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News » Getting to Know DestroyTheBoy
Getting to Know DestroyTheBoy
Posted by dragonfly on Thursday, April 01, 2010 (12:25:00) (1203 reads)
Interviews and Bios of MLPArena Members GETTING TO KNOW YOU
Pony Name: Ribbs.

Real Name: Ray.

Location: Washington state.

Age: 22.

Occupation: Musician, hair stylist.

If you could be a cookie what kind would you be? Peanut butter chocolate chip.

Pants or no pants? No pants!

What do you like/dislike most about yourself? I have pretty eyeballs, but I can be very impulsive.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? Amsterdam.

Do you collect anything other than ponies? I collect antique skeleton keys and bones.

Collecting Since: I've been seriously collecting since about age 5.

Who was your first pony, EVER? Well, I had several firsts: Applejack, Tickle, Flutterbye, Heart Throb, Windy, and Pinwheel.

How did you get it? My cousin gave them to me for my birthday.

How old were you? 3 or 4, I'm not sure.

What generation(s) do you primarily collect? G1.

Who is your favorite pony and why? My favorite pony is Baby Ribbs, he was my very first boy pony so he was automatically my favorite.

Who is your favorite "Nirvana?" Mexican Moondancer.

Who is your least favorite pony and why? I always thought Cotton Candy was kinda boring, but she's grown on me over the years.

What's the one question about ponies or pony stuff that you've always been too embarrassed to ask? Where do baby ponies come from?

What are your thoughts on.....
- G1s? Nothing can compare.
- G2s? I never was a huge fan...
- G3s? I loved them, but they were by far inferior to the originals.
- G3.5s or whatever they're being called today? Not interested.
- Ponyville? I'm holding out for the Merponies.

What do you REALLY think happened to the Breezies? Spike ate them.

Who is the one pony you have sworn you'll NEVER OWN IN A MILLION YEARS and why? The giant talking Pinkie Pie. I had a nightmare once that she ate off my leg, zombie style.

What would you like to see offered next in the G3 line? Boys of course!

Would you rather have :
(a) MOC Mimic
(b) Loose Ladybird
(c) MIP Carribbean Delight & Beach Belle
(d) Dude, just give me the cash!

Loose Ladybird!

How do your family and friends feel about your pony habit...or are you still in the collecting closet? They help contribute to my collection through various thrift store and yard sale finds.

Do you ever see yourself *not* collecting anymore? Not at the moment.

What do you think would make you stop? I would have to be in a very bad financial situation.

MOC G1s Preserve them or let them free? I'm guilty! I've opened every MOC/MIB G1 I've ever had. One of them was even straight from Germany. I freed the ponies but I did keep their packaging and all their accessories together.

Tell the truth! Do you ever still play with your ponies? Sure. I really like to play with their hair. I got these little flowers from the craft store that look amazing in pony hair.

Are you a customizer? I have done customs before, yes.

If not, would you ever? Sure.

What are your thoughts on custom ponies? I think they're fantastic.

What rare/popular pony just makes you ask...WHY? The Greek candle pony. She's not even that cute.

If you could help up Hasbro on working on a MLP line (either G1, G2 , G3 or G3.5), what job would you like to do? Creative designer for the toys.

Hasbro offers you a position on their MLP design team, but you must give up one of the following to get in: your collection, your friends/family, or your bank account. Which will it be? My bank account... Cause theres only like 2$ in it, haha.

Which pony would you rescue in a fire? Chief, of course.

If you had to have a pony symbol tattooed on your butt which would you pick and why? Ribbs, for obvious reasons.

If you had to pick between a fakie or a bait pony, which would it be, and why? Bait pony so I could restore it.

If you had to pick a G1 or G2 to be remade and released with the G3.5 line, who would you choose and why? I would choose Firefly since she was the star of the first movie.

How many pony meets/cons have you been to? 2.

Who is your favorite artist and have you created a pony inspired by them? Right now it's Lady Gaga, and I am actually in the process of making a Lady Gaga custom out of one of those blank G3s.

What has been the worst part of collecting/customizing ponies for you? Finding places to store them all in my small apartment.

Can you leave ponies behind at boot sales/ thrift shops etc, or do you have to rescue them? I always try to rescue G1s, no matter how baity they are.

Is there one color of pony you own more of than any other? I don't think so.

Do you think there are some as-yet undiscovered G1s out there? Oh absolutely.

Where would you imagine they'd be from? I dunno, somewhere in South America perhaps.

What got you started collecting as an adult? I never really stopped.

About how many ponies are in your herd right now?
- Total? Somewhere near 500.
- From each generation? About 75% are G1, the rest are primarily G3s with about 10 G2s thrown in there.

What is your ultimate collecting goal? To own all the Mountain boys! I've only got 2 so far.

What's your biggest collecting accomplishment to date? Probably completing the Twinkle Eyes and Big Brother ponies.

What's your biggest collecting regret? Selling off a few ponies a couple years ago when I was in a crunch.

What's the one pony that just seems to elude you? Concave Blossom. Everyone tells me she's so common but I've only ever found one, which was flat foot.

What is your favorite pony pose and why? I love the Pinwheel pose, because she was my favorite unicorn.

Who is your grail pony and why? Right now it's Ice Crystal.

Do you have it yet? No unfortunately.

Do you collect mostly MIP or loose ponies? Loose.

Why do you prefer that? I can't resist brushing the pretty hair.

In your opinion, what are some acceptable and unacceptable flaws in ponies? I don't mind a few Minor trims and a few stray marks, but bad chew marks and ink stains are simply no fun at all.

Do you collect foreigns or variants? I do.

If so, what draws you to them? Their exotic colors and differences from the HK/China releases.

Who's the one pony you'd never, ever get rid of and why? Heart Throb. She's the only Pegasus left of my original herd.

Which pony do you secretly carry around in your purse with you? Well I don't carry a purse, but I have Minty and Rainbow Dash keychains on my messenger bag.

Where's the weirdest place you've got a pony right now...and why is it there? My Re-released collector's ponies are on top of my radio because I had no where else to put them.

Quick! Close your eyes and grab a pony. Who is it and how did you get it? Tootie Tails. I found her at Value Village but I swear she's the one I had as a child.


Did you have ponies as a kid? Sure did.

If so, how many? I had around 120 when I counted at age 8.

Did you improve them by giving them haircuts, painting them with glitter polish, or anything else fun? Yeah I trimmed their hair when it got super frizzy at the ends, and sometimes re-did the symbols if they rubbed off.

Who were the stars of your childhood herd? Ribbs, Pina Colada, Sweet Notes, Daddy Sweet Celebrations, sparkly Sky Rocket, Princess Tiffany, Tootie Tails, Starflash and Sunblossom.

Who were the bad guys? Sweet Suds was an evil witch because someone that had her before me lined her eyes with black pen.

Did you watch the TV show? Yes I did! I used to make my mom record them for me on VHS while I was at school. I have almost all the episodes on cassette.

What was your favorite episode and why? The Quest For The Golden Horseshoes because it was the only episode that Mimic was featured in.

What's your very first pony memory? Opening the Sweet Celebrations family for one of my birthdays.

What pony were you dying to have as a kid but your mom never bought it for you? I wanted Wind Whistler and Gusty from the movie, but they stopped making ponies early on in my childhood.

Do you have it now? Yes I have both in my collection now.

Did you have any rare ponies as a kid? Sure did.

Who? I had, and still have Mimic and still have my childhood Flurry, minus one wing.

Tell us something evil you did to your ponies: I used to make them "fly" and sometimes they would get stuck up on the roof for weeks...

What's a fun or funny memory you have about ponies from when you were little? Riding around on my bike with ponies attached to the handlebars.


Got a photo? Paste it here!

What do you like to do for fun? I love to make music, dance, work out, read, paint, roller skate, and going on crazy adventures.

Do you have any other hobbies? Well aside from the obvious music making and doing hair...

What's your most embarrassing moment? I've had a lot of them, haha.

Got kids? Nope, not yet.

Would you ever name your kid(s) after a pony? If so...what? I've always wanted to name my future daughter Stella, which is the name of a UK baby pony.

Got pets? I have one cat named Cinder.

What three places are you dying to see? (NO, Pandora does not count!) Australia, Amsterdam, Hawaii.

What are you most proud of? My music and strength.

I would like other collectors to think of me as....... A fun loving, kind-hearted pony guy.

I really wish that Hasbro would...... Stop with thi bug-eyed-bobble-headed pony buisness!

My best eBay deal was..... A lot that included a MINT Princess Pristina and Pretty Vision for like 10 bucks.

My best thriftstore/fleamarket/garage sale find was.... Baby Leaper with every single one of his accessories at a yard sale, along with mint Barnacle with hat, bandana and CURLS!

When I was new, I didn't know any better that... There were ponies made in other countries.

I think that the most underappreciated pony is...... Peachy.
because...... She's like THE most common pony ever, but she's also one of the cutest.

What sets me apart as a collector is.... I've been around the online MLP community since I was like 12.

And finally
Mr. Moochick: Friend or foe? Friend of course! He always helps the ponies out of a sticky situation by giving them a new home or magical advice of some sort.
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