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Author Topic: Plushroos g1 want list, looking for fairy tail birds and accessories *looking*  (Read 328 times)

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My other want list I've been keeping up with is over 2 years old so I"m making a new one. Ponies don't have to be mint. I don't want ponies that have been rehaired, hair cut too badly, missing tails, cancer, mold, chewed up or missing parts. Don't mind head and body color mismatch or factory flaws :) If you'd like to trade, let me know and I'll see what I have, but otherwise I can buy.

Sweet Scoops charm and pendant**
mail order charm bracelet: blue

flower fantasy Love Petal (mine has hair cut)

Nirvana wishlist:
Italy: (12)
yellow Moondancer, CP Bowtie, CP Polly, Grey Lemon Drop, CP Sparkler, CP white Lemondrop, CP Applebelle, CP brown Butterscotch, blue Posey, blue Lickety Split, Re Unicorno, yellow Minty
France: (4)
Moonstone, Medley, Glory, Moondancer
NC/No Spain mark: (10)
Daddy Apple Delight, Daddy Sweet Celebrations, NC PinWheel, Sweet Tooth*, Up Up and Away*, NC Snowflake, NC CP Lemon Drop, NC CP Peachy, CP Aqua Limon*, CP Cupido*
Argentina: (18)
blue baby Sparkler, baby sunribbon, baby Graffiti, pink drink n' wet pony, Alitos baby whirly, Alitos baby Sunglider, Alitos baby Moonjumper, Alitos baby Coolbreeze, brillitos sundance shy pose, brillitos Flutterbye, brillitos Sprinkles, Up Up Away, Tickle, Buttons, Pinwheel, Sparkler, Paseo Flutterbye,  Paseo Medley, Sweet Tooth
Spain:(All "SPAIN" marked ) (13)
Tex*, Salty*, Steamer*, Speedy, Masquarade, Gingerbread, Fizzy, Galaxy, baby Heartthrob*, baby Ribbon*, Dancing Butterflies*, Love Melody*,  Milky way*

Germany: (4)
baby werfulchen, baby bluberchen, baby Lemondrop, Moonstone
Brazil: (17)
Heart throb, Twist, baby lofty*, sitting Bow tie *, CP Parasol*, CP Gusty*, Ribbon, Dancing Butterflies, Milky Way, Up, up and away, Magic Star, Bubbles, Bubbles no symbol, Moonstone, NSS Wind Whistler, NSS Shady, NSS Truly*
Greek: (24)
pink Parasol, orange Parasol, white Sky Dancer, orange Sky Dancer, orange Sunlight, blue Sunlight, Starshine, white Moondancer, orange Moondancer, Glory, Sunbeam, Windy, Medley, Moonstone,  Ladybird (lambadista), Easter birthday pony, baby Minty, baby Bowtie, baby Cuddles, baby Medley, baby Firefly, baby Butterscotch, baby lemon drop, baby Blossom,
India: (3)
Minty, Butterscotch, Blossom

UK: (7)
Splish, Splash, Splosh, Baby Ruby, baby Sapphire, daddy Meadowsweet, yellow seapony and purple shell
Dragons: Smoky, Piny, Flash, Sparks  newborn twins for surprise twin mommy
Alt. Birthflowers: (9)
Feb, March, April, May, June, August, Sept, Nov, Dec
Dec alternate Holly
Scandinavia: (1)
NSS Truly
My little pony id Stickers (5)
So Soft variations:
Cherries Jubilee
TE Ponies:
Sweet Pop
Tic Tac Toe
Flutter Ponies:
Peach Blossom (flat)
Euro pony stickers: Tutti Frutti
Wind Walker, Glider, Colormist, Colorglow, Mane Waves, Sheer Trimmer, Wind Sweeper, May Fair, Circle Dancer, ,Song Rider, Fair Flier, Dreamgleamer

Japan keychains:TAF Sugarberry, TAF Milkyway, pink rainbow baby

Mexico big brother fakies
Porcelain ponies: Apple Orchard, Cherries Jubilee, Newborn, Applejack, A touching moment, Waterfall
Retro Release Rainbow ponies MIB 1984
Pony Petites:
Sun Sparkle Ponies:
Pony Prints Cabin: pink body, blue hair, fish jumping out of bowl
Happy Hoof Market: purple body, purple hair,purple cash register

G1 Merchandise:
Stickles:Lickety Split, Sparkler
Pony shape stampers: Twilight, Windy, Moonstone, Cherries Jubilee

Paradise Estate
Pink Dream castle
Lavender Dream castle
Megans Place
Home Sweet Home
**NON US Merchandise**
Cotton Candy dentistry set
cotton candy "made in Macau" bag
applejack "made in Macau" bag
Green waterfall (UK release)
blue pram for ?
UK School house *complete*
UK nursery bed and crib set *complete*
Colombian baby pony buggy
Italy carrying case
UK pony wear: Carnival Time

Portugal pony figures:
Pinwheel, Peachy, Firefly, Heartthrob, Tiny Bubbles, pink sea pony
Dollymix ponies: Princess Sapphire, Medley

Dream Castle:
2 long felt flags

Lavender Dream Castle:
yellow mirror (2nd edition)
yellow damsel hat (2nd edition)
yellow shoe box (2nd edition)

Paradise Estate:
(8) sets of window shutters
(2) awnings w/ frames
(3) white posts for ceiling fans
plastic heart clip
3 pink roses
3 purple & yellow lilies
3 purple thistle
3 white buds
2 pink daisies

Brush Me Beautiful Boutique:
white reins
white strap

Poof 'n Puff Perfume Palace:
Perm Shoppe:

Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe:
1 light fixture

Pretty Parlor:
applejack, bubbles name tags
Show Stable:
(1) door
2 shelves
weather vane

Home Sweet Home:
purple weather vane
blue reins
kites, leaves, hearts, stars flags
purple grooming brush
2 purple shelves
2 purple troughs
yellow Brandy

pink w/ purple awning stroller
aqua w/ pink seesaw
Batan to Strike up the Band outfit
heart necklace for birthday pony
present for birthday pony
(1) felt tooth
yellow playpen, duck comb and white squeeze bottle for baby beachy keen
small yellow bottle
white sippy cups
mallet for baby Drummer
mallet for baby Countdown
yellow w/pink hair bird clip for Tall Tales
peach mesh bow for Fancy Flower
light sheer pink tutu for SHS Cha Cha
sheer blue tutu for Daisy Dancer
white gown with green bow
white gown with pink bow
yellow wand for Princess Taffeta
pink crown for Princess Pristina
purple pink crown for Princess Taffeta
white crown for Princess Sunbeam
(1) blue flower for Tip Toes?
(1) peach flower for Twinkle Dancer
(1) pink flower for Silky Slipper
light purple lollipop for Lemon Treats
peach I LUV YOU for Brilliant Bloom
dark blue bird & lily for DNP Swinger
yellow lily for PP Red Roses (Pending)
aqua bird & lily for PP Lavender Lace
purple bird for pretty ups birds and flowers
Petite Combs:
green star pick

Pony combs and brushes:
magenta race car brush for Leaper
dark pink candy comb for Mane Waves
yellow guitar with Pretty Beat
light yellow hearts and dots brush for Brilliant Bloom
pink-orangeish whale brush for backstroke
comb for Princess Starburst
comb for Princess Pristina
comb for ww Sun glider
comb for sw Sky Dancer
comb for TAF Buttons
comb for ss Hippity Hop
comb for TE Bright Eyes
comb for TE Sweet Pop
brush for Edgar
comb for Baby Ribbs
comb for baby Bright bow
brush for baby Pineapple
comb for baby Palm Tree
comb for baby Squirmy
pale yellow butterfly brush for Adorable Angora
golden yellow butterfly brush for Happy Glow

blue candy for UK baby Lollipop
aqua ABC comb for UK Music time
blue mirror for UK Beautiful Bows
pink mirror for UK Starlight
yellow candy comb for 7 Tales Bon Bon
diary comb for Dutch Diary
blue candy barrette for baby Lollipop

I had no idea these things were in high demand and expensive!!. Lost a nice lot of these on ebay so back to looking for a few more to complete my collection. Anyone selling some fairy tail birds and accessories? I need

Taffeta tails, Tasty tails,  tickle tails, tippy tails, tulip tails, tutu tails,

fuzzy tummies: Cloud puff tails, Bouncy Tails Fluffy Tails Huggy Tails Snuggle Tails

    Tootie Tails [Sun Burst]
    Sunny Tails [Sun Burst]
    Hula Hula Tails [Palm Tree]
    Top Banana Tails [Necklace]
    Sea Breeze Tails [Palm Tree]

    Tubby Tails [pull-duck toy]
    Tiddly Wink Tails [123]
    Toddler Tails [booties]
    Tid Bit Tails [baby bottle]
    Teddi Tails [teddy bear]
    Tinker Tails [ABC block]
fan tails:

Frosty Tails [Ice Cream Cone in a Fan]
Daisy Tails [Flower in a Fan]
Flutter Tails [Butterfly in a Fan]
Love Bird Tails [Heart in a Fan]
Sparkle Tails [Starts in a Fan]

jewelry birds and accessories

Euro exclusives and some stands and combs.

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Re: Hasbro fairy tail birds and accessories
« Reply #1 on: April 03, 2014, 10:03:00 PM »
Hi! I have 3 fluffy tummies but I don't know which ones.
I will take a look for them and make some pictures.

Offline plushroo

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Bumping for added wants!

Offline plushroo

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  • princess Cotton Candy


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