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Custom G4 in trade for G4 "baits" *X-POSTED* -MORE OFFERS ADDED!!-


I am offering a G4 custom of your choice in trade G4 baits :) (loose)

*NEW!!* May also offer a custom for 4 MIB ponies, mainly the MANE 6 ponies :)

Examples of my work:
The offers are:

 :sunny: 1 custom for 5-6 G4 "baits", where one of then will be used for your custom

(5-6 baits are about $5 each which is $25-35 dollars for the custom, that's a bargain ;) I will do whatever you want on it, apart from too heavy sculpting)

 :sunny: 1 Normal sized custom for 2 styling G4's

(About $30 in worth)

 :sunny: 1 blind bag custom for 3 G4 baits

(about $15 in worth)

I can do more customs for more ponies :)

Got any other kind of suggestion? PM me :)

Very cute customs!

thank you dear ^^


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