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Author Topic: anyone heard from shinykitsune yet? [i got a refund finally, see last post]  (Read 11196 times)

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Look I know exactly what you mean about sharing her personal life, but it's only stuff she is happy to broadcast all over facebook, so I don't think it's 'private' and she is happy to use it as an excuse any time, to anyone.....

BTW:  how hard is it to go to the post office?
I sell items on the Arena & eBay, and I go to the post office with 2 kids who hate lining up, carry on like pork chops sometimes , and pull things off the shelves & annoy other customers, but I just do it because people are depending on me, and have already paid me for the postage.

I'm going to end my contributions to this thread right now.... I am so over it, I never want to see or hear anything about this woman ever again... I've got my own problems, and just because I don't broadcast them over facebook doesn't mean they aren't serious.......

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Guys, please be aware that people who are in the middle of a bout with addiction often cannot see their behavior rationally. They tend see themselves as victims and anyone who tries to hold them accountable as being mean to them. I hate to see you all getting set off by her responses (or lack thereof). They are certainly inappropriate in tone, and the lapses in communication are not acceptable either, but being manipulative, lying, missing deadlines and disappearing are all par for the course with addicts. Try your best not to take her behavior personally - she isn't thinking or interpreting reality like a normal person would if she's in the throes of alcoholism. I'm not trying to excuse her behavior or absolve her of responsibility in any way, just wishing to point out that you are not dealing with someone in her right mind. Until she gets clean, she will continue to act this way. I've seen it up close and personal in family members with addiction problems. If you're waiting on her to ship something, I wouldn't count on her getting it to you. File a claim with Paypal or cut your losses, at least until she is sober.
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I understand addiction problems can stem out to make other areas of your life hard, I have had friends & family with drug / alcohol problems, and it is like they are on some sort of path to self destruction. I feel for her, but, she has ripped people off, and that isn't fair.

If you are having addiction problems, you shouldn't be selling stuff you aren't willing to get to the post office to send out. It's just not on. It's then other peoples lives you are messing with.


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