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[1] Your attention please! Arena rules have been updated.

[2] "To Trade" forum rules, please read!

[3] Lollipop's Trades ღ G1-G4+ ღ Edibles ღ UD MAKE-UP ღ Will be on hold from Oct-Jan

[4] MLP Series 1 Trading Cards:

[5] NsMLPonies trading thread~ Trade rerooted ponies and ponywear for ANY G1 and G2!

[6] 18 G2's - will sell or trade for pre-loved G2's

[7] Ponies for trade ! Edited on 09/13/17

[8] All gens for trade! Added a few G1 and G3

[9] Help me clear out some stuff! (all gens + misc)


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