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How To : Pony Drawing Tutorial
Posted by Chief on Sunday, October 23, 2005 (06:03:10) (9071 reads)
Art Tutorials This is how I draw ponies. It is the circle method. I use a multitude of circles to try to get the pony's proportions drawn out.

Other people have different styles and methods. Whatever works for each person is good. And maybe one person could find out multiple methods. The point is to have fun.

Before I get into the pictures, allow me to give you a small college-esque lecture.


I'll speak a little (only a little) about a book I bought called "Drawing Horses" by Don Mayne. He uses the RIDE technique.

R = Rough out your sketch lightly in pencil.
I = Improve your pencil sketch as needed.
D = Draw over the final lines in ink.
E = Erase all pencil marks completely.

People aren't afraid of drawing as much as they are afraid to make mistakes. Forget about making mistakes, they don't matter! Yes, it can be frustrating when you try to draw something but doesn't come out right. But those are not mistakes, those are opportunities to learn something. If you can see that the legs are too short, for example, then next time you'll sketch them a little longer. See? You learned something.

Remember, if you really like something you drew, then it doesn't matter what anybody else thinks of it. Drawing to please yourself is the most fun of all. Mr. Green

Since I'm often uninspired about poses and such, I used Miss Nightglider to be my model. Isn't she lovely, folks? And she works for peanuts.

I%20find%20that%20making%20a%20thumbnail%20sketch%20of%20your%20drawing%20is%20helpful.%20It%20gives%20you%20an%20idea%20of%20pose%20and%20background%20(if%20any)%20when%20you%20get%20started.%20It%20is%20not%20required%20to%20look%20all%20professional%20or%20anything,%20just%20a%20quick%20sketch%20for%20guidance. I%20will%20also%20look%20at%20pictures%20of%20real%20horses%20or%20horse%20paintings%20to%20get%20an%20idea%20for%20proportion%20and%20position. My%20next%20step%20is%20to%20get%20my%20drawing%20paper%20(I%20used%20card%20stock%20so%20the%20paper%20will%20survive%20any%20constant%20erasing%20I%20do).%20I%20use%20a%20clicky%20pencil%20(0.5%20lead),%20a%20white%20eraser%20rectangle%20thingy,%20a%20circle%20template%20(not%20required,%20but%20can%20be%20helpful),%20and%20the%20finest%20tipped%20permenant%20marker%20I%20could%20find%20(for%20later%20use).%20I%20also%20try%20to%20draw%20lightly%20because%20there%20will%20be%20some%20erasing. I%20use%20larger%20circles%20for%20the%20body.%20Sometimes%20the%20\"chest\"%20circle%20is%20larger%20than%20the%20\"bum\"%20circle,%20but%20I%20guess%20it%20all%20depends%20on%20the%20pony%20and%20the%20position. I%20then%20draw%20a%20circle%20to%20show%20where%20the%20head%20goes,%20and%20then%20a%20smaller%20circle%20for%20the%20pony's%20muzzle.%20These%20circles%20usually%20overlap.%20I%20put%20in%20the%20triangle%20for%20the%20ear. Next,%20I%20draw%20circles%20to%20show%20where%20I%20want%20her%20legs%20to%20go%20(I%20usually%20draw%20the%20legs%20that%20are%20\"towards\"%20me%20first,%20then%20her%20legs%20on%20the%20other%20side%20second.) And%20then%20the%20other%20legs. After%20I%20draw%20the%20circles,%20I%20find%20drawing%20a%20few%20lines%20where%20the%20legs%20and%20neck%20go%20really%20helps.%20I%20also%20made%20a%20small%20circle%20approximately%20where%20the%20eye%20will%20be. This%20is%20where%20I%20really%20start%20adding%20flesh%20to%20the%20pony.%20I%20don't%20follow%20the%20curves%20of%20the%20circles%20completely,%20they%20are%20just%20a%20guide.%20 Now,%20with%20all%20the%20lines%20and%20circles%20and%20things,%20the%20drawing%20gets%20really%20busy%20and%20sometimes%20confusing.%20I%20take%20a%20little%20time,%20and%20a%20lot%20of%20caution,%20to%20erase%20some%20of%20the%20circles%20without%20erasing%20the%20outline.%20Not%20easy,%20but%20it%20makes%20it%20easier%20to%20work%20with%20(at%20least%20for%20me). Now%20comes%20some%20more%20fun%20stuff.%20I%20add%20hair.%20You%20can%20pretty%20much%20make%20the%20hair%20do%20whatever%20you%20want.%20It%20can%20be%20straight,%20wavy,%20curly,%20ringlets.%20Relaxed,%20frizzy,%20windblown,%20however%20you%20desire.%20I%20also%20made%20the%20eye%20more%20interesting.%20Not%20completed,%20but%20getting%20there.%20I%20also%20adjusted%20the%20muzzle%20as%20I%20thought%20it%20looked%20a%20little%20long.%20Gave%20her%20a%20smile,%20too.%20All%20throughout%20the%20drawing%20process%20I%20tweak%20it%20here%20and%20there%20to%20get%20it%20\"just%20so.\" You%20can%20see%20the%20neck%20line%20and%20the%20hair%20lines%20overlap.%20I%20usually%20leave%20it%20that%20way%20until%20it%20get%20inked,%20as%20it%20is%20a%20delicate%20operation%20to%20try%20to%20erase%20those%20small%20areas. I've%20now%20inked%20it,%20and%20even%20added%20a%20ribbon%20to%20her%20tail%20to%20give%20a%20real%20sweet%20touch.%20Added%20even%20more%20definition%20to%20the%20eye%20and%20darkened%20in%20the%20pupil. And%20here%20is%20the%20final%20product.%20I%20let%20the%20ink%20dry%20for%20a%20few%20minutes%20and%20then%20took%20my%20big%20eraser%20and%20got%20rid%20of%20all%20the%20pencil%20lines. Viola!%20She%20is%20done.%20I've%20since%20colored%20her%20in%20on%20my%20Paint%20Shop%20Pro.%20 Here%20is%20Fireweed,%20the%20drawing%20I%20just%20did%20all%20colored%20in.%20:)%20 Now,%20before%20I%20finish%20up,%20I'll%20borrow%20some%20of%20the%20words%20and%20pics%20from%20the%20aforementioned%20book.%20Only%20two%20pictures. When%20a%20pony's%20body%20moves,%20the%20basic%20shapes%20in%20its%20body%20moves%20too.%20Using%20those%20two%20circles%20to%20position%20the%20pony%20is%20the%20secret%20to%20drawing%20the%20pony%20from%20different%20angles. Think%20of%20two%20oranges%20on%20a%20plate.%20When%20you%20turn%20the%20plate,%20one%20orange%20appears%20to%20move%20in%20front%20of%20the%20other. Well%20the%20same%20thing%20happens%20when%20you%20turn%20a%20pony.%20From%20the%20front%20or%20the%20back,%20you'll%20see%20the%20two%20circles%20overlap. No%20matter%20what%20angle%20you%20want%20to%20draw,%20start%20by%20figuring%20out%20how%20the%20circles%20will%20be%20positioned!

Now, I just want to put in a link to Annie MÃ¥rtensson's drawing tutorial

If anyone else finds links to similar tutorials, please post it. If any of you seasoned artists have more tips, please feel free to share. Thank you and happy drawing!

How To : Art Coloring Tutorial!
Posted by Chief on Sunday, October 23, 2005 (05:57:22) (3215 reads)
Art Tutorials The words in black is a Photoshop Tutorial. The Words in green are PSP tutorial (Thanks to SourdoughStomper for the PSP translation)

Make%20a%20Sketch%20of%20a%20pony,%20then%20ink%20it. Once%20you%20have%20inked%20your%20sketch,%20erase the%20pencil%20lines%20and%20scan%20your%20drawing. It's%20best%20to%20scan%20your%20drawing%20in%20Black%20and%20White. _____________________________________ Once%20you%20have%20scanned%20your%20drawing, go%20Image>Adjustments>Levels%20(Or%20CTRL+L) Do%20you%20see%20the%203%20small%20arrows?%20bring%20the%20arrows%20at then%20to%20the%20middle%20and%20click%20ok. Go%20to%20Image>Mode>RGB%20Color Go%20to%20Image>Increase%20Color>16%20million%20colors.%20 _____________________________________ In%20your%20Layer%20Palette,%20lock%20the%20layer,%20this%20is%20to%20 make%20sure%20you%20don't%20color%20on%20your%20sketch.%20 Make%20a%20new%20layer%20and%20name%20is%20\"Color\"%20Change%20the%20Mode to%20\"Multiply\" Select%20your%20Magic%20Wand%20tool.%20With%20your%20Magic%20Wand,%20select%20 the%20area%20you%20want%20colored%20on%20your%20locked%20layer. Then%20color%20it%20on%20your%20layer%20\"Color\" Make%20a%20new%20layer%20or%20two.%20If%20you%20know%20how%20to%20lock%20the%20sketch%20layer,%20then%20you%20are%20already%20more%20knowledgeable%20than%20I.%20If%20you%20have%20one%20layer,%20you%20could%20call%20it%20\"color\"%20or%20if%20you%20have%20two,%20you%20can%20call%20it%20\"body\"%20and%20\"hair\"%20or%20whatever%20you%20like.%20Select%20your%20Magic%20Wand%20Tool.%20With%20that%20MW%20tool,%20select%20the%20area%20you%20want%20to%20color%20(you%20can%20use%20the%20shift%20button%20if%20you%20want%20to%20choose%20more%20than%20one%20area%20at%20once).%20Then%20go%20to%20the%20layer%20you%20want%20to%20use%20and%20fill%20in%20the%20colors%20you%20want%20to%20use.%20 _____________________________________ Now%20that%20you%20have%20the%20base%20colors,%20your%20ready%20to%20start shading,%20When%20your%20shading%20it's%20always%20best%20to%20know%20 what%20direction%20the%20light%20is%20coming%20from. Select%20your%20Magic%20Wand%20tool.%20With%20your%20Magic Wand,%20select%20the%20area%20you%20want%20to%20shade%20on%20your locked%20layer.%20Select%20your%20\"Burn%20Tool'%20for%20shading.%20 Then%20start%20shading%20on%20your%20layer%20\"Color\" Use%20the%20\"Dodge%20Tool\"%20to%20make%20the%20light%20areas. You%20can%20start%20shading%20after%20you%20have%20your%20basic%20colors.%20Think%20about%20where%20you%20want%20the%20\"light\"%20coming%20from%20so%20you%20can%20highlight%20and%20shade%20accordingly.%20I%20suppose%20you%20can%20either%20use%20the%20dodge%20and%20burn%20tools,%20but%20I%20just%20use%20the%20\"Lighten/Darken%20Brush\".%20To%20make%20the%20shading%20and%20highlighting%20look%20nice,%20I%20suggest%20you%20choose%20a%20hardness%20of%2070%%20or%20so,%20and%20an%20opacity%20of%2040%%20or%20lower.%20Now%20that%20you%20have%20your%20brush%20ready,%20you%20can%20use%20the%20Magic%20Wand%20to%20select%20the%20area%20you%20want%20to%20shade%20and%20highlight%20on%20your%20colored%20layer.%20I%20think%20the%20left%20mouse%20button%20makes%20it%20lighter%20and%20the%20right%20mouse%20button%20makes%20it%20darker.%20 _____________________________________ I%20usually%20do%20the%20symbol%20last,%20on%20a%20new%20layer. Ditto! _____________________________________
Here's the finished pony. Can you guess who she is? It's Starswirl!

To color the Black lines, make a new layer, with you Magic Wand, select the black lines and color the lines (any color you want) on your new layer.

If you want to change the black outlines to match closer to the pony's body and hair color, you can use the replace color function and change black into the color of your choice, probably a few shades darker than the body and hair.


Here are some good tutorials for you to try out.

1. Dragon Paint
2. Nethersphere
4. Elfwood tutorials
5. How to Draw
6. Annie Masson pony web site
7. Cardinal Melody's Pony Maker

How To : Repink Your Pony Hair with Bridget's Mum
Posted by kcat99 on Thursday, February 17, 2005 (17:27:56) (2102 reads)
How To's Hi Everyone,
This is what you'll need:

Comes in a white bottle and is a liquid.
2. Bowl, like a cereal bowl size
3. Small spoon
4. Q-tips
5. Running water hot and cold
6. Nail polish remover (Only in case of emergency you can use this to try to get the dye off the actual pony. Be careful around eyes/symbols)

Take a freshly shampooed and washed pony, wet hair. Pour about the size of a nickel or 2 green peas in the bowl of Rit Dye (shake well), add HOT water almost to the top and stir.
Holding the pony upside down, start with the mane since it's harder to do and the tail will be easy to match up. Dip the mane in the bowl doing the lower section first and work your way up to the ear area. Be careful not to let your pony sit in the dye. Just dip as far as you can, being careful not to touch the actual pony. I usually rinse the pony at this stage with cold water.
Now that you have dipped the mane for about 5 to 6 seconds and got a light pink shade, take the spoon and start to spoon the dye mixture on the roots. Have your Q-tips ready. You can use hot water and Q-tips to keep dye off the plastic if needed. I usually do this about 20 spoonfuls for the mane.
Then once it seems to have matched up, rinse the pony in cold water and check out your work. Sometimes when I'm spooning I try not to get the dye on the ends of the pony by folding/holding them up with my fingers and letting the dye run off the top half of the mane.
Now for the tail. This is too easy. Dip the tail into the dye being careful to get it just to the end of the roots. I have found that the dye doesn't effect the pony's color if rinsed right away! I sometimes dip the tail and then rinse right away and then repeat my process until it matches the mane.
It's easy to get a match. Just hold it in the bowl for the same amount of time, about 6 seconds. If you have only added a hint of dye to the hot water then you can kinda play around with the shade. Don't use too much Rit Dye like I did. I got the Taf Yum Yum's hair too pink and then there was no going back. She turned out really pretty though.

In some pics you'll see dark, dark pink and that is Kool Aid NOT Rit Dye!!! This just gets the hair slightly pink. It's messy and you have to keep wiping any spots off the pony but it works too!

Edit: KOOL AID METHOD: This method only gets the hair slightly pink but I suppose if you left it on longer it will eventually get dark enough. I used Cherry flavor Kool Aid.

What you need:
1. One packet of red flavor Kool Aid like Cherry/Strawberry.
2. Q-tips and Nail polish remover
3. Conditioner-I used Pantene
4. small bowl
5. small spoon

Mix about half the packet of Kool Aid with conditioner (about 3 tablespoons) in the bowl. Keep stirring. It takes forever for the Kool Aid powder to get absorbed into the conditioner--about 10 minutes. You don't have to stir the whole time. You can stir it and let it sit a few minutes.
I used my fingers (no gloves so I had better control) to pat and rub the mixture into the pony's hair. You have to really rub it in to get it even. It gets very messy and you don't want it on the pony, so use your Q-tip with water to wipe any excess--nail polish remover if it looks like it will stain.
Be careful when working around the roots but don't be afraid to get it on thick. I let Taf Yum Yum sit with the mixture on about 5 minutes and then I rinsed in cold water. It was too light so I did the whole process again and let it sit about 10 minutes but I wanted it darker so switched to the Rit Dye. I did Sunspot who had completely white hair and her hair got a little pink with the Kool Aid mixture on for about 20 minutes but in the end I used Rit Dye method. Her hair turned out very light. I only dipped her about 2 or 3 seconds and of course spooned it on the mane. I'll add pics in about an hour.

%20 The%20below%20picture%20shows%20the%20first%20pony%20with%20a%20Rit%20Dyed%20mane%20and%20a%20Kool%20Aid%20tinted%20tail.%20The%20pony%20in%20the%20back%20has%20not%20had%20anything%20done%20to%20it.....yet.%20 %20 %20 [img]%20[/img] %20

How To : Custom Tutorial: Re-rooting G3's (submission by LM)
Posted by Abasca on Sunday, August 15, 2004 (22:46:14) (3850 reads)
How To's A quick Pic-tutorial. Wink
G1 hair is easy to reroot--usually if you give a plug of hair a good yank, you can pull it right out. But G3 hair is liberally slathered with glue on the inside of the head and I have not had much luck pulling it out from the outside (or the inside, for that matter) so that it's in useable condition.
But there is a way to use it . . .

Things you will need:
A rerootee pony without hair
A donor pony with hair
An Xacto knife
A big-ass needle
A candle
(You do not necessarily need to remove the head from your donor pony, but you can.)

Okay, so you've got your donor pony. The first step is to use the needle to separate out a single plug of hair. (In this case I'm only after the green hair. Otherwise I'd start from the very front of the hairline and work my way back.)

Next, use your Xacto knife to cut out the plug. (But be careful, Xacto knives are incredibly sharp.)

Now that you have the plug cut out, hold the cut end near the flame of your candle. The synthetic plastic will begin to melt. The melted plastic will hold the entire plug together. (As always, be VERY careful around open flame . . . No custom is worth burning the house down for.) The hair may catch on fire if you hold it too close, but don't panic, just blow it out.

Next, thread the hair plug through the eye of your big-ass needle (the more big-ass the better) so that it forms a loop, as shown here.

Stick the needle through one of the hairplug holes in your rerootee's head. (I always work from the front to the back of the hairline.) You may need a thimble or pliers to get the needle in.

Next, anchor the end of the plug with your fingers and pull the needle all the way out with the pliers. It's very important to anchor the loose end of the plug, or it will come right out with the needle!

After pulling the needle out, the hairplug should remain in the hole. Gently tug on the hair until the waxy end is right up against the hairline on the inside of the pony's head.

Repeat. Wink

How To : Freeing your BnG from matted hair
Posted by Swifty on Thursday, July 08, 2004 (14:18:49) (1409 reads)
How To's I just got a BnG in a lot of ponies and when I unpacked her, her hair was was severely matted, I almost thought it was frizzy.
I had a problem with this before but worse on a Braided Beauty I found at a thrift store. I did the same for this one that I did for her. You can start at either mane or tail. If the tail is pulled out and is capable of being wound back in, you should start at the tail.
It's amazing how wonderfully the hair comes out.
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