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Author Topic: Dewprincess' Wantlist!  (Read 979 times)

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Dewprincess' Wantlist!
« on: August 04, 2012, 11:01:53 AM »
Last updated: 12/28/13

Acceptable flaws: some haircuts, smudges/dirt that can be removed with a magic eraser and/or soap and water scrubbing, small highlighter marks, writing under hooves, minor scuffs, missing blush, minor chew marks, loose/unsealed heads, missing weights (sea ponies), missing eye jewels (G2)

Unacceptable flaws: buzzcuts/missing hair, missing part of body, cancer, severe pindot (small spots here and there are okay), permanent pen/marker on parts of pony visible on display, major chew marks,  missing/severely rubbed symbols, broken/missing earrings on sweetheart sisters that have them

Buzzcuts/no hair is okay for very rare or HTF G1 ponies that I need. I can and am willing to rehair those ponies.  (G1 only though...I have a very difficult time breaking the neck seals on G3 and G4 and I wouldn't want to damage the bodies.)

Holiday Swap Wishlist

Baby Graffiti
Baby Whirly-Twirl
Baby Bows
Bright Night
Daisy Dancer
Beautiful Bows
Baby Schoolbag
Baby Abacus
Baby Pictures
Baby Alphabet
Good Weather
Cherry Sweet
Vanilla Treat
So Soft Surprise (mint to near mint)
Pretty Belle (mint to near mint)
FF Blue Belle (mint to near mint)
Beach Ball (mint to near mint)

G1 Accessories:
Cheery the Bushwoolie
Ice Princesses: Megan's pants
Original Megan dress
TAF Megan Dress
Country Jubilee Megan outfit

G1 Dollymix:
Princess Sparkle
Cherries Jubilee
Cotton Candy
Heart Throb

Merry Moments
Secret Tale
Princess Trixiebelle
Princess Silver Rain
Prince Firefly

Baby Jingle Jangle (white Christmas baby)

Silver Spoon
Peppermint Twist

I am *not* a G3 MIB collector.  I do have some MIB G3s but, most likely, if I receive a MIB G3 I will de-box her.

I like all generations except G3.5.


G1 Ponies (US):

Sea Mist and shell
Wave Jumper and shell
High Tide and shell
Sand Dollar and shell
Buttons (TAF)
Baby Whirly-Twirl (set completer!)
Baby Leaper
Baby Racer
Bright Night (set completer!)
Daisy Dancer (set completer!)
Love Petal
Sweet Blossom
Pretty Belle (UPGRADE-mint to near mint only)
So Soft Surprise (UPGRADE-mint to near mint only)
FF Blue Belle (UPGRADE-mint to near mint only)
FF Snuzzle (UPGRADE-mint to near mint only)
Pinwheel (UPGRADE-mint to near mint only)
FF Peachy

Baby Sea Ponies:
Splasher and float
Salty and float
Wavy and float
Sealight and float
Misty and float
Foamy and float
Wavedancer (*I have her, cannot find her!)
Seawinkle (*I have her, cannot find her!)

Mail Orders and Plush

Hasbro Softies Baby Surprise
Hasbro Softies Baby Lickety-Split
Tux n' Tails
Baby Blue Ribbon
Lil' Cupcake
Lil' Sweetcake
TAF Baby Sweet Stuff
TAF Baby Up Up and Away
TAF Baby Love Melody
Lil' Tot


Cheery the Bushwoolie (set completer!)
Chocolate Sippin' Soda
Surfy's float
Water Lily's float
Sea Breeze's float
Sea Spray's float
Green sea pony clam shell
Whitecap's shell
Seabreeze's shell
UK Surf Dancer's shell
Ice Princesses: Megan's pants
Original Megan dress
TAF Megan Dress
Country Jubilee Megan outfit
G1 pamphlets: Year 1, Collector Pony Pamphlet, Glitter Island, Molly and Baby Sundance, Always in Fashion
Rockin' Beat guitar brushes (except Tuneful's pink guitar)
Keys for Secret Surprise ponies (any)
Two So Soft rearing stands
Paradise Estate Accessories:
--6 side patio doors, 1 window awning, 1 lantern, box

G1 Dollymixes:

Princess Sparkle
Cherries Jubilee
Cotton Candy
Heart Throb

G1 Ponies (International):

Baby Buttons
Baby Honeycomb
Sea Spray
Ice Crystal
All Playschool Baby Ponies
Cherry Sweet
Vanilla Treat
Beautiful Bows
All Sweet Kisses Ponies
Sports Time (set completer!)
Good Weather
Baby Moondream
Baby Sunset
Baby Stargaze
Baby Sapphire
Baby Ruby
Baby Diamond

G1 porcelain ponies (any except First Born and An Affectionate not need tags or boxes but prefer no chips)

G2 ponies (LOOSE! I'm not interested in MOC/MIB):

Hip Holly
Merry Moments
Princess Trixiebelle
Princess Diamond Glow
Her Majesty Pearl
Princess Golden Light
Princess Silver Rain
Princess Golden Glow with wings
Princess Silver Glow with wings
Princess Copper Glow with wings
Prince Firefly
Princess Golden Dream and Prince Blue Dream

G3 Ponies:

Underwater Pony (MIB)
Blue Art Pony (MIB)
Yellow/Black "Bumblebee" Ponycon pony (MIB)
Baby Jingle Jangle (loose with accessories)


Strawberry Swirl
Scooter Sprite
Fair Weather
Magic Marigold

G4 Ponies:

Glow in the Dark Funko Doctor Whooves

Equestria Girls:

Deluxe Trixie Lulamoon (when released)

Surprise G4 Blind Bags:

Wave 2 (any except Mane 6)
All upcoming Rainbow Power sets

Apparel from TruffleShuffle!!
I particularly want: Princess Sparkle long-sleeved shirt in medium
My Little Pony Fan Club '83 Jumper in medium
Grey Care Bears Button Up Sundae Varsity in medium

Rainbow Brite:

Buddy Blue's headband and shorts

Rainbow Brite Sprites:

Small handheld for 9" dolls: Spark, Champ, I.Q.

Care Bears (vintage):

13" Noble Heart Horse

Vintage Care Bear Cub accessories:

Bedtime's pacifier
Bright Heart's booties and bottle
Cheer Bear's jacket
Proud Heart's bottle
Share Bear's pacifier
Funshine's booties and pacifier

Environmental 1991:

Poster that came with Proud Heart Bear

Newer Care Bears:
13" Japanese Exclusive Christmas Tree Bear
6" or 10" Japanese Exclusive Sweet Sakura Bear

Strawberry Shortcake (newer):

Playmates Apple Dumplin' (from Sleepover Sister set)

Bandai Strawberryland Fillies:

Huckleberry Hash (Huckleberry Pie's Filly)
Blueberry Sundae (Blueberry Muffin's Filly)
Raspberry Ripple (Raspberry Torte's Filly)
Lemon Ice (Lemon Meringue's Filly)

Herself the Elf dolls (MUST have dress, shoes and wand):

Wood Pink

Disney Fairies (3.5"-4.5" dolls):


Yum Yums:

Candy Apple Party Cat
Merry Marshmallow Party Rabbit
Jolly Lollipop Party Lion
Cotton Candy Party Poodle
Teddy Cakes Party Bear

Japanese Release "Toppins" Yum Yums:
Fudgie Wudgie Bunny

New Japanese release Yum Yums:
Twinkling Candy Bear

Japanese merchandise (especially of Peppymint Kitty)

Sailor Moon:

11" Irwin (2000) Super Sailor Moon
11" Sailor Star Fighter
11" Sailor Star Maker
11" Sailor Star Healer
PGSM Sailor Luna Doll
Any DVD box sets

Baby-Sitter's Club Dolls:

11.5" Series (Sitters must have all clothing):

Mary Anne

The Little Mermaid:

Scuttle Plush
Figurines featuring both Ariel and Eric
"I never fall for a guy who throws me a line" figure from "Life According to Disney Princess" series

Other Disney:

MIB Holiday Princess Belle (1990s version, movie-tie in for "The Enchanted Christmas")

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Re: Dewprincess' Wantlist (open for trades)
« Reply #1 on: August 02, 2013, 12:47:21 AM »
Bumping my want list to go along with my sales thread and upcoming swap :)


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