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Author Topic: My wishlist  (Read 333 times)

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My wishlist
« on: May 03, 2014, 01:21:06 AM »
Here is the long list of ponies and pony wear that I would love to have to complete my collection. I'm willing to buy or trade for these ponies and am also willing to accept the accessories separate from the ponies. For references check out my Trade Me feedback or eBay. Also the ponies in red means I got the pony after this list was complied. Also ponies in greenare most wanted.

Blossom (white ribbon only)
Minty (with accessories)
Butterscotch (comb only)
Blue Belle (with accessories)
Snuzzle (with accessories)
Cotton Candy (comb only)

Year 2:
Seashell (brush and sticker)
Sunbeam (brush and sticker)
Medley (pink ribbon and sticker)
Moondancer (white ribbon and sticker)
Twilight (with accessories)
Starshine (blue ribbon)
Skydancer (comb and green (grass) ribbon)
Sunlight (comb and pink ribbon)
Windy (comb and yellow ribbon)
Seawinkle (with shell)
Sealight (pink comb, light blue ribbon and shell)
Wavedancer (blue brush and lavender or light pink ribbon)

Year 3:
Listen n Fun Ember (with tape)
Tootsie (yellow ribbon only)
Lickety Split (white ribbon only)
Cherries Jubilee (sticker and green (grass) ribbon)
Curly Hair Apple Jack (with accessories)
Curly Hair Bowtie (white ribbon only)
Surprise (purple ribbon only)
Heart Throb (blue ribbon and sticker)
Flutterbye (brush, comb and sticker)
Pinwheel (comb, purple ribbon and sticker)
Starflower (Pink rainbow brush, pink comb and sticker)
Trickles (comb, neon yellow ribbon and sticker)
Confetti (pink ribbon and sticker)
Tickle (comb and blue ribbon)
Baby Blossom (diaper box, pink ribbon and rattle elastic)
Baby Moondancer (blue ribbon)
Baby Surprise (pink ribbon and sticker)
Sea Breeze (blue comb and mint shell)
High Tide (pink comb and lavender shell)
White Cap (with accessories)
Wave Jumper (with pink comb and green shell)
Sea Mist (with accessories minus ribbon)
Sand Dollar (with accessories minus ribbon)
Splasher (pink ribbon and sticker)
Backstroke (float, ribbon and sticker)
Sea Star (with accessories minus ribbon)
Surf Rider (with accessories minus ribbon)
Tiny Bubbles (brush, orange ribbon and sticker)
Sea Shimmer (float, pink ribbon and sticker)

Year 4:

Baby Lofty (pink duck comb, sticker, wagon, mallet and diaper box)
Baby Ribbon (Aqua duck comb, sticker and BABY necklace)
Baby Shady (sticker, pink ribbon, bottle & diaper box)
Honeysuckle (with accessories minus ribbon)
Rosedust (flower pick, wings and sticker)
Morning Glory (with accessories minus flower pick)
Forget-Me-Not (with accessories minus flower pick)
Peach Blossom (with accessories minus flower pick)
Molly (shoes, 2 pink ribbons & white ribbon, comb and sticker)
Best Wishes
Party Time
Baby Frosting
Yum Yum
Surf Rider (with accessories)
Sea Shimmer (with accessories minus ribbon)
Sunshower (with accessories)
Waterlily (with accessories)
Beach Comber (with accessories minus ribbon)
Ripple (comb, white ribbon & sticker)
SS Gusty (sticker)
SS Heart Throb (sticker)
SS Surprise (with sticker)
SS Lickety Split (sticker and white ribbon)
SS Posey (Aqua butterfly brush and sticker)
SS Cherries Jubilee (yellow ribbon and sticker)
SS Wind Whistler (sticker)
SS Lofty (ribbon and sticker)
SS Paradise (with accessories minus ribbon and sticker)
SS Ribbon (pink ribbon  and sticker)
SS Magic Star (hot pink ribbon and sticker)
SS Twist (ribbon and brush and sticker)
SS Scrumptious (sun pick and yellow ribbon)
SS Skippety Doo (pink ribbon and sticker)
SS Fifi (blue ribbon and sticker)
SS Truly (blue ribbon and sticker)
TE Galaxy (sticker)
TE Sweet Stuff (Yellow shooting star brush and sticker)
TE Sky Rocket (lavender ribbon and sticker)
TE Speedy (bright blue ribbon and sticker)
TE Sweet Pop (light pink ribbon and sticker)

Year 5:
Baby Fifi (mallet and pink ribbon)
Baby Quackers (with accessories minus comb)
Baby Tic-Tac-Toe (with accessories)
Baby Bouncy (Pink toothpaste, blue toothbrush and aqua mallet)
Baby North Star (with Aqua teething ring, glow worm and ribbon)
Baby Lickety Split (with accessories minus ribbon)
Tex (with accessories)
Steamer (bandana and mint green frog brush)
Quarterback (with accessories)
Salty (brush and bandana)
4-Speed (with accessories)
Slugger (with accessories)
Tropical Breeze (with accessories)
Wind Drifter (with accessories)
Wind Song (with accessories minus flower pick)
Cloud Puff (with accessories minus flower pick)
Noodles & Doodles (with accessories minus purple brush, dish, bottles and diapers)
Nibbles & Dibbles (with accessories minus aqua brush and ribbons)
Sniffles & Snookums (with accessories minus aqua brush, white baby necklace and ribbons)
Milkweed & Tumbleweed (with accessories minus brushes and diapers)
Rattles & Tattles (with accessories minus ribbons)
Jangles & Tangles (rockers, pink teddy brush and 1 pink nightgown with green bow)
Princess Tiffany (white w/ gold trim ribbon, wand and hat)
Princess Royal Blue (with accessories)
Princess Starburst (with accessories)
Princess Primrose (with accessories minus wand)
Princess Sparkle (with accessories minus hat)
Princess Serena (with accessories)
Wavy (float and comb)
Surfy (float, ribbon and comb)
Sea Spray (float and light blue ribbon)
Dipper (float and comb)
Sea Breeze (float and comb)
Salty (float and comb)
Pillow Talk (with accessories)
Pink Dreams
Sleepy Head
Sleep Tight
TAF Milky Way (with accessories)
TAF Love Melody (pink ribbon)
TAF Sugarberry (Pink sun pick)
TAF Up, Up and Away (green crescent moon comb)
TAF Sweet Tooth (Purple crescent moon comb)
TAF Dancing Butterflies (pink sun pick)
TE Mimic (with accessories)
TE Tic-Tac-Toe (Dark pink shooting star brush)
TE Bright Eyes (Yellow shooting star brush)
TE Locket (Purple sun pick)
TE Quackers (bright blue ribbon)
SS Angel (with accessories)
SS Crumpet (Magenta ribbon)
SS Taffy (yellow ribbon)
SS Bangles (with accessories)
SS Twilight (Yellow crescent moon comb)

Year 6:

Chief (with accessories)
Wig Wam (with accessories)
Ringlets (with accessories minus comb)
Braided Beauty (with accessories minus barrette, hair brushes and 2 ribbons)
Curly Locks (with accessories minus comb)
Pretty Vision (with accessories)
Squeezer (with accessories minus ribbon)
Tabby (with accessories minus ribbon and brush)
Woosie (pink ribbon)
Tossles (with accessories)
Tall Tales (with accessories minus ribbon)
MM Cloud Dreamer (with accessories)
MM Magic Hat (Blue butterfly brush)
Big Top & Toppy (with accessories minus purple bear brush and ribbons)
Sticky & Sniffles (with accessories minus see-saw, ribbons and purple teddy brush)
Sandcastle & Shovels (with accessories minus ribbons)
Jebber (with accessories minus purple baby necklace, ribbons, diapers and 1 bottle)
Puddles & Peeks (with accessories minus pink brush and ribbons)
Baby Noddins (dark yellow ribbon)
Baby Sweet Stuff (white ribbon)
Baby Snippy (with accessories minus ribbon)
Baby Ribbs (with accessories minus ribbon)
Baby Whirly Twirly (with accessories minus ribbon)
Baby Grafitti (with accessories minus ribbon)
Princess Pristina (with accessories)
Princess Sunbeam (with accessories)
Princess Misty (with accessories)
Princess Taffeta (with accessories)
Princess Moondust (with accessories)
Princess Dawn (with accessories)
Glow (with accessories)
Lady Flutter (with accessories)
Buzzer (with accessories)
High Flyer (with accessories)
Little Flitter (with accessories)
Sky Dancer (with accessories)
Banana Surprise (comb)
Boysenberry Pie (with accessories)
Raspberry Jam (purple flower brush)
Blueberry Baskets (Yellow sun pick)
Cherry Treats (Aqua flower brush)
Strawberry Surprise (white ribbon only)
Cranberry Muffins (with accessories)
TAF Night Glider (yellow moon comb)
TAF Bonnie Bonnets (dark blue ribbon)
TAF Buttons (blue butterfly brush)
TAF Merriweather (pink ribbon)
TAF Munchy (with accessories)
TAF Yum Yum (dark pink sun pick)
Foamy (with accessories)
Misty (with accessories)
Sealight (float and medium pink ribbon)
Wave Dancer (Green fish comb and dark yellow ribbon)
Seawinkle (Magenta fish comb and light pink ribbon)
Seashore (float and dark purple ribbon)

Year 7:
Baby Dots 'n Hearts (with accessories minus dish and ribbon)
Baby Bows (with accessories minus duck toy, comb and ribbon)
Baby Glider (with accessories minus neck bow and duck toy)
Baby Splashers (with accessories)
Baby Starburst (with accessories minus duck comb and ribbon)
Baby Sunnybunch (bow, cup, dish and pink ribbon)
Baby Pockets & Baby Hoppy (with accessories minus ribbon)
Baby Stripes & Baby Nectar (spoons, comb and yellow ribbon)
Baby Lucky Leaf & Baby Leafy (with accessories minus dish, spoon and ribbon)
Baby Fleecy & Baby Woolly (with accessories)
Mint Dreams (with accessories minus ribbon)
Sugar Sweet (with accessories minus ribbon)
Sugar Apple (with accessories minus ribbon)
Caramel Crunch (with accessories)
Molasses (barrette and light aqua ribbon)
Lemon Treats (with accessories minus ribbon)
D.J. (with accessories)
Swinger (with accessories)
Songster (mesh ribbon, aqua boa and red bird and lily barrette)
Daddy Bright Bouquet (with accessories)
Mommy Bright Bouquet (with accessories)
Baby Bright Bouquet (with accessories)
Mommy Sweet Celebrations (pink flower brush)
Baby Sweet Celebrations
TAF Megan no fringe version (shoes and ribbon)
Flower Bouquet (with accessories)
Tassles (with accessories)
Brilliant Blossoms (with accessories)
Diamond Dreams (with accessories)
Wiggles (with accessories)
Tappy (with accessories)
Yo Yo (with accessories)
Squirmy (with accessories)
Shaggy (comb)
Baby Countdown (with accessories minus xylophone, comb and ribbon)
Baby Leaper (with accessories minus ribbon)
Baby Drummer (with accessories)
Baby Waddles (with accessories minus dish)
Baby Paws (bandana and dark pink ribbon)
Baby Racer (with accessories)
Sweet Suds (Purple bird and flower barette)
Daisy Sweet (with accessories)
Red Roses
(with accessories)
Dainty Dahlia (with accessories minus ribbon)
Lavender Lace (flower pick and barrette)
Sweet Lily (flower pick and barrette)
Brilliant Bloom (White wide ribbon)
Sunspot (with accessories)
Twinkler (with accessories)
Star Dancer (with accessories)
Sky Rocket (with accessories)
Napper (with accessories)
Star Hopper (with accessories)
Mainsail (with accessories)
Sand Digger (with accessories)
Sea Flower (with accessories)
Shoreline (with accessories)
Dainty (with accessories)
Flowerburst (with accessories)
Wild Flower (with accessories)
Frilly Flower (with accessories)
Fancy Flower (with accessories)
Sunglider (with accessories)
Whirly (Orange sun pick)
Cool Breeze (Blue sun pick)
Moon Jumper (Pink sun pick)
Starry Wings (Dark green sun pick)

Year 8:
Baby North Star (with accessories)
Baby Gusty (with accessories)
Baby Starflower (brush)
Baby Cuddles (with accessories minus ribbon and duck comb)
Baby Flicker (with accessories minus changing table and ribbon)
Merry Treats (Christmas tree comb)
Sunblossom (with accessories minus star pick)
Starflash (with accessories)
Twinkler (with accessories)
Bright Night (with accessories)
Sweet Sundrop (with accessories)
Pretty Belle (with accessories)
Cha Cha (with accessories)
Daisy Dancer (with accessories)
Streaky (Blue shooting star brush)
Ringlet (with accessories)
Stripes (brush)
Silky Slipper (with accessories)
Posey Rose (with accessories minus ribbon and barette)
Twinkle Dancer (with accessories)
Hula Hula (with accessories)
Pina Colada (with accessories)
Sea Breeze (with accessories)

Year 9:
Baby Tippytoes (with accessories)
Baby Toe Dancer (with accessories)
Baby Sweetsteps (with accessories)
Baby Starbow (with accessories)
Baby Rainribbon (with accessories)
Baby Sunribbon (with accessories)
Baby Brightbow (with accessories)

Happy Glow (with accessories)
Star Glow (with accessories)
Bright Glow (with accessories)
Dazzle Glow (with accessories)
Movie Firefly (with tape and brush)
Bubblefish (with accessories)
Li'l Pocket (with accessories)
Sweet Pocket (with accessories)
Bunny Hop (with accessories)
Flower Dream (with accessories)
Rosey Love (with accessories)
Beautybloom (with accessories)
Princess Pink (with accessories)
Princess Purple (collar/cape and crown)
Pretty Beat (with accessories)
Sweet Notes (with accessories)
Half Note (with accessories)
Tuneful (with accessories)
Secret Star (bracelet)
Secret Beauty (with accessories)
Pretty Puff (with accessories)
Stardazzle (bracelet)
Little Tabby (with accessories)
Little Whiskers (with accessories)
Little Giggles (with accessories)

Year 10:

Birthday Pony (with accessories)
Bridal Beauty (with accessories minus brush)
Lovebeam (with accessories)
Springy (with accessories)
Starswirl (with accessories)
Love Petal (with accessories)
Sweet Blossom (with accessories)
Flowerbelle (with accessories)
Baby Pearly (with accessories)
Baby Sea Princess (with accessories)
Baby Sea Shimmer (with accessories)
Baby Beach Ball (with accessories)
Baby Pineapple (with accessories)
Chocolate Delight (with accessories)
Happy Hugs (with accessories)
Ruby Lips (with accessories)
Lovin' Kisses (with accessories)
Sunbeam (with accessories)
Sunsplasher (with accessories)
Sunglory (with accessories)
Pink Sweet Talkin' Pony (with accessories)
Rattles & Tattles (with accessories)
Bootsie & Tootsie (with accessories)
Sniffles & Snookums (with accessories)

Mail Order:

Baby Sugarcake (with accessories minus ribbon)
Baby Gametime (with accessories minus ribbon)
Blue Ribbon (with accessories)
Pearlised Baby Surprise (with accessories)
Pearlised Baby Glory (with accessories)
Pearlised Baby Blossom (with accessories)
Pearlised Cotton Candy (with accessories)
Pearlised Firefly (with accessories)
Pearlised Baby Moondreamer (with accessories)
Li'l Sweetcake & Li'l Cupcake (with accessories)
Lily of the Valley
CF Blossom (white ribbon)
CF Minty (blue ribbon)
CF Blue Belle (white ribbon)
CF Snuzzle (with accessories)
CF Cotton Candy (ribbon)
Pink Ember (with accessories)
Blue Ember (with accessories)
Goldilocks (with accessories)
Hollywood (with accessories)
Li'l Tot
Lucky (bowtie)
Mommy & Baby Pony (with accessories)
Sprinkles (Playset Pony)
Majesty (Playset Pony)
NBBE Baby Half Note
NBBE Baby Tiddly-Winks
Lemon Drop (Playset Pony)
Dabble (with accessories)
Scribbles (with accessories)
Rapunzel (with accessories) This can be a custom
SS Satin 'n Lace (with accessories)
Magneta Satin 'n Lace (with accessories)
Tux 'n Tails (with accessories)
Sky Rocket (with accessories)
Sunspot (with accessories)
Twinkler (with accessories)
Star Dancer (with accessories)
Napper (with accessories)
Star Hopper (with accessories)
Sweet Scoops (with accessories)
TAF Baby Sweet Tooth (with accessories)
TAF Baby Sugarberry (with accessories)
TAF Baby Milky Way (with accessories)
TAF Baby Love Melody (with accessories)
TAF Baby Dancing Butterflies (with accessories)
TAF Baby Up Up and Away (with accessories)
White Valentine Twin (with accessories)
Purple Valentine Twin (with accessories)


BBE Baby Cuddles
BBE Baby Tiddly-Winks
BBE Baby Sleepy Pie
Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe (with accessories minus Scoops)

Pony Purse with Baby Crumpet
Rock-a-Bye Bed (with accessories)
Scrub-a-Dub Tub (with accessories minus the seahorse holder, pink towel and 'rubber' duckie)
Sweet Dreams Crib pillow
Sweet Dreams Crib Blanket

Princess Baby Buggy w/ Princess Sparkle (with accessories)
Waterfall pink foam bath brush, bubble solution, green ribbon, blue towel, 1 purple curler
Baby Buggy lace trim for basket, rattle & sticker
Lullaby Nursery tail ribbon
Show Stable 2 hanging troughs, comb, brush, pink heart flag, bridle (w/ reins), saddle, pink blanket
Dream Castle brush, pink throne blanket & 2 ribbons
Pretty Parlor name cards for Peachy, Lemon Drop, Blue Belle, Blossom, Cotton Candy and green ribbon

Separate Accessories needed:

CF Blossom white ribbon
CF Cotton Candy light purple ribbon
Apple Jack's blue ribbon and sticker
Bowtie's puffy sticker
Bubbles' brush & sticker
Glory's brush & sticker
Firefly's sticker
Sunbeam’s brush, yellow ribbon and sticker
Parasol's sticker
Moonstone's pinkish-purple ribbon & sticker
Posey’s brush and sticker
Curly haired Medley Pink crescent moon comb
NSS Megan's Ribbon
NSS Sundance's original comb, pink hair ribbon and sticker
Powder’s dark pink ribbonand  sticker
Skyflier’s [color =red]blue-green ribbon and [/color]sticker
Gusty's pink ribbon & sticker
Baby Cotton Candy's sticker
Baby Glory's pink ribbon
Baby Firefly's sticker, diaper box, rattle, necklace & blanket.
Tiny Bubbles’s brush, orange ribbon and sticker
BBE Baby Heart Throb's sticker, comb, light blue ribbon, blanket & spoon
BBE Gusty's sticker, comb, BABY necklace, diaper box, bib & high chair
BBE Baby Lickety Split's white ribbon, diaper box, sticker, dish & spoon
SS Buttons’s pink ribbon and sticker
SS Cupcake’s sticker
SS Hippity-Hop’s white ribbon and sticker
SS North Star’s [colour=red]blue ribbon and [/color]sticker
SS Bouncy’s sun pick & sticker
SS Shady’s sun pick ribbon and sticker
SS Megan's ribbon, sticker & shoes
SS Sundance’s blue ribbon
BBE Baby Sundance's white ribbon, comb & sticker
TE Masquerade's pink ribbon and sticker
TE Gingerbread's comb and sticker
TE Fizzy’s comb and stciker
TE Quackers’s ribbon
Lily’s ribbon and sticker
Slumber Party:
Yellow & dark pink fish design with light blue party hat
2 pieces of cake
4 pink candles
1 yellow cup
2 blue plates
Orange and green party favour
Pin the tail on the pony game
Orange and purple blindfold
2 pink pony tails (for game)
Party blanket
Party sign
Gift box
2 invitations
Pale pink flower brush
Metallic silver ribbon
MM Windy's mint green ribbon
MM Floater’s green bird brush
MM Cuddles’ light purple teddy brush
Speckles & Bunkie's aqua rocker, aqua teddy brush, aqua w/yellow rattle, pink elastic, 2 green ribbons & newborn diaper box.
Peppermint Crunch's brush
Crunch Berry’s barrette and brush
Sherbet’s barrette and brush
Coco Berry’s barrette and brush
Swirly Whirly's barrette
Player’s accessories minus comb
Tap Dancer’s mesh ribbon, pink boa, earrings and hair clip
Twirler’s accessories
Glittering Gem’s accessories
Skylark’s accessories
Star Gleamer’s accessories minus aqua barrette
Spring Song’s coral or yellow mesh bow and brush
Baby Snookum's accessories minus changing table, diapers and diaper box
Baby Rainfeather's accessories minus changing table, comb and green magic diaper
Pony Bride’s veil, ring and flower pick
Tip Toes’ accessories minus ribbon
Tootie Tails’ magenta fish comb
Strawberry Scoops’ brush and sundae with straw
 Lucky’s bowtie

Pony Wear:

Best of the West cowboy hat
Party Time (present)
Pom Pom Pony (cheerleader outfit)
Having a Luau shirt
Strike up the Band (minus shoes)

Mother and Baby Wear:
Pony Workout baby pants and top
Snow Angels baby hat & baby skates
Ready for Rainbows
Sun and Fun
Sunday Stroll baby bonnet, adult purse & adult shoes

Pony Wear with Jewelry:
From the Designer Collection (minus dress)
Lights, Camera, Action (minus 3 shoes)
Pageant Queen
Something Old, Something New (veil, lace garter)
Lights, Camera, Action
Pageant Queen
Sweetness and Lace (minus nightgown)

Baby Pony Wear with Pocket Pals:
Bunny Suit bunny pal
Overalls shoes, hat and doll pal
Jumper (shoes and Kitty pal)
Snow Suit (Snowman pal and sticker)
Bathrobe shoes, duck pal and hat
Clown Suit mask and clown pal
Dragon Suit
Sun Suit frog pal
Lion Suit
Elephant Suit
Party Dress

Megan and Pony Wear:

Picnic in the Park
Country Jamboree
Ice Princess
Flower Darlings
By the Sea
Sweet Dreams

Play 'n Wear:
Sidewalk Surfer (minus skateboard)
Pretty as a Picture beret, pallet and paintbrush
Milk 'n Cookies
Pony Holiday
Hit the Slopes
Get into the Groove 1 sock, yellow hair clip and radio

Costume Wear:
Rockn' the Night Away
Academy Award
Pony-Naut 2 silver glitter bow shoes
Galaxy Glamour
In the Center Ring

Petite Ponies

Pretty Pony Parade
White with pink hair and purple ice cream cone (Pegasus)

Sunsparkle Ponies (Translucent bodies)
Orange with yellow hair and yellow ring
Blue with pink hair and ice cream soda
Orange with purple hair and red hot air balloon

Pretty 'n Pearly Ponies (pearlized bodies)
Yellow with pink hair and aqua leaf
Teal with yellow hair and purple moon with nightcap
Pink with blue hair and blue heart with wings
Orange with purple hair and blue seashell
Purple with pink hair and pink umbrella

Ponytail Ponies
Set One
Aqua with pink hair (curly tail), yellow bow, yellow brush and comb

Set Three
White with pink hair (curly tail), lavender bow, light green brush and comb symbol.

Twinkle Ponies (Translucent bodies filled with glitter)
Party set
Dark pink with blue hair, red-orange bow, blue cupcake
Dark blue with coral hair, coral bow, coral party favour
Pale pink with chartreuse hair, cerulean blue bow, cerulean blue present
Turquoise with dark pink hair, bright pink bow, light green party hat
Dark purple star pick

Royal set
Pale pink with yellow hair, coral bow, yellow crown
Yellow with pink hair, dark pink bow, blue wand
Pale pink with aqua hair, light orange bow, green treasure chest
Pale orange with pinkish-purple mane & dark pink tail, aqua bow, aqua tower
Dark hot pink star pick

Music set
Dark purple with pink hair (tail is dark pink), bright orange bow, pink radio
Pale pink with chartreuse hair, medium blue bow, yellow records
Blue with dark pink mane & red tail, yellow bow, coral saxophone
Orange with purple hair, light green bow, red guitar symbol
Yellow star pick

Bright Sight Ponies (Neon colours and brush-able tails)
Fruit Symbols
Yellow with pinkish-purple mane and dark pink tail, red-orange bow, red-orange watermelon slice
Dark pink with dark red-orange mane and orange hair, purple bow, purple grapes
Medium blue with dark pink mane and red tail, yellow bow, yellow pineapple
Coral with indigo hair, dark pink bow, dark pink cherries
Orange star pick

Summer Symbols
Dark pink with yellow hair, purple bow, purple heart-shaped sunglasses
Bright yellow with indigo hair, light green bow, light green sun above palm tree in frame
Bright orange with dark pink mane and red tail, medium blue bow, medium blue sailboat in front of setting sun
Purple with gold hair, bright pink bow, dark pink glass w/fruit slice
Green star pick

Skating/Biking Symbols
Dark pink with blue hair, light orange bow, light orange skateboard
Fuchsia with yellow mane and chartreuse tail, medium blue bow, medium blue scooter
Gold with indigo hair, dark pink bow, dark pink bike
Bright yellow w/dark pink mane and red tail, red-orange bow, red-orange roller skate
Golden yellow star pick

Glowing Magic Ponies (Glow in the dark ponies with brush-able tails)
Purple with orange hair, aqua bow, aqua clock symbol
Coral with blue mane and aqua tail, purple bow, purple bed symbol
Off white with dark pink hair (mane is lighter), turquoise bow, turquoise sheep
Yellow with pink hair, turquoise bow, pink bunny slippers
Purple star pick

Off white with purple hair, coral bow, coral baby bottle
Turquoise with coral hair, purple bow, purple cradle
Dark pink with blue hair, yellow bow, yellow teddy bear
Purple with pink hair, aqua bow, aqua gloworm
Golden yellow star pick

Aqua with light pink hair, pink bow, light pink toothpaste and toothbrush
Pale yellow with blue mane and turquoise tail, pink bow, pink moon with nightcap
Pink with white hair, turquoise bow, blue candle
Gold with indigo hair, coral bow, coral shooting stars

Petite Pony Homes

Happy Hearts Cottage with Puddles
Puddles (ponytail variant)
Yellow seesaw bottom

Whinny Winks Inn with Little Flitter
Whinny Winks Inn
Little Flitter
Little Flitter (ponytail variant)
White fence (2 pieces)
Pink railings
Aqua dresser
Aqua table
Pink and aqua bed
Pink swing

Pony Prints Cabin with Flurry
Flurry (ponytail variant)
Orange star pick
Yellow well

Petite Pony Shoppes

Twinkle Treats Ice Cream Shoppe with Floater
Twinkle Treats Ice Cream Shoppe
Floater (ponytail variant)
White fence (2 pieces)
Purple jukebox
Yellow booth with table
Yellow cash register (attached to the shoppe)
Yellow a soft serve ice cream stand (attached to the shoppe)
Yellow ice cream cart
Purple ice cream shaped slide
Purple ice cream shaped sign

Happy Hoof Market with Tabby
Happy Hoof Market
Tabby (ponytail variant)
White fence (2 pieces)
Yellow produce counter with Purple overlay
Yellow cash register
Yellow meat/deli counter
Purple table
Purple scooter

Mane Delight Beauty Shoppe with Misty
Mane Delight Beauty Shoppe
Misty (ponytail variant)
Orange star pick
White fence (2 pieces)
Purple mirror
Yellow seats with purple hair driers overhead
Yellow cash register
Yellow counter
Yellow jewellery counter
Purple coffee table
Purple magazine rack
Purple sink with yellow tap

Prancing Pretty Carousel
Whirly (ponytail variant)

Royal Pony Palace
4 Flags
Heart topper

Dining table
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I am a Dreamer/So a Believer

My want list.

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Re: My wishlist
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Giving this a bump because I'm on and off looking for ponies and good deals. Mostly after the accessories for ponies I already have but will also buy any original MLP ribbons.
I am a Dreamer/So a Believer

My want list.

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Re: My wishlist
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