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Author Topic: Prismatic's wish list  (Read 1013 times)

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Prismatic's wish list
« on: January 30, 2012, 04:24:42 AM »
Edited mah list, been some time and my tastes have changed!

I've really minimized and streamlined my collection due to lack of space and a general maturity in the requirements for the ponies I collect.  I prefer great to near mint condition ponies with no large stains, age spots, cancer, or large rubs to the symbols.  Haircuts are ok only in ponies without mechanisms.  For brush n grow, mechanisms must work, other ponies with mechs, it doesn't really matter.  For more rare ponies, these rules can be broken.

On to the list!

Brushables: Minty, Silver Spoon, Twist-a-loo, :muffin: Pony, non glimmer wing Ploomette, Sweetsong

Blind Bags: Would prefer they come with their cards, the bag's not needed, I usually toss those anyway.

Wave 1: Sugar Grape, Minty, Roseluck, Pepperdance, Sweetie Swirl, Lucky Swirl, Sweetcream Scoops.  Wave 1 is lowest priority, I'm pretty sure I have them all in storage but these weren't in the pile of cards I keep as inventory for some reason. 

Wave 2: All.

Wave 3: All but Lovestruck and GITD Twilight Sparkle.

Wave 4: All but crystal Rarity, metallic AJ, crystal Rainbow Dash, Amethyst Star, and Twilight Velvet.

Wave 5: All.

Wave 6: All.

Wave 7: All but Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Banana Bliss, and Lily Blossom

Wave 8: All but Royal Riff, Gilda, Flam, Flim Skim, Comet Tail, and Gardenia Glow.

Wave 9: All.

Anything Fluttershy, other than her brushable/FS.  I collect merchandise with her on it <3

FF and CF Minty

NBBE Babies: Blossom, Surprise, Half Note, Fifi, Bouncy, Quackers, Nightcap, Ribbs

BBE Babies: Frosting, Sleepy Pie

Newborns: Rattles/Tattles, Doodles/Noodles, Dibbles/Nibbles, Sleepy Head/Sleep Tight, Sticky/Sniffles, Puddles/Peeks, Sandcastle/Shovels, Speckles/Bunkie, Big Top/Toppy, Jebber, Shaggy, Yo-Yo, Squirmy, Wiggles

SS: Gusty, Truly, Skippity Doo, Hippity Hop, Crumpet, Twilight, Angel, Taffy

TE: Whizzer, Galaxy, Mimic, Tic-Tac-Toe, Bright Eyes, Quackers, Party Time with minimal or no regrind

Flutters: Peach Blossom, Hollywood, Wind Drifter, Pink Dreams

Princesses:  Sparkle, Starburst, Taffeta, Pristina, Moondust

Boys: 4-Speed, Salty, Quarterback, Chief, Slugger, Steamer

TAF: Buttons, Yum Yum

Pony Friends: Zigzag, Creamsicle, Oakley, Cha Cha, Edgar

Wingers: Glow, Buzzer, Sky Dancer, Whirly, Sun Glider, Flurry, Starry Wings

Sunshine Ponies: Sand Digger, Seaflower, Shoreline, Wave Runner

Perfume Puff: All

BnG: Skylark, Star Gleamer

Loving Families: Brother/Sister Bright Bouquet, all of the Apple Delight family

Sparkle Ponies:  All MO versions (except Napper and Twinkler) and store version Star Hopper

Fancy Pants: Dots n Hearts, Sunnybunch, Glider

All Baby Brother ponies but Paws

SHS: Flowerburst


Any MIB/MOC variations of North Star

Nirvanas: I want a ton, but I'll need to go through them all and pick more, but I definitely want the 2 nirvana versions of North Star (Argentina South Star, and Brazilian North Star) and any of baby North Star.
Any nirvanas of the second set of Rainbow Ponies (Tickle, Trickles, Pinwheel, Confetti, Starflower, Flutterbye)

I currently have NC/Spain Pinwheel and Trickles

Other items:
North Star's accessories from all forms, back cards, sticker.

Any variants of Princess Tiffany, and her accessories: wand, hair pick, bushwoolie (Friendly)  I have her hat, still need the other stuff :D

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