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Author Topic: Gypsy's wishlist g1,g3,g4  (Read 1827 times)

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Gypsy's wishlist g1,g3,g4
« on: February 28, 2012, 05:24:52 AM »

loose sir armor
loose Fashion Style Sir Armor

fashion style rainbow dash

sweetie belle baby
star dreams baby
New glittery wisteria   :frolic:
New glittery pinkie pie :frolic:

pinkie pie with black hair streak


green 2010 fair pony(only current g3 grail)
diva wysteria
diva crystal lake (might need)
diva minty II ?maybe
diva pepperberry
diva tink a tink a too II
count of needed-10

Year 4
Snowball Puppy

year 5 Slumber Party Pack
only need all accessories

[/i]year 6 Princess ponies
Princess Pristina with crownebayed ;)
and any crowns & wands for these gals needed
blue crown, green crown

year 7 baby fancy pants
baby starburst
baby sunnybunch

year 7 sweetheart sisters
frilly flower

Year 8 Prom Queen Sweetheart Sisters
Pretty Belle
Cha Chaneed her purple skirt
*need daisy Dancer's blue ruffle skirt*

year 8 ballerina adults-check see if have any..
posey rose

year 9 pretty ponies-shs
flower dream
garden glow

Secret surprise ponies:

 secret star

g1 sea pony category

year 3 adult

sea mist
wave jumper
sand dollar
high tide

year 4 pearly babies
sun shower
water lily
sea star
tiny bubbles

year 5 sparkle baby sea ponies
sea spray
sea breeze

water color baby sea ponies :frolic:
wave dancer
sea winkle

other accessories needed:

year 9 princess ponies
need their crowns
Year 9 Rockin Beat
brush guitars for tuneful,half notes,rockin beat
quarterbacks pink  bandanas :(
so soft rearing stands- have 5,need 1 more for my deflocks visitors can't see pics , please register or login

1 more stand on way ;)
g1 mail order   
count of needed       3                                                                                                                     
baby sugarcake and accessories
baby gametimes accessories needed

Pretty Mane
want an upgrade dabble with unfade hair (purple/green)

may lily of the valley*getting mip need one loose :biggrin:
September-morning glory

[/i]uk dragons
prickles green
spiny light purple

International G1 ponies
Raindroparena ;)
baby honeycombarena  ;)
baby hopscotch
baby buttons
romance ponies:
love story
love in a mist

starlight babies:

baby berrytown
                                                                                                               taf sweet baby:

jewlery babies: all 3 needed
princess sparkle
best friends n babies (susie..etc all need

great hair-

surprise newborns-
baby bouncy
baby cuddles
baby snoozy

Mountain boys I need again,ha ha

Dutch Babies:
kitty(orange baby white hair )

Can be found here for referencing:
these are the ones I know of

G1 Pony Porcelains by Hasbro Needed
Cotton Candy
Apple orchard
Frolic in the sky
Lazy afternoon
Magical Kingdom
Pony playhouse
wishing well
UK Majesty
UK Applejack
any others unaware of not listed below as having ;)

Porcelains I own
first born
cherries jubilee
lickety split
moondancer(or known as baby moondancer)
an affectionate moment
pony playmates
UK Majesty

Hasbro StamposNeeded still:
Lickety split
UK Applejack
UK cherries jubilee
UK bowtie

please refer to this link for stampers

my little pony puzzles needed still:
24  pieces
baby sea pony puzzle
Baby Birthday
Babies and Friends
Molly and Friends
Puzzle featuring the G1 Baby Sparkle Ponies
Puzzle featuring the G1 Flitter ponies
Puzzle featuring the G1 Rainfeather, Flicker, Snookums
Puzzle featuring G1 Baby Squirmy, Baby Tappy
Puzzle featuring G1 Princess Primrose and newborn twins
Puzzle featuring G1 Rainbow Curl Ponies
35 piece
Puzzle featuring the G1 BowTie, Peachy, Applejack and Twinkles
Puzzle featuring the G1 Flutter Ponies Rosedust, Morning Glory and Lily
Puzzle featuring the G1 Parasol and Sunlight
60 Piece needed
Has Baby Lickety Split and Baby Tic Tac Toe in the nursery room with the crib rocker and toys
100 piece
Pony Bride
Brush 'n Grow Ponies
Puzzle featuring the G1 Sweet Heart Sister Ponies
Puzzle featuring the G1 Tropical ponies
Puzzle featuring the G1 Posey, Medley, Majesty, Surprise, Heart Throb and Spike
Puzzle featuring the G1 Tap Dancer, Swinger, Songster and D.J
Puzzle featuring the G1 Firefly, Peachy, Starflower, Trickles, Tickle and Twinkles
Puzzle featuring the G1 Candy Cane Ponies
Puzzle featuring the G1 Princess Sparkle, Princess Royal Blue, Princess Primrose, Sugarberry

100 piece puzzles by Salters, UK---Puzzle featuring the G1 Glory, Medley and Moondancer

125 piece puzzle
Puzzle featuring the G1 Moondancer, Medley and Glory
Puzzle featuring the G1 BowTie, Cotton candy, Applejack (I really need this one) :lol:
this link will show you pictures of items needed ;)
Im looking to buy or trade at moment and will keep this list up to date 

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Offline gypsyunicorn

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G1 birthflowers, guitar brushes,prom skirts...
« Reply #1 on: September 18, 2013, 05:35:38 AM »
I am looking for the following items:

Birthflower September
Rockin beat guitar brushes: yellow,pink,etc.
Prom queen skirts purple

Mail order baby sugar cake
I will name more later, I have a detailed want link in my siggy
Thanks to anyone who can help
I am cleaning lots of ponies and may be able to help you... Or pay!
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Re: Gypsy's wishlist g1,g3,g4
« Reply #2 on: September 19, 2013, 04:07:28 AM »
I believe I have the so soft stand if you still need another..

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Re: Gypsy's wishlist g1,g3,g4
« Reply #3 on: October 01, 2013, 08:18:02 PM »

I have a shadowbol rd tru exclusive and the glittery FS pack , I could sell you RD if it is the only one you want  :)
GAMELOFT ID: balto72  Youtube channel
Collection Page on FB    Instagram     
Wanted G2 Mocs wanted list,328049.0.html

Offline gypsyunicorn

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Re: Gypsy's wishlist g1,g3,g4
« Reply #4 on: October 26, 2013, 01:00:27 AM »
Ponies I may need to get mail order versions of:

Offline gypsyunicorn

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Re: Gypsy's wishlist g1,g3,g4
« Reply #5 on: November 13, 2013, 12:33:44 PM »
bump added more above for my swaps
I love odd pony stuff since I have a lot of the US ponies

Swap questions to be answered
- Do you have any allergies?
- What are your fragrance and candy/sweeties likes and dislikes?
My favorite fragrances are cinnamon and I love to eat cinnamon too
I also love chocolate, and jelly belly jelly beans
I am not fond of hard candies. I don't want a lot of candy either because I don't need to eat a lot of it...I am a Zumba instructor and health fitnessy type person and would rather have healthy snacks like fruit snacks or something healthy kids love fruit snacks and well candy too :biggrin:
- What are your hobbies? Do you have pets? Do you have children? Do you collect anything else?
Well I sorta answered 1 of these already above :lol: 2 girls who are teenagers and you will see me refer to them as oldest is Rainbow Dash and the youngest is Minty...and I have 2 pets
mini dachshund dogs and will try to share some pictures of them later ;)
Hobbies:working out, shopping second hand, putting pony puzzles together which I need more of I don't own alof of the g1 one puzzles especially the ones were there are more then 2 ponies in them I need more puzzles to have fun with
I love collecting ponies and I don't own many g2 ponies yet :|
I also love old unicorn stickers from the 80's
oh and the puffy old pony stickers too from g1
anything mermaid but not big into Disney Aierel :blush:
I love vintage littlest petshop for my ponies as pets
I also have a strawberry shortcake collection
I am a 80's kid at heart
I love ponywear too so I can dress my ponies
I would love to eventually learn how to rehair my pony I think this would be a fun craft to learn
- What are your favorite colors?
this is a tough one I recently was in a color swap here and choose rainbow, see I am stubborn
I don't like to choose just one but if we talk pony
I choose yellow body
or orange body
- Do you have an army pony?
I am working on a few army but the only one on purpose may be Mimic :lol:
I also have Bowtie, Lemondrop,Gingerbread
- Who's your all time favorite pony or MLP character?
Sunburst or Lightning if we talk boys or Barnacle and if we talk unicorns I still like my Gypsy a lot but it is hard to choose for it changes a lot
if we talk earth it maybe Quackers or perhaps sweetberry I don't know it is too hard to choose once again

- Which holiday do you celebrate at this time of year? Why is it important to you? What do you like most about the festive/holiday period?
Christmas and it is important to me to share the time to be close with family
I like how we decorate the house and cook the foods most and give each other precious gifts that we want to surprise each other with

Edit: Bonus questions

Most of these I already answered or seem irrelevant to a wishlist swap, but here it goes:

1.   Do you want fakies:
No I will do this if you give me some
 :throw: :throw: :throw: :throw: :throw: :throw: :throw:

2.   Who's your favorite pony out of the Original Six?
Lemondrop or Bowtie

3.   Where are a few places you'd LOVE to be able to visit:
Italy after I am don't exploring all the USA :P

4.   Do you like handmade things?(Jewelry, Hair Pieces, crochet, knit, drawings etc.):  
Yup! If it is for my pony to wear :lol:

5.   For those with children or spouses, what would they like as an extra:
Chocolate,baked goods are ok,chocolate covered pretzels,fudge,cookies , fruitsnacks, kids are teens so they like make-up

6.   Who are your favorite ponies or sets of ponies:
Twice as fancy, twinkle eyes, males, so softs...big unicorn fan here
7.   Do you collect merchandise from any of the gens:
Yup! especially g1...
8.   Do you have a ponysona:
gypsy is who I like so that is my id :P

9.   What will you not accept on a pony (i.e. mold, regrind, cancer):
I listed this in my form

10.   Link to your wish/want list:
umm your in it :lol:

11.   Do you collect anything else besides MLP:
anything mermaid, old 80's unicorn stickers, smurfs from 80's, shortcake dolls from 80's, 80's littlest petshop, love ponywear, love g1 puzzles, stampos, petites

12.   Is there a Generation/Pony you absolutely do not want:
g3 and beddy bye eye

13.   Do you want customs/rehairs:
I collect customs so a custom would be great! I am picky and only prefer g1 customs with alternate rehair in a swap or a g1 alternate post pony of a g1
my favorite g1 ponies I would love to see customized are Nightglider, sweetberry, te quackers

14.   Do you want baits/rescue ponies:
As extras? Sure! As my ponies? No.

15.   What would be a an extra surprise:
G1 ponywear and/or g1 puzzles/and or g1 stickers/and or g1 stampos

16.   What pets do you have:
2 dogs mini dachshunds

17.   Do you want Hair/Customizing supplies:
Sure! if you give me a good printed out tutorial and the tools to rehair as well because I want to learn but I am clueless as to the know how :(

18.   Favorite Candy:

wild vines licorice

19.   Allergies:

20.   Favorite Animals:
owls, horses, and my dogs, reindeers ,mermaids, unicorns

21.   How do you feel about duplicates of things you already have:
I don't mind them, but this is a wishlist swap and I don't have duplicates on my list. As random extras I'm fine with them.

22.   Do you collect the G4 trading cards/standees/tattoos/stickers:

23.   Do you have any pony armies:
mentioned above already

24.   Is it okay for your partner to decorate the OUTSIDE of the box they're shipping to you:

25.   What is your birthday or birthmonth if you don't want to say a specific day? With that, what is your birthflower or birthstone? 
January 19 carnation, garnet

26.   Would you like your items gift wrapped?

Seeing as it's required in this swap, I'm going with yes.

27.   How do you feel about blind bags / dolly mix?
not at this time

28.   ponies from outside my preferred generation:
Again, wishlist swap. I am wanting g2 and I only have a few..I will post a photo in my wishlist showing what I own to make it easy on who is all missing :lol:

29.   Blush/eye rubs: for those of you looking for older generations?
I'm ok with minor rubs. Prefer eyes without major rubs, the blush doesn't bother me that much

What is your favorite baked treat? (i.e. cookies, brownies, etc.)
Did I answer this? hmmm fudge or anything chocolate
cookies with chocolate chips or m&ms in them
oh I love love love chocolate covered pretzels
would I like pony porcelains?
see my wish list above for answer is yes if I don't own it already :lol:

what do you like when you see stocking? Describe stockings you like
I love soft deep colors like red but not santa red...the deep dark red
I love reindeer stockings or anything reindeers
reindeers rock
I also love besides the cute reindeer
I love funny as in A Christmas Story funny
we love that movie here too

what is your favorite Christmas movie or movies to watch? and why?
Mine is It's a Wonderful Life because I think this movie just goes to the point of what life is all about and makes me feel good inside
but if we talk happy family moment time it is A Christmas Story for all it's down right humor so my family loves it most and will always be our household favorite here so you have mine and you have my familys favorite :lol:
what is yours ;)
If you want to wrap my packages up or give me something that is based on Christmas movie go with the family one(A Christmas story) for funny kicks :biggrin:

more questions added:

If you would like blind bag ponies do you have a specific want list or you ok with doubles?

I don't really need anymore blind bags but if you want to get me any I like the males

Do you like Christmas tree ornaments?  what kind appeals to you?

I like MLP and fantasy animals on my ornaments. I have some unicorns and pegasi that are very pretty ornaments! carousel horse ones, rocking horse ones, funny santa ones where he is on vacation
 I like cute ornaments like dachshund dogs, reindeers,etc. think cute animals like these
oh what would be cool is a neat one to represent your state :biggrin:

Do you wear hair stuff like barrettes, headbands etc.?
not really

Do you have any allergies or issues with Christmas themed beauty items, such as lip gloss, nail polish and lotion?
no but don't really need this stuff unless its a bonus you throw in for my kids ;)
they will love it more then me

Do you like to drink hot chocolate or hot tea?  If so what are your favorite kinds?

yes but not hot tea
I like hot chocolate with the marshamellows but prefer hot apple cider
my kids love hot chocolate so yea
I also love flavored coffees ;)

more questions


If it is g4 ok, I don't want g3, if it is g2 ok, if it is g1 leave it MOC unless card is very very trashy etc

Partner, are there any small extras or non MLP items that you would be happy to receive in your swap box?
I collect other stuff,think I mentioned it before but I fell in love with old carebear poseables and also like smurf figures too

Partner! Do you mind if the ponies you receive are re-hairs, or do you only want original hair?

I prefer original hair, but am okay with re-hairs, particularly if it's a harder to find pony :) if it is rehair please note as such in box so I know, and alternate rehairs are kool too :lol:

Do you have any pets? Would you like to receive any toys or treats for them as extras?
yes I have 2 doggies
I male dachshund, 1 female under 1 year old...
I like squeaky safe toys
prefer pink toys for her
they love blankets even if clean nice from 2nd hand
I would love a MLP no sew blankie for my girl in MLP fabric
if they have MLP receiving blankets kool, not sure if MLP has made it into baby blankets
they love treats..whatever you want to so is fine ;)

Would you like to receive some non-pony themed decorations in your box?

Sure :)

Do you like tea, coffee or hot chocolate?answered above I believe

if I want to clean your pony up is it ok to pop head off safely?
I prefer it so it dries properly to prevent tail rust,so if you know how to do it correctly please do
I want it that way, don't worry I wont get mad
Just don't tear it off, I don't wat a broken toy :P

Specific MLP accessories?
lion outfit
prom queen skirts
ready for rainbows outfit
baby boy bandanas
feather boas and earrings to dance n prances
pink guitar brush
pink big brother bandana
sweetheart sister lace ribbons
white cup to cookies n cream
any slumber party items
any sweet dreams crib accessories

only if they are Hasbro pony accessories for my ponies...I hardly change mine,sorry

Favorite Friendship is Magic/G4 Mane 6?
sunset shimmer,minty,rainbow dash,dj pon3, sir armor,not too picky just not pinkie pie
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