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Author Topic: My wants~ Hunting Nirvanas, Euro G2s and more~ (4/09/13)  (Read 1038 times)

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My wants~ Hunting Nirvanas, Euro G2s and more~ (4/09/13)
« on: January 16, 2012, 09:11:57 PM »
I’m not too picky about condition, but they should be decent. No buzz cuts, missing tails, or bite marks (unless the price is right). Let me know if there are missing plugs too. Also, if you sell me any of the ponies with a * by their name, you’ll forever be my hero, those are my high wants! :frolic:

I do prefer to buy, but I have no problem trading things from my Sales Thread.

Pink Dreams (Soft Sleepy Newborn)
Peachy (flat feet, upgrade)
Daisy Sweet (White hair)
Baby Starbow (purple streak)
Watercolor sea ponies stuck in weird colors! (A blue Seashore would be amazing  :hope: )

Dream Beauties:
Glider (pink hair, upgrade)
Dream Gleamer (pink hair, upgrade)
Skysplasher (pink hair, upgrade)
Windsweeper (pink hair, upgrade)

Petites (type, body, hair, symbol):
Playset and parade petites with eye variations (will get a list up later)

Mail Orders:
Baby Milky Way* (Blue streak in middle)
Blue Ribbon (loose)

Euros and Nirvanas:
Alternate Birthflowers
Argie Sundance (Brillitos)
Argie Flutterbye (Brillitos, shy pose)
Argie Flutterbye (Paseo)*
Argie Baby Moondancer (green hair, Non-FT, upgrade)
Argie Baby Moondancer (rainbow hair)*
Argie Baby Starbow (white body)*
Argie Baby Starbow (blue body)
Argie Baby Starbow (pink body)
Argie Sugarberry*
Argie Helados (all)
Argie Surprise (blue hair)
Brazilian Baby Gusty*
Brazilian Truly (upgrade)
Dutch Baby Cat (hair must still change)
Euro Cascade
Euro Daddy Berrytown
Euro Daddy Meadowsweet
Euro Nurse Loveheart
Euro Nurse Sweetheart
Euro Surprise Twins Pony (with twins please)
Euro Thundercloud (upgrade, no discolorations)
Euro Tornado (upgrade, pink hair)
German Baby Buttons*
German Baby Cherries Jubilee
German Baby Gusty (NBBE)
German Baby Heart Throb (NBBE, version with winged hearts preferred)
German Baby Ribbon (NBBE)
German Raindrop
Greek Adara (any version)*
Greek Baby Bluebell (dark blue version)*
Greek Baby Butterscotch*
Greek Baby Minty (dark green hair)*
Greek Moondancer (proud pose with white body and blue eyes preferred)*
Greek... anything I don’t have! PM me! The ones listed were the ones that came to my mind first~
Mexican Blossom (non-CP)
Peruvian Baby Ribbon/Bowtie
Peruvian Confetti
Peruvian Lickety-Split (green hair preferred)
Spanish Fizzy* (dark green variation w/ red streak)
Spanish Milky Way*
Spanish Tex*
Spanish Trucker (4-Speed)*
Spanish Up Up & Away

Italian sea pony shells
Baby Candy’s barrette
Baby Diamond's necklace
Sweet Scoop's charm cord and link

Euro-exclusives only (contact me to see if I need what you have, still working on compiling a list, chances are I’ll need it though). I collect them MIB too! For now, these are my G2 priorities:
Blue haired Ivy*
Stardust and Moondust
Lady Elegant
Nosy and Click*
Study and Play*
Night Glow
Bubble (red tail)*
Muse (preferably with accessories)*
Her Majesty Great Romance
Alternate White Pearl**
Alternate Sea Breeze*
All 4 G2 petites*

G3s (I need most G3s, but am only actively seeking my favorites):
Always and Forever
Bay Breeze
Chocolate Delight (loose)
Snow’el (Pegasus)
Twinkle Hope

Custom G1 Baby Fizzy (NTE)
Custom G1 Baby Bubbles (Baby Cuddles pose, Baby Blossom pose)
Custom G1 Baby Cotton Candy (aqua hair like the French variant of her mom)
Custom G1 Greek Baby Ladybird (Baby Blossom pose)
Custom G1 Greek Baby Lambaditsa (Baby Blossom pose)
Custom G1 Baby Confetti (Baby Blossom pose)
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