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Who are the Rarest Nirvana Ponies?

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Blue Haired Ken Doll:
Who in your opinion are the most rare Nirvana ponies? I'd love to see pics of some super rare girls too if you have them!

pkw sticky 25.5.217

Possibly the South African ponies are the most rare, but most countries seem to have a one or two of a kind special pony, such as Peru white Moonstone :)

Love pkw xxx

I'd probably say South African too *ahh, one day....one day!*.

 My grail is the blue Italian Lickety Split but she's also very hard to find :cry:

Ember1 has been working on a list of One of a Kind Nirvanas (as far as we know!); its kind of shocking just how many 'only one known' ponies there are! There are 50, not including prototypes; they aren't always the most expensive ponies but they are the rarest.

Takara ponies are super rare as well :) I almost forgot about them :blush:

Love pkw xxx


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