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Author Topic: ZennaBug's Wishlist  (Read 1123 times)

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ZennaBug's Wishlist
« on: January 15, 2012, 07:39:17 PM »
I'm not really buying much these days, but I will keep this list updated for potential swaps and for my own records.

Swap Info
Some of the ponies on my wishlist are clearly too expensive for swaps, so just ignore those; they're mostly there for my own records.  In addition to the ponies I have listed, I will happily accept any Little Flitters, regardless of condition.  I also love custom ponies, art, and plushies!

Outside of my wishlist, I enjoy getting yummy treats, but I have celiac disease and can't eat anything with gluten.  Other than that, I have no other allergies that would affect swaps (unless you were planning on sending me penicillin, lol).  I love most sweets, except licorice and truffles with weird mystery goop inside.  My favorite chocolates are the kinds with nuts (especially almonds or hazelnuts) or toffee inside.  I also like herbal teas and hot chocolate!

I have three small dogs (one little fluffy mutt and two dachshunds).  If you want to include something for them, they'd be thrilled, but my little mutt has some severe food allergies.  Any dog treats will have to be free of wheat, soy, egg, and any meat proteins except fish.  She actually loses big patches of fur when she eats things she's allergic to.  We don't let any of the dogs have rawhides (bad for their intestines) or anything with rope (my oldest dachshund shreds and eats it, which makes it hard for him to go to the bathroom after), but rubber toys and fluffy toys are fine.  They love bully sticks and antlers!

I love anything and everything handmade.  I love stuffed animals more than any grown woman should, but I am totally unashamed lol.  I like candles (there are some in every room of my home), I have pierced ears, I have a sea turtle collection, and I like everything to do with unicorns.  I also adore Lord of the Rings!  And I love Doctor Who, Star Trek, Star Wars, Sherlock, and Game of Thrones too.  I love reading, drawing, sewing, coloring, and other crafty things.


G1 ponies with the yellow body/pink hair color scheme (preferably un-faded):
*  Princess Moondust
*  UK Sea Spray
*  High Tide
*  UK Snowdrop
*  Sparkle Baby Gusty
*  Baby Sea Pony Surfy
Other yellow ponies with good bodies and bad hair so I can re-hair them in pink (without guilt lol):
*  Red Roses
*  Ringlet
*  SS Bouncy
*  SS Crumpet and Baby Crumpet
G1 Newborns:
*  Li'l Cupcake
*  Stargaze
*  Baby Pony (the all white one)
*  Baby Bridesmaid
*  Sandcastle and Shovels
Other G1s
*  Ice Crystal
*  TAF Baby Dancing Buterflies
*  TAF Baby Up Up and Away
*  TAF Baby Milkyway
*  TAF Baby Love Medley
*  Tux n' Tails
*  Baby Sun Ribbon
*  Baby Rain Ribbon
*  SS Gusty
*  Starflower (the unicorn, not the sparkle baby)
*  Starry Wings
*  Flurry
*  Sun Glider
*  Cool Breeze
*  Whirly
*  Moon Jumper
*  Tuneful
*  Baby Stripes
*  Blueberry Baskets

*  Baby Schlummerlein
*  Greek Baby Elsi
*  Argie Baby Bluebelle
*  Italian Starflower
*  Italian Posey
*  Brazilian Heart Throb
*  Venezuelan Applejack (yellow w/ pink hair)
G1 Merch.
*  Rubber stamps!
*  Wall clock
*  Porcelain figurines
G4 Ponies
*  BB Sunny Rays
*  BB Flippety Flop

Non-Pony Wishlist:
Ball-Jointed Dolls:
I will always be thrilled to receive clothes and accessories for my dolls, as they are really my most active hobby!  :)  Here's a list of my current BJD family (and my Flickr has photos of everyone as well):

*  Lutra [Doll Factory Pet-Ari Dalsoo]
*  Amber [CherishDoll Limited Unicorn Molly]
*  Nerine [SOOM Beyla]
*  Brooke [Boy and Girl Aurora]
*  Robin [Fairyland PKF Vanilla]
*  Maia [Fairyland MNF Chloe]
*  Coralie [Fairyland MNF Juri 2013]
*  Talitha [Fairyland Pukipuki Pong Pong]
*  Rowan [Daisy Dayes Centaur]
*  Willow [LoongSoul Limited Centaur Addie]
*  Melody [Pipos Gift Edition Dorothy]
*  Kai [Soom Keny]
*  Iris [Fairyland PKF Juri '14]
*  Leif [Ringdoll Warren]
*  Briar [Fairyland RealFee Pano with Bunny Fantasy Parts]
*  Calliope [Luts TDF Centaur Gretel]
*  UNNAMED [DollZone Angela]

Tokidoki Unicorno Figurines:
*  Dolce
*  Stellelina
*  Sakura
*  Sunny Day
*  Rodeo
*  Zamba
*  Timber
*  Margherita
*  Bowie
*  Pixie
*  Coccinella
*  Sirena
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