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PC on LPS sets I got for $15


Price check please? I got them for $15. How much are they worth? What am I missing? visitors can't see pics , please register or login

That seems like a good buy for $15. I don't know much about G1 LPS prices, though I'm trying to learn. It looks like you have good parts of the Zoo Keep Me Safe Pets sets


and the Zoo Nursery Pets


The enclosure the skunk is in and the similar one with water might be from the Puppy In My Pocket line. I'm not sure, but they just remind me of that line. (Not only puppies but also horses and maybe water animals were produced.)

And then you have one of the parrots; his cage is the yellow one, and the cockatoos from the first pet shop release (their cage is the blue one). Hope that helps! :)


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