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Author Topic: **Arena Trader Watch List**  (Read 17128 times)

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**Arena Trader Watch List**
« on: September 10, 2014, 01:51:28 PM »
Safer Trading in the MLP Community Starts Here!

This is a list of the more recent scammers, chronically slow shippers, and otherwise troublesome traders found in the community. This includes eBay, Facebook, The MLP Arena and other popular sites.

Please also visit a fabulous spreadsheet done by lovesbabysquirmy. She has spent countless hours keeping up to date on people she has spotted creating problems in the community, an extraordinarily handy tool!!

NB: You must have a Google account and be signed in to view the file.


April 2019 :
after she tried to sneak back in initially banned 2018  : Aniko79  / AKA Siana ( Angela Michaela Mandli  on FB , TakaraPonyDreams  on Instagram. Multiple accounts on ebay and elsewhere.  )

August 2014: GustySunshine found to be DJOctaviaSymphony/ponyadore2614

August 2014:  Vintageponysunny

January 2013: DJOctaviaSymphony /ponyadore2614

April 2012: ponyadore2614
November 2011: Gizmo85
Sept2011: whitewolfsong  (is Brooke Kutik )
June 2011: wingless angel
Dec 2010: Northernlights/Kairi/Lacrimosa/Osterreich
Dec 2010: Bizcocho
Sep 2010: ani_lhuna
Aug 2010: Sunflowers: Found to be Fnokker
Aug 2010: starlover81398
Apr 2010: Babysugarberry81/ Dutchbabycat/ tafbabyapplejack Found to be same member
Mar 2010: Specklefire Found to be Punky krista
Mar 2010: Dawnspark Found to be Lars110458
Feb 2010: Ponysponge Found to be Sayuri
Aug 2009: Lars110458
May 2009: Maverick Found to be shill bidder jjunixx

Apr 2009: Piinkribbons
Feb 2009: Ponyinoz
Feb 2009: MLPcollector_Lea
Oct 2008: Fnokker
Oct 2008: Frostbite
Aug 2008: lillie881
Aug 2008: mylittleponylover
Aug 2008: MLP-Barn / ms_shnookums
Aug 2008: Trulymonica / ponies0pets (ebay ID)
 Asks for ebay sellers to end auctions early with a BIN regardless of bids already on the item. Lied to members, trollish posting, created a second ID, etc.
 Jul 2008: Kittie

 Jul 2008: Bestinthewest Fabricated stories about paying for ponies, caught in lies and behaved very poorly when confronted.

Problems at the Arena:

January 2016:
Arena ID : Harmony2014 [/b
MLPTP ID same as above
MHArena ID same as above.,375686.0.html

Harmony has flaked on swaps and not sent her part of at least one trade. Another member had to file a paypal claim as Harmony didn't sent her the ponies she bought. Harmony has had issues over these multiple sites, and is not responding to messages, neither did she respond to the Paypal claim.

August 2014:
Arena ID: Vintageponysunny
MLPTP: mlpsunny
eBay ID: sunnyloveus,358624.0.html

January 2013:
DJOctaviasymphony This member was found out to be ponyadore. (See Below) She again left members out money and items.,311376.0.html,318699.0.html

April 2012:
ponyadore2614  She was caught offering a high dollar pony with stolen pictures. She also left other members without items or refunds.,293426.0.html,293636.0.html

Jan 1:
 Arena ID:sayuri/ Iluvbananas/ LavishApple/ OrcaOreos/ Mistyfoot/ Ponysponge/ mlpsayuri (at the TP)
 Ebay ID: kodamas_spirit, motherlovepony, ultraglamorous, purrsuations, proudpommom,311060.0.html
 This person buys ponies on ebay and then files false Paypal claims, keeping the pony and money. She has also been known to sell items and never ship. She has been identified under her newest eBay name, 'purrsuations' just recently.
 Update 9/7/2012  newest ebay ID proudpommom bids and does not pay(has 33 bid retractions)
Nov 11:
Arena ID:  Gizmo85 (ebay ID : 123deanadams 
 Went MIA on swaps claiming she was ill and then too embarrassed to make things right. She said that she had posted at least one of the swap ponies, but was then found to be selling that very pony, along with other ponies she had received in swaps on ebay , and with no credit to the  artists either.
 June 11:
Arena ID:  WinglessAngel 
 This member traded ponies that were not as described, harrassed other members via PM/email and was also low-balling. 
 see this thread for more details
 April 11:
Arena ID :   TinyShinyUnique
 Went MIA in the middle of sales and trades. Still no contact, and still owes ponies . see thread here
 April 11:
Arena ID:  Dalahast
 Member owes ponies/refunds. After briefly returning to the Arena from a long absence and selling a number of ponies, she stopped communicating/responding to PM's and emails. A number of people had to open Paypal claims to get their money back, and some members are still owed ponies or a refund. Still no communication.
 Jan 11:
Arena ID: Northernlights/Kairi/Lacrimosa/Osterreich
 Member created multiple accounts to avoid outstanding transactions
 Dec 10:
Arena ID: Bizcocho
 Member owes Spanish piggy clothes, refused to provide proof of shipping, or a refund. When questioned or asked for help or proof of shipping she ignored her buyer,  and later she became very rude and un-coperative. After refusing to resolve this issue, she again tried to sell more items to the community. she doesnt feel any responsibility towards buyers.
 Sept 10: 
Arena ID: ani_lhuna
 Member owes a nirvana pony that she double sold. No response to multiple attempts at communication.
 Aug 10:
Arena ID: starlover81398
 Member entered into transaction and swaps, did not send and would not communicate. Other issues found here:
 April 10: 
Arena ID's: Babysugarberry81, Dutchbabycat, tafbabyapplejack
 Ebay ID's associated: cbaker22681, threecats1981
 This member used multiple Id's to sell items that were not sent. She then attempted to sell these same items on craig's list.
 August 09:
Arena ID: Lars110458
 Ebay ID's associated: lbenton2004, scarret2006, fishyfish50, brinkley5050, latina57
 This member was found to have shill bid on his own Colombian pony auction.
 April 09:
 This member entered into multiple trades then failed to send out her end and became uncontactable. After investigation it was determined that she engaged in this pattern elsewhere on the internet. Ebay ID: militza_84
 Feb 09:
 One problematic sale attempt after another involving high value Nirvana ponies.
 This member seems to have gotten behind in sales and trades and was "too embarrassed" to come back and fix it or refund people.
 Jan 09:
 She's sent under-value swaps a couple times now, and has now had more problems shipping out things that were paid for. She owes a fair amount of money and ponies to people and ignores all attempts at communication.
 Feb 09 Items have now arrived, however not complete. Still little or no contact.
 Jan 09:
Arena ID:Hollybeary
Ebay ID: Hollybearyhopper/figart
UPDATE AUGUST 2013: She is now selling ponies via this site:

 She owes money and ponies to people, and keeps trying to resurface to sell things. Scary ebay feedback on her previous acct. caused her to start a fresh one, figart, and she continues to sell on ebay.
 Jan 09:
 This member has a habit of selling MOC ponies and taking months to ship. She has recently left members hanging with no communication and no ponies. She pops up every so often to sell a bunch of stuff and it seems problems happen every single time. She has always rectified it until now, although it frequently took a Paypal dispute to get her to ship the items. As at April 2010, items remain owed to a value of approx. $150.
 Somewhat older but still worth watching out for:
 Arena ID: Fnokker
 Never sent parcels from trades, could not provide proof of shipping.
  Arena ID: Sabrea
 This member sold a MIB set that turned out to have no pony inside, a refund had to be forced by the staff here as the seller seemed to think it was the buyer's problem. She is still a member here as she did finally give a refund, but please trade with caution. ETA: Pretended to be one of her buyers to a Moderator via email.
 Arena ID:mylittleponylover
 Ebay ID: CrazyVintageGirl
 Very Slow shipper who sometimes never ships at all. This lady can get pretty snippy in communications, her ebay ID is now NARU but she may start a new one as she was very active.
 Arena ID: MLP-Barn
 Ebay ID: mylittleponyheaven/ Mlpfever22
 Very poor trading record, owes items to many people and has multiple accounts on Ebay.
 Arena ID: Frostbite
 Ebay ID's: bayuser555 / frostbite
 Scammed members to a tune of over $3000 via a raffle. This member has been banned from the Arena.
 Arena ID's: Jjunixx/Maverick
 Ebay ID's: Jjunixx/yazooshkar/zazuanclan
 An Australian seller involved in a ring of Shill bidding with tjkarter08, and bnjpearl on Ebay.
 Ebay ID�s: lillie881 / horseyimage / ambers81 / 000gtford1978
 Arena ID: lillie881
 Located in Australia. She has been caught shill bidding with some of the above IDs, and she has seriously mis-represented items she sold.
 Arena ID: Kittie
 Ebay ID: she-ra_princessofpower
 Took money, never sent ponies.

Bad Traders List from old Arena 2003~2008

2007 / first half of 2008 thread HERE
2003 through 2006 that lists scammers and a watch list HERE

Direct Email Scammer:
 Dario (or anyone else!) Cardenas
 This is a scammer who claims to have rare Piggy ponies and such, and asks for Western Union payment. This is a known scam!

Problems on Ebay:

  Has listed and accepted payment on the same item multiple times and has been known to misrepresent ponies in listed descriptions. Refunds have been known to have been made, but only after some unpleasant communications.

 confirmed longtime scammer Brooke Kutik. Stole from the pony community and is now selling those ponies on ebay. Is currently selling the same pony mulitple times under these 2 ID's
Callippekisses/farmercrooks (also had many previous ID's such as Wishuponapony, Precious Papoose nursary, mookies little lambs nursary)  * ETA she's now back on ebay  under the ID of tigereyez75  (shop = Countrykitch) , and on Etsy as Vintagetoyexpo *
 Buyer /seller on ebay, she frequently changes ID name, and she does have an Arena account too, but she is not active here - there have been a number of issues with her trading practises.  Ebay account now gone NARU, due to feedback/trading issues. More info can be found here:
queroponei, skidoodle, raou, rluiz, sellcollector, winterpilow, licensestuffs, 4speed-lucky2005, MLPFUNCLUB, raoul, raul r, Raul2808
 Ten shades of trouble on ebay!! Block all these names, he'll get your pony and then file with Paypal anyway, and beware of anyone from Brazil with a name even vaguely like Raul. Known scammer, nasty communication.
 Never shipped items paid for.
th3lastun1c0rn / th3m1stressp0key
 This Ebayer is rampantly bidding and then not paying / contesting invoices, generally arguing with sellers.
 More recently this person has been spotted selling!
lolipouxi Impatient International buyer. Filed a claim shortly after paying, never contacted the seller, and the seller has proof of shipping but not what Paypal would accept.
 Problematic seller and buyer.
technologicgirl/Brook Kutik
 She buys high priced items and then files a Paypal claim or credit card chargeback on the seller, leaving her with your money AND your pony. She is an old time scammer who has recently re-surfaced!

Handy Tool for use with Ebay accounts to search for Negs/Neutrals/Withdrawn feedback.

Please if you spot a bad trader or suspect any suspicious activity, contact a Mod immediately. If people do not speak out about bad trades/buys/sales that they have encountered, it can very well happen again, so make sure to let people know!
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