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Author Topic: Fair Recap from Fair Staff  (Read 8525 times)

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Re: Fair Recap from Fair Staff
« Reply #75 on: July 31, 2016, 12:00:17 AM »
no matter what i am still looking forward to see if i can attend next year

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Re: Fair Recap from Fair Staff
« Reply #76 on: August 01, 2016, 04:08:52 PM »
Definitely a huge huge props to Summer and ALL her volunteers!! Bless the girl I did not catch her name and the gentleman, then on sun it was the girl and an older woman, who pretty much ran the game/kids room both days!! THEY WERE AWESOME and all the staff was so very friendly even when running around trying to make this run as smooth as it could. Cannot be thanked enough and If i can attend next year I'd like to volunteer some time even if its just a couple hours out of each day so that they could have a much needed food break and a little distressing time/or just time to enjoy the fair itself. – If 10 people volunteered just a couple hrs each what a relief we could be and pitch in a little goes a long way to help support the fair we love.

I personally liked the raffle with the box for each individual or group choice prizes. That’s great if you have 40$+ to spend it is all luck of the draw but splitting it up breaks up the distribution- because now for example your 40 is split up into all of them or just a few- but now i can put my 5 into one for a better chance at that one prize- breaks up the odds a bit which I personally like. Raffles are just that way sometimes. You can spend lots and win nothing and 1 person wins on one or some win more than others just how it is. If you’re feeling down think of it that they spent 40+$ to win a 10$ toy (obviously the castle, discord and Surprise etc aren’t 10$ lol but you know what I mean :) )- it’s just whatever your prerogative is. I always look at raffles as a donation, and if I win something it’s just a bonus.  If you don’t like losing all I can say is don’t play, just donate straight to Summer for the future fair if you’d like.

Won’t beat a dead horse about the vendor room think we all know what the pros and cons were to that part :) 
-Though running over the Answers to the Scavenger hunt at the closing ceremonies would have been nice :) There were just 2 we never found and it would have been cool to see where/who had them in the end. But I thought the scavenger hunt was fun and thank you to those who gave helping clues when we were stuck ;)  It’s a great way to get people to stop at you booth so if you didn’t participate- you might consider it next time more traffic and stopping means might make that extra sale :) 

I definitely agree that the contest room needs to be a separate area/room not sharing with any presentation space. Maybe reserve a specific area in the vendor room maybe in line with the fair booth and Hasbro or something if the space allows.  I entered a piece and felt that the timing was a bit rude to those presenting in the room-  while I was there nobody seemed loud- but it was a bit loud when they had to move things around to make room for all the artwork entered etc. It just didn’t work this time and there are always the rotten apples, but its not fair to put exciting awesome customs and projects for people to ooh and aww over and expect them to be museum silent while voting. Yes people should know if they were there while someone was talking/presenting, they should be respectful but that room was slightly set up that way. With having the display pony exhibit and the artwork etc and such it was just what they had to work with.

I also agree that voting shouldn’t start till all entries had been placed.  I thought it kind of weird that the entry period wasn’t till noon and pretty much only gave people 3 hrs to vote if they waited to do so after it closed at 2. I think the room was also closed at one point during this 3 hr window due to a private ticketed event so scheduling was a little off there.  I think extending the voting till noon on sun would alleviate the pressure for people to rush and get it done-hence why more interruption to presentations than usual with the time crunch of it.  When I went to Indy the contest room shared the game/sugar cube corner and participated it was voted over 2 days had to be in by like 2 on sun I think. Seemed to work better but that also had more crowds.  I do feel with the capped attendance there will likely be more in crowd voting than less biased outside votes and it is what it is. No matter what the hobby or community there is always an “in” crowd.  There were so many awesome customs and entries for all categories, it’s hard to pick just 2, maybe have a back up box of runner up ribbons for those placing 3rd-5th in the larger groups, or splitting customs into more than just 2 categories- like maybe have a sculpted mlp base group, and a realistic version I don’t know, but maybe have a couple split categories to break it down a bit- And ribbons aren’t expensive  sure 1st and second can be super fancy  but then have matching smaller ones for sub categories. Kind of how you break up the costume parade into sub categories than one big one, similar options things that could be added on the fly if entries warrant the extra groupings.  I knew already who would win the non inspired custom as with the parade of booths- and that’s from only being around the boards every now and then and  have gone to one fair previously- so maybe it is an in group thing maybe not they do make sure to go big or go home kinda deal. Just my observations, but I tried finding the underdog or booth that I just liked better to vote for- and well Drusilla got our votes for her detailed and hard work she put into those castles! They were amazing! She was fun to talk with and she is a blessing to the fair as a vendor and it is upsetting to hear that nasty comments were said like that.

It was fun though all in all and I wish I had kept better track of time as I missed a few panels because I wasn’t paying attention. Hope we get to know sooner rather than later where the fair will be next time!  And I do wish we could have single day tickets back. Thanks again Summer and Fair staff!!!