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Author Topic: Kadajkitten's want list  (Read 1216 times)

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Kadajkitten's want list
« on: February 09, 2012, 08:25:38 AM »

Will Buy/Trade keep in mind G4 is my main wants right now ( slowly collecting other gens) and I have non-MLP wants towards the bottom~

My Little Pony G4

Single/Playful Ponies

Sweetie Blue (?)
Sunset Shimmer

Misc Releases
Walkn' Talkin' Pinkie Pie
Crystal Motion Rainbow Dash
Crystal Motion Twilight Sparkle
Crystal Motion Applejack
Funko Dj Pon3
Funko Dr. Whooves (and glitter verson)
(Color-a-pony Molded Hair) Fluttershy
(Color-a-pony Molded Hair) Rainbow Dash
(Color-a-pony Molded Hair) Luna
Princess Twilight Sparkle
POP Funko Drama Pony
POP Funko Pinkie Pie
POP Funko Fluttershy
POP Funko DJ-Pon3
POP Funko Twilight Sparkle
POP Funko Rainbow Dash
My little pony monopoly
Beanie baby Rainbow Dash
Beanie baby Pinkie Pie
Beanie baby Twilight Sparkle
Collectors set 2 (Queen Chrysials, bubble butt pony, etc)
Elements of harmony mini set (rarity, fluttershy, nightmare moon, manticore, sea serpent)
Nightmare Moon
Aurora Plush Pinkie Pie
Aurora Plush Rainbow Dash
Aurora Plush Twilight Sparkle
Aurora Plush Applejack
Aurora Plush Rarity
Aurora Fluttershy
Plush Purse/Plushie Pinkie Pie
Plush Purse/Plushie Rainbow Dash
Plush Purse/Plushie Twilight Sparkle
Plush Purse/Plushie Applejack
Plush Purse/Plushie Rarity
Plush Purse/Plushie Fluttershy
Funrise Rarity
Funrise Applejack

Princess Celestia and Pinkie Pie

Happy Meal Toys

Happy meal (2011) Pinkie Pie
Happy meal light-up (2011) Pinkie Pie
Happy meal light-up (2011) Rainbow Dash
Happy meal light-up (2011) Twilight Sparkle
Happy meal light-up (2011) Applejack

Blind Bags/Surprise Bags/Grab Bags

Wave 1(Pink Bags)

Twilight Sparkle Glitter (Pink)

Wave 2(Purple Bags)

Rainbow Flash
Dewdrop Dazzle
Daisy Dreams
Ribbon Heart
Star Swirl
Lulu Luck
Pudding Pie

Wave 5(Yellow Bags)

Island Rainbow
Rainbow Wishes
Princess Luna
Trixie Lulamoon
Lyra Heartstrings

Princess Cadence
Flippity Flop
Flitter Heart
Gardenia Glow
Sapphire Shores
Diamond Rose
Cinnamon Breeze
Golden Delicious
Sunny Rays
Princess Celestia
Ribbon Wishes

Wave 6

Trixie Lulamoon
Twilight Velvet
Mosely Orange
Berry Green
Merry May
Cherry Spices
Electric Sky
Crimson Gala
Amethyst Star
Twilight Sky
Magnet Bolt
Royal Riff
Peachy Sweet

Wave 7

Pinkie Pie
Twilight Sparkle
Rainbow Dash
Cherry Pie
Banana Fluff
Lilac Links
Cherry Fizzy
Misty Fly
Banana Bliss
Sweetie Drops
Lucky Clover
Lily Blossom
Apple Stars
Barber Groomsby
Caramel Apple
Lily Valley

Wave 8

Big Macintosh
Royal Riff
Mosely Orange
Gilda the Griffon
Granny Smith
Princess Cadance
Golden Harvest
Flower Wishes
Pinkie Pie
Comet Tail
Rainbow Dash
Sunny Rays
Gardenia Glow
Lemon Hearts
Ribbon Wishes
Lotus Blossom
Twilight Sparkle

MLP G4 enter-play trading cards

Wave 1

Princess Luna (Gold Series)
Queen Chrysalis (Gold Series)
Nightmare Moon (Gold Series)
Princess Mi Amore Cadenza (Gold Series)

Rainbow Dash (SDCC 2012 Promo)
Rarity (BronyCon 2012 Promo)
Applejack (Canterlot Gardens Promo)
Ditzy Doo (NYCC Promo)

Wave 2

F01   Foil-Fillies   Twilight Sparkle Filly
F02   Foil-Fillies   Rarity Filly
F04   Foil-Fillies   Pinkie Pie Filly
F05   Foil-Fillies   Fluttershy Filly
F06   Foil-Fillies   Applejack Filly
F08   Foil-Parallel   Pinkie Pie, Party Pony!
F10   Foil-Parallel   Applejack, Apple Farmer
F13   Foil-Parallel   Spike, Twilight's Assistant
F15   Foil-Parallel   Apple Bloom
F17   Foil-Parallel   Sweetie Belle
F18   Foil-Parallel   Discord
F19   Foil-Parallel   King Sombra
F20   Foil-Mission: Crystal Empire (Flying Cadance)   Princess Cadance (weak)
F22   Foil-Mission: Crystal Empire (Flying Cadance)   Twilight Sparkle (crystal heart eyes)
F23   Foil-Mission: Crystal Empire (Flying Cadance)   Rarity (crystal)
F24   Foil-Mission: Crystal Empire (Flying Cadance)   Rainbow Dash (armor)
F25   Foil-Mission: Crystal Empire (Flying Cadance)   Fluttershy (armor)
F28   Foil-Mission: Crystal Empire (Flying Cadance)   Spike
F35   Foil-Promo   Pinkie Pie Big Apple Ponycon 2013
G3   Gold Series   Princess Cadance
G4   Gold Series   Twilight Sparkle (with wings)
G5   Gold Series   King Sombra
G6   Gold Series   Discord (and Fluttershy)
G7   Gold Series   The Great and Apologetic Trixie
G8   Gold Series   Timberwolves

My Little Pony G1

My Little Pony G2

Baby Swirly
Baby Tickle Heart
Light Heart (Special Birthday Magic)

My Little Pony G3

Silver Rain
Jingle Jangle
Precious Gem
Rhythm and Rhyme
Ribbons and Bows

San Diego Comic Con Exclusives
2007 (Superhero?)
2008 (Ninja?)
2009 (Two-Face?)
2010 (Graffiti?)


Monster High

Frankie Stein (wave 2 or 2.0)
Frankie Stein (Dawn of the dance wave 1)
Frankie Stein (gloom beach)
Frankie Stein (dead tired)
Frankie Stein (killer style/ drop dead gorgeous)
Frankie Stein (Costume Doll/Ghouls Rule)

Frankie as "Threaderella"
2010 San Diego Comic Con - Black and White Frankie Stein-retired/no longer in production
Draculaura (dead tired wave 2)
Draculaura (dawn of the dance)
Draculaura (Costume Doll/Ghouls Rule)
Draculaura (Ghoul Spirit/Fearleading)

Draculaura as "Snow Bite" Clawdeen Wolf (wave 1)
Clawdeen Wolf (Dead Tired wave 1)
Clawdeen Wolf (Dead Tired wave 2)
Clawdeen Wolf (Dawn of the dance wave 1)

Lagoona Blue (wave 2)
Lagoona Blue (Dead Tired wave 1)
Lagoona Blue (Dot Dead Gorgeous/polka dot dance party)
Ghoulia Yelps (wave 1)
Ghoulis Yelps (Dawn of the dance wave 2)
Ghoulia Yelps (dead tired)
Ghoulia Yelps (gloom beach)
Ghoulia Yelps (Ghoul Spirit/Fearleading)
2011 San Diego Comic Con - "Deadfast" Ghoulia Yelps-retired/no longer in production
Abbey Bominable  (Dead Tired wave 2)
Operetta (Dot Dead Gorgeous/polka dot dance party)
Scarah Screams ( 2012 San Diego Comic Con)

Misc Monster High

Create a Monster Lab
Witch and Werecat girl Starter Pack
Frankie Stein (Friends plush/ragdolls wave 1) 
Draculaura (Friends plush/ragdolls wave 1) 
Clawdeen Wolf (Friends plush/ragdolls wave 1) 
Lagoona Blue (Friends plush/ragdolls wave 2) 
Abbey Bominable (Friends plush/ragdolls wave 3) 
Ghoulia Yelps (Friends plush/ragdolls wave 3) 
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Re: Kadajkitten's want list
« Reply #1 on: July 22, 2012, 09:17:34 PM »
i have a 2011 pinkie mcd if you want
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