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Author Topic: Silverskimmer's wish list  (Read 526 times)

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Silverskimmer's wish list
« on: April 10, 2012, 09:55:48 AM »

 SilverSkimmer's Wantlist
 -Apple Jack
Twice as fancy
 -Night Glider
 -Sugar Berry
-Yum Yum
-Pillow Talk
-Milky Way
-Mother Apple delight
 -Father Apple Delight
Twinkle Eye
-Sweet Stuff
-Sweet Pop
-Sky Rocket
-Tic Tac Toe
-Bright Eyes
-Party Time
Precious Pockets
-Bunny Hop
 -Bubble Fish
Merry Go Round
-Brilliant Blossoms
-Sunny Bunch
-Flower Bouquet
-Diamond Dreams
Glow ‘n Show
Sparkle ponies
-Star Hopper
-Sky Rocket
-Star Dancer
Secret Surprise
 -Secret Star
 -Secret Beauty
-Pretty Puff
-Love Beam
So Soft
-Magic Star
-Satin ‘n Lace
-Skippity Doo
-Hippity Hop
-Best Wishes
 -Cloud Puff
Happy Tails
-Tall Tales
Glitter symbols
-Moon Stone
-Sky Flier
-Heart Throb
-Sky Dancer
Sea ponies
 -Sea Mist
-Sea Breeze
Magic Message
-Cloud Dreamer
-Magic Hat
-Mirror Mirror

 -Little Flutter
 -Lady Flutter
-Moon Jumper
-Sun Glider
-Sky Dancer
-Cool Breeze
 -High Flyer
-Starry Wings
Perfume Puff
-Daisy Sweet
-Red Roses
-Sweet Lily
-Dainty Dahlia
-Lavender Lace
Big Brother
 -Fire Ball
 -Sun Burst
 -Thunder Cloud
 -Wig Wam
 -Ice Crystal
Animal friends
-Cha Cha
-Zig Zag
 -Baby Sun Dance, with bridle
Starlight ponies
-Baby Nightsong
-Baby Mischief
-Baby Explore
-Baby Sella
Newborn singles
-Baby Wiggles
-Baby Squirmy
-Baby Shaggy
-Baby Dangles
-Baby Tappy
-Baby Yo-Yo
-Baby Li’l Cupcake
Newborn twins
-Baby Big Top
 -Baby Toppy
-Baby Jabber
-Baby Jebber
-Baby Speckles
Baby Bunkie
-Baby Tumbleweed
-Baby Rattles
-Baby Tattles
-Baby Sniffles
-Baby Dibbles
-Baby Jangles
-Baby Tangles
-Baby Puddles
-Baby Peeks
-Baby Sandcastle
-Baby Shovels
-Baby Nibbles
-Baby Doodles
-Baby Noodles
 -Baby Apple Delight
 -Baby brother Apple Delight
Baby Brothers
 -Baby Paws
-Baby Racer
-Baby Whirly Twirl
-Baby Drummer
-Baby Leaper
-Baby Waddles
-Baby Lucky
-Baby Clipper
Twice as fancy
 -Baby Sugar Berry
-Baby Milky way
-Baby Sweet Tooth
-Baby Love Melody
-Baby Dancing Butterflies
-Baby Up Up and Away
Play set ponies
-Baby Firefly
-Baby Surprise
-Baby Blossom
-baby Glory
-Baby Moondancer
-Baby Applelack
Bedtime newborns
-Baby Sunset
-baby Stargaze
 -Baby Cat pony
-Baby Lofty (Brazil)
Baby pony and Pretty Pal
-Baby Fleecy and Baby Woolly
-Baby Lucky Leaf and Baby Leafy
-Baby Pockets and Baby Hoppy
-Baby Stripes and Baby Nectar
-Baby Ribbon
-Baby Heart Throb
-Baby Gusty
-Baby Lickety-split
Best Friends ponies
-Baby Katie (and Kitty)
 -Baby Susie (and Spot)
 -Baby Billy (and Bunny)
Surprise Newborns
-Baby Cuddles
-Baby Bouncy
-Baby Snoozy
Baby Sparkle ponies
-Baby North Star
 -Baby Firefly
-Baby Gusty
-Baby Starflower
-Firefly (closed mouth)
-Baby Lofty
-Baby Lickety-Sslit
-Baby Surprise
-Cotton Candy
-Cherries Jubilee
-Moondancer (closed mouth)
-Parasol (closed mouth)
-Starshine (closed mouth)
-Spike the Dragon

 -Princess Silver Swirl
 -Princess Ivy
-Princess Twinkle Star
 -Sweet Berry
 -Princess Sapphire
 -Queen Sun Sparkle
 -Copper Glow
 -Golden Glow
 -Silver Glow
-Princess Silver Swirl
Magic motion friends
-Moon Shadow
Secret Surprise Friends
-Bright Bramley
-Petal Blossom
-Secret Tale
-Sugar Belle
-Merry Moments
-Hip Holly
-Satin Slipper
-Tender Nuzzles
 -Baby Honey Berry
 -Baby Sun Beam
 -Baby Tickle Heart
 -Fizzy Pop
 -Peach Surprise
 -Sunrise Song
 -Aurora Mist
 -Silver Glow
Divine Shine
-Flower Garland
-Secret Wish
-Tangerine Twinkle
 G3 tiny tins
 -Baby Lavender Locket
 -Baby Tea Lily

-Breyer stablemates, ponies and play sets
-Breyer Fjord ponies
Any breyers
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Silver Skimmer Ref
Wish list
Looking for any and all wingers! Especially baity ones in need of love!

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Re: Silverskimmer's wish list
« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2012, 11:44:09 AM »
I'm sure I have two of the Devine shine ponies and perhaps I have Loop-de-la MIB

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Re: Silverskimmer's wish list
« Reply #2 on: April 10, 2012, 07:20:41 PM »
Hey!  I have LOTS of ponies on your want list =)  I linked to full descriptions and pictures on most of them.  Some of them I know I have, but haven't had a chance to get listed yet.  If you're interested in anything, you can either buy directly from my website or drop me a PM and work things out throught the Arena.

Milky Way
Secret Surprise
 Secret Star

So Soft
Sundance (Not photographed/listed yet, but I've got one)

Glitter Symbol
Medley (Not photographed/listed yet, but I've got two)
Heart Throb
Baby Blossom (photographed, listing coming shortly)
Baby Cotton Candy (photographed, listing coming shortly)
Baby Bouncy (photographed, listing coming shortly)
Sparkle Baby Firefly (photographed, listing coming shortly)
 -Peach Surprise
-Sunrise Song
-Silver Glow (Just got one, near mint, needs to be photographed)
Divine Shine
Secret Wish
 -Baby Tea Lily