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Author Topic: Early G4s - Blossomforth, Plumsweet, Honeybuzz, pets + more | W: G1 Baits, G3s  (Read 615 times)

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* US only *

You would NEED to cover all shipping costs! Including tracking and insurance. I was hoping to do a more traditional trade but since stuff keeps coming up and eating all the fun money I figured I'd just post anyways. The ponies are worth a fair bit and what I want is super cheap so maybe it'll be a good deal for someone out there anyways! :) I would prefer to trade as much as possible to a single person to help balance out the costs.

I'm interested in BAIT G1s. Any ponies, any quality, any flaws. If "bait" means a dirty pony to you, I want it. If "bait" means a pony cut in half, I want it. Haircuts, no hair, dirty, scratched paint, no paint, marks, names, cuts, rips, tears, rust, smooze... doesn't matter what ails, I want it! Doesn't matter how common, doesn't matter if I have them already (although I do have a Sundance army I'd love to expand), doesn't matter what their mold is. These ponies will NOT be customized. They will be cleaned and added to my collection, either restored to some degree or loved just as they are.

I might also be interested in common G3s but I'd want them to be decent quality. Small marks might be okay, messy hair is fine, but no serious flaws. I have a wishlist I can link to anyone interested but its not a big deal. I just don't want doubles. (My G3s can be seen here; I don't have very many.)

Basically I just want a box of ponies to have fun with!


All extra photos can be seen here! New photos are here, here, here, and here!
Please don't hesitate to ask if you want more photos or information.

All ponies have small expected G4 factory flaws. Eyes printed slightly off, head-body mismatch, etc. Blind bags have the usual sloppy paint and glitter. Look carefully at all photos before buying!

Items will be shipped out within a week after payment (we have to wait for shipping funds to be in the bank to ship) but it usually only takes 2-4 days. If there are any delays I'll PM you immediately!



Blossomforth with accessories

Honeybuzz / Bumblesweet with accessories

Plumsweet with accessories

Sweetie Belle with Pinkie Pie and Sweetie Belle's Sweets Boutique
- Missing bubblegum machine
- Sweetie Belle is technically Pony Pals and Cheerilee version



Bunny - Fluttershy's pet - Comes with orange wagon/lavender comb

Koala - Twinkleshine's pet - Comes with dark pink saddle/dark yellow comb

Ladybug - Cheerilee's pet - Comes with lavender wagon/yellow comb

Squirrel - Rainbow Dash's pet - Comes with pink wagon

Spike - Can take better photos on request



Rarity's Carousel Boutique, complete accessories

W1 Fashion Style Pinkie Pie, complete accessories

W1 Fashion Style Applejack, partial accessories



Rainbow Dash
Lily Blossom
Flower Wishes
Glittery Rainbow Dash
Glittery Twilight Sparkle

No cards! Can take better photos on request.

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I have G3 Guava Lava, Waterfire, Scootaloo, and Bumblesweet :)  Would you be iterested in trading for them?  Oops, i see you said US only -- sorry!  :blush:

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Hello! I sent a PM regarding this! I was wondering if you could reply to me!

Thanks for this opportunity!
Hello! :D

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sending you a PM!