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My Wants! G1 & G4 & Funko Protos

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Aquatic Neon:
Looking to buy, or trade for any of these ponies listed below! (Know anyone with one? Would appreciate heads up!)
Buying/Trading For Currently:

G4 Funko Vinyl Pony Prototypes, such as Princess Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Lyra Heartstrings, Sweetie Drops, :muffin: Pony, Spitfire, CMC, etc
G4 Mystery Mini Princess Luna Proto

Aquatic Neon:
Yay getting first release funko :muffin: Pony and Rainbow. Added some new stuff too!

Cross Stitch has a Star Swirl for sale :)

I can get the wave with granny in it new at my toys r us. I don't mind to get them for u if you just reimburse me and pay for shipping

Aquatic Neon:
Thanks for the heads up guys! About granny I'll think about it, but I already have AJ and Big Mac so I'm trying to find her loose alone which is tricky, I'll let you know though.


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