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Author Topic: Price Check on a few early ponies  (Read 365 times)

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Price Check on a few early ponies
« on: October 05, 2016, 10:32:01 PM »
Can I please get some help on pricing some earlier ponies?
I have someone interested in giving them new homes but I do not know what to ask.

  FF Butterscotch - very nice except for orange mark behind ear on DS (hidden by mane)
  CF Butterscotch - very nice
  2 CF Cotton Candy - one very nice/bright pink; other is faded and has rattle
  2 CF Peachy - one is very nice; other has 2 marks on NDS
  FF Peachy - bad symbol rub
  Italian Blossom - tail has been cut, pink marks on symbol on NDS, eye looks to have factory flaw

  Medley - small spot on the back of her neck
  Moondancer - one symbol is severely rubbed (no moon)
I have other CP but they are what I would consider baity. I did not do anything but give them a bath so they may be salvageable. Most of these have marker spots
  1 CF Cotton Candy
  2 CF Blossom
  2 CF Blue Belle
  3 CF Lemon Drop (from Show Stable)

Oh, and a baity Seashell (think she may have some pony cancer  :( )

Thank you!!!