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G3 Butterfly Island for another G3 or G1 playset.


I have a G3 playset for my daughter with all the accessories that I would love to trade for another G1 playset. The playset would not need to have all the accessories, though it would be more fun for my daughter if it had at least some. I also will accept playsets with playwear or time-wear (especially if it's a G1 Dream Castle).
Any of the Castles (G3 and G1) would be wanted the most. Here are some other playsets I would consider trading for:
Beautiful Blooms Shop
Cotton Candy Cafe
Lovely Locks Salon
Super Sundaes Ice Cream Parlor
Wonder Waves Surf Shop
Would also consider some G1 playsets:
Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe
Please PM me if you are interested! I would also consider selling Butterfly Island if I can sell it for enough to buy another playset from someone else.

I would also be open to trading for anything else on my sales thread if I have something else you are interested in.
I would be happy to send pics of Butterfly Island to anyone interested! Just ask.


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