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Author Topic: The mane 6 at the MLP fair 2014!!!!!! (details)  (Read 483 times)

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The mane 6 at the MLP fair 2014!!!!!! (details)
« on: January 10, 2014, 01:11:15 PM »
I have a proposition for the fellow MLP g4 fans out there. A friend of mine and I are attending the MLP fair this year and we are going to be cosplaying. We are creating a punk-rock MLP group and we need members! If you would like to participate leave your name and pony of choice in a reply to this post.
After you reply you should see your name added to this list. (Only names that appear in this list are guaranteed members and will get to participate in free stuff) 

MLP Mane Six as follows

Rarity: Bambii B. (Me)
Pinkie pie : Hannah J.
Princess Twilight Sparkle: NEEDED
Applejack: NEEDED
Rainbowdash: NEEDED
Fluttershy : NEEDED

*****This is just a list of ponies we need filled. If you would like to join the theme of punk rock ponies and you want one that is already filled or have another pony you want to be in mind just post here with your name and pony.

Create a costume of a MLP charcter. The only mandatory item that must be present in your cosplay is a punk jacket. Be creative, make it your own and go all out!!! I will be posting pictures of my cosplay development here and if you would like to share yours, share here as well!
***If you need any help or questions please PM me.

I plan on scheduling a meet up at the MLP fair so we can take pictures and get to know each other.
 As the fair date approaches we will have more details sure to come!
Keep checking back!

As the creator of this cosplay group, I gong to have a few surprises to give out as well!
The first applicants to fill the mane six above will get a MLP Punk Rock jacket patch made by me!
Also all official punk rock pony members will get a badge made by Hannah J and myself.
*****This section might have new additions coming soon :)

Ok ponies I look forward to meeting and cosplaying with you!

 :hope: :hope: :hope: :hope: :hope:

New updates to come, stay posted!



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