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Author Topic: Saja's Want list.  (Read 1883 times)

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Saja's Want list.
« on: January 03, 2013, 01:07:20 AM »
Some links just to help out for my Advent swaps

new addititions

this is so cute, id love rapunzel an maximus!!


******** reallly want this squirrel one!! hint hint lol
************************really want this pineapple one too!!!


and the mini version is epic too

and how cute is SVEN!!

and this set, adorable. this i put 10000 ***************** as i NEEED IT LOL

I also LOVE Heffalump!!!
Would love anything about him as i have only one plush of him, love him!

__G2 babies___________________________________
***most wanted!
Eve***she is an adult. lol

g2 babies, most listed below
Sweet Snowflake***
Tender Families
Royal Twin Baby
Tender Light Up Families
 Baby Fleur
Wedding Carriage
Baby Honeyberry
Tender Families
 Baby Nid Douillet
Pony House/Mansion
  Baby Sunbeam

Tender Light Up Families
 Beach Pony
Holiday at the Sea
Sailing Boat
dart and dash
baby moondust
baby flitter
fire an flame
nosy *

Accessories, Id love the Snail rockers, and Seesaws! From the G1 baby's/

G4 glitter applejack pics are here
and pics are here!new/c1b1y
Glamour glow princess cadence
welovefine flutterbat
Build a bear princess luna
build abear shining armour
Famosa plush 17cms sitting rainbow dash wave 1
megatoys plush 7 inch rainbow dash wave 1
Nici sitting 20cms rainbow dash plush wave 3
TY 17cms plush Rainbow dash wave 4!zoom-n-go/c1ewf
zoom n go rainbow dash
Preferable MIB
Fashion style rainbow dash with roller skates wave 9
fashion style applejack wave 10
fashion style daisy dreams wave 10
wave 12 Coco pommel
 cutie mark magic line below
wave 17 sky wishes
wave 17 sweetie drops
wave 17 sunset shimmer
wave 17 flower wishes
Princess celestia
princess Cadence
Rainbow shimmer wave 2 princess cadence
styling strands wave 3 rarity

sweet style wave 2 rainbowdash
deluxed winged  buttonbelle
" Rarity
" Trixie

Argie baby noddins
UK baby Snoozy duck
UK Baby Snoozy rabbit
Fairy tale birds with crappy hair.
TAF Munchy to rehair/restore
Coolbreeze any condition
nightglider any condition

sitting pose baits
walking pose baits

I am in love with Discord, so am thinking I may start a Discord army, so would love any merch with him on it also

TAKARA;S and takara fakies, all welcome!!

Big MacIntosh
2014 Mystery Mini

2014 Mystery Mini
 (regular colors)

2014 Mystery Mini

2014 Mystery Mini
 (glow in the dark)

_Trixie Lulamoon
2014 Mystery Mini
 (regular colors)

__Trixie Lulamoon
2014 Mystery Mini

 Bubbles/:muffin: Pony
2013 Cupcake Keepsake

__Rainbow Dash
2013 POP! Figure

_Big MacIntosh
2014 Vinyl Collectible

Big MacIntosh
2014 Vinyl Collectible

___Bubbles/:muffin: Pony
2013 Vinyl Collectible
 SDCC Exclusive

2014 Vinyl Collectible

_Lyra Heartstrings
2013 Vinyl Collectible

Rainbow Dash
2013 Vinyl Collectible
 SDCC Exclusive

I want this, an I don't even know what it is, lol or where its from, I just want it, lol
visitors can't see pics , please register or login

Trixie Lulamoon
2014 Vinyl Collectible

Crystal Princess Ponies Collection  Target Exclusive

Funko My Little Pony: Discord 6" POP! Action Figure

Figure Tin (3-Pack)

Not ponies, but I love them too!!

What is Unacceptable to You: nothing Is un acceptable, only I prefer if cancer, then put in sealed bag separate.
. I love rehairing, and customising also, DH and Retrodolls thermal colour change hair Is my fave!!


Other Collections: Peacocks! Rapunzel/tangled and Pascali from the movie, Meeko from Pocohontas, Belt from the Croods, and Queen Elsa and Sven from Frozen!! any frozen merch.
Toothless from how to train your dragon, I have the Build a bear and his jacket but are collection items of him also!
Also love sparkly hair clips!! Bison, Binturong, red panda, seahorse, sea and river otters, leafy sea dragons, iguanas, komodo dragons, camel, alpaca an llama stuff too

What would be the perfect extras for you?

Dolly or retro dolls hair, fabritac glue, or anything peacock!

What are your favourite colour/s?

Purples and blues

Do you have an army pony?

Night glider, Coolbreeze, Zecora, g2 babies

Do you have pets and would you like a small treat for them in the box?
You cannot send pet treats into Australia, same with other perishables, real feathers etc!
candy in rappers is fine, choc etc, but no fruit etc
Would you like bait ponies as extras?

.Do you have a ponysona:
Yes have one Arc En Ciel
visitors can't see pics , please register or login

visitors can't see pics , please register or login

What will you not accept on a pony (
anything is acceptable, only ask if you send a mould or cancer pony please seal in bag alone so.

Link to your wish/want list:
this is

Do you want baits/rescue ponies:
YES Love any condition

What would be a an extra surprise:
Fabritac glue

What pets do you have:
Dog, Cat, Turtles. peacocks, They don't need gifts tho.

Do you want Hair/Customizing supplies:
Id love Fabritac glue, and any retrodolls and dollyhair hair!! I love bright colours, not a fan of browns etc, fave is thermal colour change hair

Favorite Candy:
Wonka sour nerd things, and rowntrees jelly tots, are awesome

No allergies

.Favorite Animals:
Peacock, Binturong, bison, Tiger, Wolf, sea and river otters, komodo dragons, iguanas, sea horses, and leafy sea dragons, camels, Alpacas and Llamas.

.How do you feel about duplicates of things you already have:
Duplicates are fine especially my army ponies.

.Do you collect the G4 trading cards/standees/tattoos/stickers:
Stickers yes!

What is your birthday or birthmonth if you don't want to say a specific day? With that, what is your birthflower or birthstone? April 17 birthstone diamond,  birthflower British style Sweet Pea US styleDaisy/Peony

Would you like your items gift wrapped?
Yes please !

How do you feel about blind bags / dolly mix?
don't need any thanks

Are you okay with a custom Stand In of your Grail Nirvana Pony?
yes please......would love a diff gen version?

Who is your Grail Nirvana Pony
Don't have one. My fave is german nightlight, ice crystal, TAF Munchy and I own them, but diff gen custom would be awesome

I love stickers, cute baby animal stickers and ornaments.

I also love sparkly hair clips and head bands

and LOOVE toe socks! the longer the better

I love Zecora and customs and merch,. There are photos on my Facebook page of what I have.

Im easy to please, Im not fussy as I love to rehair and restore. I also customise.
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visitors can't see pics , please register or login
Wish list :,318839.0.html
See my work on Facebook Also rehairs and customs for sale in sales album on FB and also and Etsy Store

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Re: Saja's Want list.
« Reply #1 on: January 03, 2013, 07:58:49 PM »
i have a baby g3 and a tropical breeze g1 who needs some TLC
Thanks To BTD for my avatar :)


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