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Author Topic: What is the Nirvana forum? *Welcome & Info*  (Read 6050 times)

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What is the Nirvana forum? *Welcome & Info*
« on: January 08, 2012, 07:52:07 PM »
Welcome to the Nirvana Forum
So what is the Nirvana forum all about?

The Nirvana forum focuses on the first generation of ponies that were made in foreign countries, along with rare variations and prototypes from Hong Kong/China. The Nirvana forum is here to help old and new collectors alike to learn about these exotic ponies and share their finds! It is also somewhere you can sell/trade your foreign ponies.

What ponies are allowed in the Nirvana Forum?

A general overview of the ponies that fall under the Nirvana umbrella are:

Hong Kong/China ‘error’ ponies (eg. White Bluebelle, Reverse Gusty, Princesses variations and Happy Tail oddities)
Scandinavian/Australian ponies (eg. alternate birthflowers and yellow Moondancer)
South Africa
Ponies from locations not identifiable.
German and Dutch issue ponies may be posted about in this forum, but they are equally acceptable elsewhere as well ;)

What ponies are not included?

The following ponies are not included in this forum (except for prototypes, errors, and oddities of these)

Hong Kong/China North American
Hong Kong/China from UK and Europe
G4 ponies
G3 ponies
G2 ponies
Mail Orders

How can I be sure if a pony belongs in this forum?

If you are not sure, please PM LadyGuinevere or pinkittywinks and we'll be happy to answer your questions

Where can I see some pictures of Nirvana ponies?

We have a whole gallery full! They are broken down by country and then by set (in most cases). It is the perfect place to look for new grails!

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Can I advertise here if I have a Nirvana pony for sale?

Of course! We love to see Nirvana ponies for sale :) If you have multiple items to sell or auction off, please use one post for everything. Do not make multiple posts for each individual thing. As a rule of thumb, you are allowed one post/page.... so please wait until your first post drops or is no longer accurate before making a new post

Other Rules

Like any of the other forums at the MLP Arena, open auction links are not allowed, unless it is for your own auction.

No "Auction Hunting" please! Auction Hunters aren't people who are winning auctions on ebay or other auction sites. They are people who upon an auction ending, come to the MLPArena and post specifically with the purpose of finding out who won the auction.

Starting posts to out find out who has won an auction, asking about and linking to an ended auction or even congratulate someone on winning an auction is not acceptable.

Please, do not post threads like "OMG who won this?!" or "have you seen this?" as they will be removed.

Be respectful of other members. This is a board for information and the joy of collecting, not controversy. If you are having trouble with a transaction please use the Trader Support forum.

Most importantly, have fun! Please PM LadyGuinevere or pinkkittywinks if you have any questions! We’re here to help!
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Thanks to SDS for my gorgeous avvie!