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Author Topic: Arena's Rules Regarding Shill Bidding  (Read 5135 times)

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Arena's Rules Regarding Shill Bidding
« on: May 31, 2012, 05:32:34 PM »
The Arena's rules pertaining to this issue are closely related to ebay's own policy/rules on the subject.   

Ebays Policy on Shill Bidding Consequences
Suspending sellers:
We understand that some members may not know that shill bidding is wrong. So we're open to giving them a second chance, and to ensure they fully understand the seriousness of the violation, we may issue a temporary account suspension or any other action that's necessary. Keep in mind, though, that sellers may be suspended from using eBay permanently, even if it's the first time they violate our shill bidding policy.
MLP Arena's Consequences for Shill Bidding on ebay (and other auction sites)

Description of Shill Bidding:
Shill bidding is the act of bidding on your own auction against other bidders in order to raise the price at which your item will eventually sell. It is a violation of both eBay rules and federal law. Note that this also includes asking friends or relatives to bid for you.
Link to ebay's shill bidding rules.

Shill Bidding hurts our community:
We may have a lot of members but we are still a small, friendly community. We watch out for each other and do our best to keep the Arena a safe and fun place for all. When you're involved in shill bidding MLP's you are more than likely "stealing" from your fellow community member. Shill bidding does nothing but hurt our community. Remember behind user names are real people. 

Consequences at the Arena for shill bidding on ebay (and other auction sites):

1. If we find that you have been involved in shill bidding on ebay, you will be listed as a shill bidder on our  "TRADERS TO WATCH LIST"
2. Your ebay names will be listed and we will recommend that members not buy from you or buy with extreme caution.
3. You will be listed as an ebay shill bidder on your Arena feedback with a link to the Traders to Watch thread.
4. Ebay will be notified of your suspected shill bidding and more than likely you will lose your ebay account.
5. You will also not be allowed to sell here at the Arena for 3 months. If you do sell during that time, you will be permanently banned.
6. If you are caught shill bidding a second time, you will be permanently banned.
*Please keep in mind that due to other circumstances, you could be permanently banned the first time you're caught shill bidding. It is at the discretion of the Arena Moderators.
This is not a new rule is has just been copied and pasted over from the old arena.   It is being put here for newer members and a reminder for older one's.   :)

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