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"To Trade" forum rules, please read!


Over the past few months, ive noticed that many people have been breaking the rules in this form..both willing and unwillingly, so they will be here in one post.  Please read them through..they have been here for a long time now.  Continuing offenders will be sent a PM.
 --To post on this forum, you must have made an introduction in the Introduction forum.
 --We have changed our site rules. The minimum age to trade ponies at MLP Arena is 16 years old. If you ignore this rule, you could be suspended from MLP Arena.
 All members should keep in mind that when trading ponies from a member at MLP Arena, you are responsible to do your homework about that seller. Although we have rules in place, MLP Arena staff take no responsibility in the outcome of any pony transactions made here. If you want to know the age of the member you are trading with, we suggest you ask up front. Please do not trade ponies from anyone younger than 16 years old on this site.
 Thank you for your help and cooperation in this matter
 --If you have multiple items to trade, please use one post for everything. Do not make multiple posts for each individual thing. As a rule of thumb, you are allowed one post/ please wait until your first post drops or is no longer accurate before making a new post.
 Please see this post for additional info:
 ---Check the board for any of your posts before making a new one.  If you see one on the first page, edit it with what you were going to post. If someone bumped up an old post and you create a new one, it will still be concidered making a multiple post.  If you create a new one then find an old post that someone bumped back up, edit the old post to say "closed" then pm me before I find it.
 -- You as the trader have the responsibility to check the references/history given for people you are not familiar with! Anyone can write down or make up an email address, don't fall prey to just believing it because it is there! If you feel odd about the references, ask here at Trader Support to see if anyone else can offer advice or opinions.
 You as the trader have the responsibility to leave feedback after you have completed transactions. If you don't share your experience we won't know how it went!
 It is the Arena's responsibility to remove people who have proven bad track records with individuals. We know this by reports that come in from traders and 3rd party investigations into transaction details. We are NOT a second chance site and do not tolerate people scamming. Additionally, it is not the decision of any one individual when a member is removed, it is collectively discussed.
 * The MLP Arena, mods and admins are not responsible for transactions made here on MLP Arena. The responsibility solely rests between the two parties involved. MLP Arena staff are here to offer their expertise but beyond that, it's up to you to resolve your transaction issues. Keep in mind, it's always risky to do transactions online but there are ways to protect yourself as mentioned above.*
 Please note that new rules may be added or existing ones updated without warning, so check back often.


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