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What's new ~ Calico Critters!

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Just got this email... I think I like the goats the best!
visitors can't see pics , please register or login

visitors can't see pics , please register or login

They're so cute! Are they in any way related to Sylvanian Families. Sorry if that's a dim question.
Jules xx

They are the same as Sylvanian Families. They used to be called such in the US, but then the maker who was licensed to distribute here lost the rights to that name, so now they are called Calico Critters- but they are identical in just about everything besides packaging. :)

Gah, I bought the Sylvanian goats a couple years ago! Now I wish I had waited. ^^;

Hoping a monkey family is released under the Calico Critter line. I have the the exchange student twins, and they'd be supercute with the rest of their family.

I really like the chocolate labs! They are so cute  :P


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