like the woman in Get Out).

Man this pisses me off.

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Oh and PSS:

I bought 2 ponies from hr back then when I was new to Pony collecting. I bought a Cherry Sweets from her which was listes with just 1 photo. The pony looked nice on the picture but once she arrived it had a dented face and half the body was dented in. I got a small refund. Second pony was Bouquet from the brush and grow series. Listed as "Fantastic condition". The picture was made in the dark, but back then I just bought any pony that looked good. When it arrived it was yellowed and had a weird brown spot on her back that didn't come off.

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