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Selling Some G1s Gametime, Quackers, Slugger with Bandana, Etc.

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I've been buying quite a lot of ponies lately and feel like I should thin my herd of duplicates and/or ponies that don't really fit with my collecting goals.  (Also, I am a teacher and need some summer spending money. lol)   Please PM me with questions and offers for the harder to find ponies.  :)

Here are some of the harder to find ponies that I'm offering for sale:

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Baby Sugarcake (yellow) is SOLD. 
Ice Crystal is SOLD.
Baby Gametime (pink) is currently available.  She has some minor flaws, but displays beautifully. PM me for details.  ***Available - Accepting Offers - ****

Additional pictures can be found at my photobucket:

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I also have Slugger with his bandana (lovely, but does have regrind spots) $25 for both or OBO, TE Quackers (she is gorgeous and was sold to me as mint, but sadly she has some age spots/discoloration) $20 OBO, and Pearly Baby Moondancer (very nice, some minor scratches to her coating) $20 OBO.

***Please note that I am typically at work from 7:30 to around 5:00 and may not be able to get to the post office until this Friday or Saturday.  The buyer will be responsible for shipping costs and any customs fees if the ponies are shipped internationally.  Tracking will be provided for all ponies and insurance will be required for purchases over $100 or at the buyer's request.  The ponies will be shipped from Virginia. 

I don't have a lot of feedback on here yet, but have feedback both as a buyer and a seller on ebay under the same username, doxiechic16.

Oh!!! Baby Sugarcake!!!! She is on hold, poo :( I wouldn't have the money for her til July anyway, but dang it, I sure want her!!!! Good luck with your sales :)

PM'ed x

Seriously...wouldn't ya know I'd miss out on Ice Crystal, AGAIN! I don't know how many times that is now lol!! Good luck with the sales, such beauties :heart:

ohhhh, Ice crystal :D


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