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I can't find the old anime thread so I thought I'd make a new one since recently I've started watching anime again.

Some I'm watching rn:

Yuri!!! On Ice - I can't recommend this one enough! It's about a figure skater named Yuri and his coach. The story is great, the characters are well developed, and the music is fantastic.Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents. I'm not usually a fan of sports animes (I'm more into magical girl anime with the occasional slice of life) but this one has got me hooked.

Kiss Him Not Me! - This one is really funny. It's about this overweight girl that's a fan of BL that loses the weight when she gets depressed over a character death and suddenly becomes attractive.

Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun - This one is also funny. It's about a Manga artist and this girl that has a crush on him but can't spit it out.

There are more but those are the main ones. So is anyone else watching any good animes?

My faves are mecha and fantasy animes, watching Kuromukuro atm <3 its super great!

I have recently watched :
Black Bullet, The Seven Deadly Sins, Kabaneri of the Iron Forttress, High School of the Dead and Hellsing (a few episodes only) and Im planning to rewatch Neon Genesis Evangelion which is my all time favourite <3

I'm currently watching Bokurano.  It's a mecha but it's kind of depressing.  14 kids are asked to play a "game" where they control a giant robot to destroy aliens.  Then they find out it's not a game and the robot feeds off of human life force, so they die after they control the robot.  And they're under contract so they can't get out of it.  I'm only six episodes in and already 4 kids have died.  I'm hoping for a happy ending (if that's even possible at this point).  Editing this post to add that this is NOT a kid's show.  Episode 7's storyline is about the relationship between one of the girls and a teacher.  Other than that, so far it's a bittersweet anime.  It makes me sad to watch the characters because you know they're going to die.  :(

If you're looking for one that's funny, sweet, and morbid, watch Assassination Classroom.  I picked that one up on a whim and I LOVE it!  My nephew, who hasn't really ever watched anime, asked me what I was watching so I put on the first episode for him and he asked if we could watch more.  I think we ended up watching six or seven episodes.   

Came in here to recommend Kiss Him Not Me :lol:

Other than that...I tend to like "comfy" anime rather than action anymore. I highly recommend Natsume's Book of Friends. It's on season 5 right now, so there's plenty to watch.

I'm also enjoying Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari/Poco's Udon World this season. Adorable and heart warming. If one is into "parenting simulator" as I call it. I think most people who enjoyed Barakamon are likely to enjoy this as well.
My guilty pleasure of this season though... is Touken Ranbu Hanamaru. I don't play the game, but it's cute. If the plot synopsis sounds interesting to you...be prepared for disappointment though. They don't actually travel through time and fight things often. :lol: It's usually like...every other episode and for 2 minutes. It's a SoL. Cute swords doing cute things and what not. I believe Touken Ranbu is getting an actual action anime next year though.

I really liked Konosuba. It's really funny! Protagonist dies in an embarrassing way, and the goddess Aqua gives him the option of being reborn into another world or of going to heaven (a boring place with no tv). The new world is an RPG like place that is in danger of being overtaken by the Demon King. If he chooses to be reborn into this new world, he gets to take one thing with him. He decides to game the system and chooses to take Aqua with him so he can take advantage of her goddess powers. Unfortunately, she is rather hopeless. Shenanigans ensue. I've seen this anime described as, 'a group of friends play D&D together, but everyone is useless so they just muck around, ignoring the main quest".

This one is really ecchi, but I've been enjoying Keijo!!!!!!!! It's really a parody of sports anime and is much funnier than it has any right to be. The entire premise is based on fan service, so beware.


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