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Author Topic: Culture Swap Wishlist :)  (Read 1056 times)

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Culture Swap Wishlist :)
« on: September 17, 2013, 07:30:00 AM »
Here are some more ponies I've found that I would absolutely adore having:
Perfume Puffs...I only have Lavender Lace and I surprised myself by loving her so much :)
Brush n Grows - I don't have ANY nice ones, so any of these are cool, except the ones with gems on their foreheads...not keen on those, but i LOVE the idea of just playing with a load of hair from just one pony! *giggles*
Merry Go Round ponies - I think these girls are so cute...
Happy Tails ponies - I don't have any but they're super sweet!
Windy or Summer Wings - they're very sweet little things...I'd take them without wings too!
Glittery Sweet Heart Sisters - any of these...actually, any SHS is awesome!
Secret Surprise Ponies - I really like these guys. With or without key...maybe even without the back! I'm sure I could mod something for one :)

I really don't have that many adult ponies, so really, ANY pony is welcome! I'm always looking for upgrades and different Butterscotches. I'd like an army of them...such fond memories :)
I definately want more adults, I just never realized I liked so many of them!!

Here's a more concrete list of the ones of each type that I really like, but I still like the other ones in each group that I didn't list, they are! I don't know if my partner is in Europe or wherever, so I included some of those:

Creey Treats - white or slightly off-white...I can sunfade!
Shy Pose Confetti - with or without accessories
White Tootsie
Vanilla Treat
Flower Bouquet - Merry go Round
Caramel Crunch - Candy Cane pony
Curly Locks - would LOVE one with a pink streak and no regrind!
Galaxy TE - *****
Speedy TE - *****
Locket TE - *****
Either UK Hair Do ponies
Sunnybunch - Merry Go Round
Lemon Treats
Sand Digger
Sky Dancer - the rainbow haired one :)
Cranberry Muffins
Sea Flower - good hair that still changes color
Star Glow - sparkle pony
Baby Bowtie
Dainty Dahlia - Perfume Puff
SS Fifi
Princess Serena w/ pink hair
Princess Taffeta
Italian Sparkler
Sugar Apple
SS Hippity Hop

Wow, I have a TON of babies! But there are quite a few I still don't have, so here are the ones I'm missing:

Baby Leaper
Star Ember
Euro baby Firefly w/ painted symbols
Baby Fifi with no cancer
Baby Hopscotch *******
Baby Waddles
Any Nirvana ponies!!
White Activity Club babiy
Baby Explorer
Baby Stella
Baby Blubberchen
Baby Cherries Jubilee****
Baby Lollipop
Baby Candy
Baby Wurfelchin
Baby Crumpet
Baby Moondream
Baby Sunset
Baby Nectar
Baby Clipper
Baby Nightcap
Baby Sleep Tight
Any and all wingers with or without wings (i don't have any)

I'm not big on Beddy Bye Eye babies or Drink n' Wets, soooo....yeah

Euro babies are super welcome, and really, any baby at all who isn't on the list and not on the "not keen" list is welcome! I like doubles because then i just have twins, and really each one is so very different, plus it would be from you, so there's that super special something, too :)

All G2 babies except Sweet Snowflake!
Any G2 euro exclusives adults that were never released here...I'll get a good list soon.

I'm really mostly working on Nirvanas and Euro exclusives. From Italy I have Gusty, 2 Cotton Candy variants, Blossom and shy pose long hair and short hair Bowtie as well as Firefly. Any other Italian ponies are welcome!
CP Bowtie Hong Kong is fine :)
Macau ponies...I'm trying to "catch 'em all" and still need pink body and hair Cotton Candy, non-bleeding drops Snuzzledrop and Peachy. Yes...I actually want a Peachy!!
Mexicans any are great!

Starflower from anywhere!
Pinwheel with no blotches or regrind from anywhere!
TE Speedy
Seashell and Bubbles for my army :)
I'm not huge on accessories, though i'd LOVE some more ponywear! Doesn't have to be complete, just the main portion. Especially fond of the Lion and Elephant (please NO clown clothes...clowns terrify me :) )
RIBBONS!! Real MLP or close to it...I put them in the tails of all the ponies I intend to keep such as my childhood ponies and Nirvanas

Boy pony accessories!
Chief's hat and bandana (any handmade bandanas will do for any ponies, they don't have to look origional either!)
Wig Wam's Headdress and a bandana
Tug's hat and a bandana

I'm really focusing on Nirvanas more than anything right now. I don't care if i already have it, so if you find any pony made anywhere but China or Hong Kong gimme gimme gimme :lol: I'm always looking for upgrades.

Biggest want right now are Macau ponies. I still need pink body/pink hair Cotton Candy, Peachy and normal yellow Lemon Drop. This is the only set I want to complete, and i'd like to eventually have perfect, immaculate examples of them, so if you find a minty Macau of ANY type I'd be over the moon to get it!
I really like Italians as well, specifically Collector's pose and metallic painted symbols. I only have Gusty and Skyflier, as well as Firefly and some CP ponies, so all are welcome.

I almost forgot...if I get only one of these playsets and NOTHING else, I will be over the moon!
Want want WANT the G1 UK Kitchen set. It doesn't have to be complete, I'd just like it to be as complete as possible and without discoloration, but who am I kidding?! If you can find one that needs a little TLC I'll be more than happy to give it a home!

Schoolhouse - the one with the little dinging bell and globe, as well as desks and other bits and bobs. Again, same as the kitchen set! I'm not quite so picky with these. I can reprint stickers if they are torn, so no worries there and I'm sure I can fix discolored plastic!

G2 Pertty Parlor

Pretty Parlor name tags for European released G1 Pretty Parlour, but particularly in the Macau names..Belly, Jenny, Minky...all of those. I like the dounle sided ones that have more than just the origional 6 CP names on them.

I don't really like haircuts but won't say no to a Macau EVER. I'm pretty picky condition-wise, but if it's a rarer or Nirvana pony i'm not as picky. However, erring on the side of caution is a good idea. Ok with marks on the feet, smudged eyes or *slightly* smudged symbols, sun fadeable marks and missing plugs of hair at the base of the mane...but not the forelock :)

Partner, do you like Coffee or tea, maybe both?
I love tea.  I like all kinds of tea. The only kind I've tried and didn't like has been chamomile. But I'm not that big on coffee. I use a teaball however, so loose tea is best, with subtle flavours. I love trying new teas!

What sort of handmade goods might you like partner?  Soaps?  Candles?  Honey?  Incense?
I'd love anything handmade! The honey sounds delicious. I would like soaps, candles or NO incense, please as I have athsma that will act up around strongly scented things. So as long as it's not super heavy or strong smelling it should be ok. I also don't like real powdery scents, lavender or patchouli. Very allergic to patchouli.
I love vanilla and lilac, however, as well as cranberry and light, airy, relaxing smells like lemons.

Do you have children and/or pets?
1 hedgehog, Holly
2 Chihuahuas, Ceydia and Pischer
1 miniature old grumpy schnauzer, Schmutz
A Bourke's parrakeet named Nana Bird
A Rat name Squitters (his real name is Orion)
A large rabbit named Bunker who's alost 10 yrs old now
A skinny pig, Willis
Box turtle, Toby
Salmon pink birdeater tarantula, Pinkie Pie
Mexican red-knee tarantula, Blossom
2 normal guinea pigs, though one is a baby.
All my other pet reptiles are @ the Bf's place. We kind of take in unwanted exotic pets who are being abused or when the SPCA just can't help because it isn't what they're set up for! Caring for reptiles, amphibians and birds is VERY different for them! I'm an accredited Verterinary Technician, so I can do a lot of treatments and some diagnostics myself.

Do you have one concrete style which you like? Like vintage, kitsch, goth, etc?
I'm afraid I'm a minimalist...all my time is spent caring for the critters! I guess jeans and a t-shirt, but I LOVE lacy underthings so I can be secretly sexy :) 

Do you like scrapbooked albums? Or maybe you like scrapbooking yourself?
No, never, but i think I might try my hand at it since this swap seems perfect for it!

If you have favorite music bands, favorite book authors, online writers or artists, who are they?
Pretty much anything from the 80's, but i secretly love showtunes...shhhh

Is there something you collect from every place you visit? E.g. fridge magnets, bookmarks, postcards, stationary, keychains?
I may pick up a charm or a pendant...something small..

What are your favorite landmarks or places you visit when visiting other cities/states/countries?
In Roatan, Honduras it was the rainforest and ocean...everyone else would be sunning themselves on the beach and would stare at us (my Bf and I) as we'd come and go at all hours of the day and night to take photos and meet the nocturnal wildlife around us as well as the night dwellers of the coral reef..

Vanilla, lilac, cranberry, chocolate cookies baking...a clean house!'s quite the challenge with all these critters, though!
I really can't stand the smell of lavender or patchouli, or anything really strong...I like my scents mild and kind of in the background.

I love pretty much everything! My fav channels on the XM radio, though, is 80's, 70's, 90's, Hair Metal and there's one channel that has just the background music from all kinds of movies with no present day Classical :)

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Re: Little Swap Wishlist :)
« Reply #1 on: January 14, 2014, 06:53:09 PM »


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