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Author Topic: Ebayer princess_asoos EXTREMELY abusive-neg because custom pony wasn't factory  (Read 4007 times)

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Yeah this is one crazy I'm DEFINITELY blocking once we get an ID! I hope you sort all this drama out - don't let her get to you!
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Okay, first of all...
Luna starts life as a gift pack Celestia.  She is carefully hand painted in acrylics with a metallic shimmer, and inks.  She has been sealed in a high gloss sealer to give her a starry shine. She is for collecting, or should stand up to light play.

I'd say you made it preeeeetty clear that she was a painted custom.

Second, what a horrible person, saying things like that to you because she didn't understand what she was buying! I am so sorry. She doesn't deserve any refund for failing to read any of the ebay listing.

I'm just so lost on this one, wow... Drops 60 bucks on a pony listed as a painted custom, gives it to her kid to scratch the paint off of, then has the audacity to yell at YOU for selling her exactly what she paid for... I don't bid without reading for ponies that are 6 dollars!

People like that have no business doing... Anything. I can't even believe that such a hateful person is nice enough to spoil her kid like that.

Whatever happens, you're in the right here. You listed Luna accurately, and she messed up. I'm so sorry you had to deal with a person like that, especially with her bringing up your children like that.  :hug: Don't listen to that awful nasty person, and keep doing what you're doing. Your Lunas look great!

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^^^ this.
:socks:   :frog:

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What an incredibly rude person. Who sends a message like that?  I don't know how she could possibly misunderstand your listing. She seriously deserves to be kicked off ebay. And no matter what, even if it had been your fault (which it clearly is not) she has no right to say something like that about your children. Karma will come back to bite her, have faith in that.

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As everyone else said here: terrible, awful person. The only time I ever complained about an item on ebay was when I won an auction for a LPS Corgi and it came covered in dirt! :( I got a refund but the person was really nasty about it... it's sad that there are people like that...

I hope everything gets cleared up! You don't deserve this at all!  :hug:

P.S. your customs look great :)

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Sounds like she bought it, got it, thought about how she could have taken the time to buy a pony and paint it, then probably told herself the price was too high.  Next thing you know, the kid's destroying it and she's so angry all she can think to do is blame you.  :(

Thanks for letting us know her ID.  *pony hugs*
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Omg... I just can't even say anything about this HOW RUDE! This person didn't look at what they were buying and it's THEIR fault, not yours.  I am so sorry! I hope you get some closure from this on your side of things, your customs are lovely. I can't imagine a child destroying one, how sad! I'm sorry for all you are going through with this! :hug:
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Wow.  I've been in the pony community a very, very long time and I've never seen anything that awful.  I looked at your auction listing, and if she'd even glanced down she would have seen it was a hand made item.  You have one of the most professional auction listings I've seen on ebay, and I really hope this buyer doesn't get you down:/  She does NOT deserve a refund, and if she tries to file a chargeback, hopefully you'll be able to fight it.  It won't be fun for you, but that woman doesn't deserve to get squat from anyone.  I sincerely hope everyone who sees this blocks her from bidding on their listings.  She shouldn't be on ebay!  I feel bad for you, and I feel bad for her kids. 

Ugh.  What a terrible person.  I hope she gets kicked off of ebay for that one!

Offline sundaygirl

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Sounds like she bought it, got it, thought about how she could have taken the time to buy a pony and paint it, then probably told herself the price was too high.  Next thing you know, the kid's destroying it and she's so angry all she can think to do is blame you.  :(

Thanks for letting us know her ID.  *pony hugs*

Very likely.

I hope this gets solved. And as others pointed out, you were very clear in your auction description. Even if she just read the headline, it should have been clear to her.

Offline mercynova

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Does this woman not know the meaning of the word 'custom'?

What an absolute nutter, I so so hope that Ebay deals with this in the right way. Fight her as much as you can!
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Offline Rhubarbpie

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How perfectly horrid  :mad:

That Luna was lovely, I saw her in auction and was very tempted myself (sadly I was already way over pony budget  >_< ).  It was clearly stated she was a custom hand painted pony.  Who spends that much on a custom pony only to give it to a kid to destroy??? Some people just don't deserve nice things...

I sincerely hope you get a good result from reporting that vitriolic message from this woman to ebay.  Its nasty cyber bullying and shouldn't be tolerated. 

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Holy cow!
After such a disgusting message, I think I'd sue the heck out of her for libel and slander.

Stay strong - I'm sure, everyone over here is with you.
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All I can say is WOW! she is nuts!...sorry that you have to deal with such a pathetic ebayer!.....good luck....with a message like that...u should have no problems winning a dispute......... :hug:

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WOW, this is a bad one. I sold one of my custom blue Lunas :
To this ebayer. Today I got this negative: This pony is nothing like the picture! I want a refund u thief very disappointed

AFTER the neg I got the following message: (I changed the swear words to *s hope thats ok)

Shame on you. People like you should be in jail!
How dare you send me a fake I paid so much for something cheap.
My 3 year old waited for this pony for weeks and when I received it I was very upset and disappointed that people like you are still living.
I watched as my daughter sat there scratching the paint off the pony I bought of you. My 3 year old was asking me why is  the color coming off. You looser I hope someone comes into your life and takes all your money and leaves you with nothing.
It's a shame you're all the way in the USA!!
F*ck you if u wanted a painted pony I would have painted princess celetsia myself you stupid looser b*tch

If you have children I pray they live a life of disappointment And you rot just watching them falling in holes for the rest o there lives

I'm about ready to cry. I'm broke and pregnant, and I can't handle this level of evil right now. She wants a refund, after letting her kid destroy it.

That's disgusting. Vile,vile woman. Deserves her come-uppance. Don't worry sweetie, whatever goes around, comes around and she'll certainly get her karma for that. I cannot believe that, seriously upsetting. :(

Congratulations on your baby, don't let her immaturity get to you xxx

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Your listing was crystal clear. This person is quite obviously unbalanced. So sorry to hear that you've had to deal with this!