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Author Topic: Ebayer princess_asoos EXTREMELY abusive-neg because custom pony wasn't factory  (Read 4005 times)

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Offline rybett

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Does the system tell folks they are blocked when they try to bid?  Just curious.
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Offline apanda0622

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I honestly don't think this 3 year old exists. Ithink this buyer had buyers remorse or didnt uderstand it was a custom. I'm so sorry she sent you hat awful message cuz you did not deserve that. The buyer is obvisously mad at hrself and taking it out on you. Weall appreciate your customs here!

Offline Vintergatan

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I am absolutely scandalised by that message! Even if you cheated her out of a million dollars, no normal person should allow themselves to send such a message! That is the vilest thing I've read in a long time :(:( Your custom is lovely and I'm so sorry it didn't get appreciated and that it ended up with this entity! No body deserves such a treatment ESPECIALLY when they didn't do anything wrong :hug:

I am also pretty appalled that ebay won't remove the neg :S especially since they KNOW you did everything right and they KNOW what a nutjob she isþ
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Offline Stormness_1

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Does the system tell folks they are blocked when they try to bid?  Just curious.

I think it's like when a seller excludes a country, you just can't see the items if you're logged in.

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Offline ponylady

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Does the system tell folks they are blocked when they try to bid?  Just curious.
Yes, it will tell them. I forget how the message goes exactly but it definitely gets flagged up if you are blocked. There is also an option once they are blocked that you can set so they can't contact you either. It's actually quite handy for buyers as nasty as this.
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Offline Sabrina

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I just wanted to say that I'm so sorry this happened to you! I've bought from you on ebay before so I know from experience what a good seller you are. You totally don't deserve this! You have beautiful ponies and you always describe them very clearly in your descriptions, just like you did with your custom Luna.
I'm so sorry your beautiful pony was ruined. :(
That woman is disgusting! And I'm horrified she is in the same country as me! Yuk!
It makes me so angry when good people get treated like this!
I hope you feel better soon and congratulations on having a little person on the way! That's wonderful! :)

Best wishes,

Offline nsunshine

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always has to be one idiot in the crowd...Luna was beautiful! And you will be a wonderful mother, and I'm sure it will be her children who have horrible futures because if she is willing to spend almost $60 on a pony for her 3 year old...then I think she may just have a very spoiled child on her hands!!!

You just focus on your new baby and the fair, let that just fall away from your thoughts, and smile, for you are definately better than her!

But think how embarressed she was when she actually took the time to read the description!!! Bet she felt like a dumb a$$!!!

Good luck to you and your new addition!

Offline wingsinmoonlight

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I hope that so many people have blocked her, that she is bound to try and buy from one of us, and when she does I hope it tells her she was blocked so that she has to ask why. And then she can be told it was because she was a nut job over this, and she will realize how she screwed herself over.

:) I like that idea! :)
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