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News » Getting To Know gypsyunicorn
Getting To Know gypsyunicorn
Posted by dragonfly on Sunday, March 14, 2010 (22:00:00) (1508 reads)
Interviews and Bios of MLPArena Members GETTING TO KNOW YOU
Pony Name: gypsyunicorn

Real Name: Jennifer but call me Jenny

Location: Illinois to Arizona

Age: kinda personal....7

Occupation: workout diva,daydreamer,pony lover,and desperate housewife

If you could be a cookie what kind would you be? coconut with yellow and orange M&M chocolate candy pieces and nuts cookie

Pants or no pants? no pants

What do you like/dislike most about yourself? that I worry and my hair

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? kinda personal there too....anywhere under the sky with my husband whom I love

Do you collect anything other than ponies? at this moment shoes and clothes

Collecting Since:

Who was your first pony, EVER? How did you get it? How old were you?Lemondrop for Christmas from the showstable and I was probably 9

What generation(s) do you primarily collect? g1 mostly and g3

Who is your favorite pony and why? customs: the mermaid pony that was made for me by nachtlicht and my Las Vegas Diva pony that is my wedding anniversary pony from PFF
real pony g1 rapunzel...I so totally earned that one

Who is your favorite "Nirvana?" me.....ha ha

Who is your least favorite pony and why? I have no least....every pony is special in her own way...gotta luv em all

What's the one question about ponies or pony stuff that you've always been too embarrassed to ask? stuck there

What are your thoughts on.....
- G1s? young
- G2s? fun
- G3s? happy
- G3.5s or whatever they're being called today? cute
- Ponyville? tiny but mighty

What do you REALLY think happened to the Breezies? I ate them!

Who is the one pony you have sworn you'll NEVER OWN IN A MILLION YEARS and why? probably ladybird for she is too costly

What would you like to see offered next in the G3 line? so soft furry ones

Would you rather have :
(a) MOC Mimic
(b) Loose Ladybird
(c) MIP Carribbean Delight & Beach Belle
(d) Dude, just give me the cash!

D cash!!

How do your family and friends feel about your pony habit...or are you still in the collecting closet?
They think I own them all but I dont. Ha ha.

Do you ever see yourself *not* collecting anymore? What do you think would make you stop? growing up and yea kinda not collecting like I use to but I still want to acquire atleast 1 pony a year somehow...I am just content

MOC G1s Preserve them or let them free? Whatever floats your pony float!

Tell the truth! Do you ever still play with your ponies?on occassion

Are you a customizer? If not, would you ever?not at this time

What are your thoughts on custom ponies?
luv em!

What rare/popular pony just makes you ask...WHY?none

If you could help up Hasbro on working on a MLP line (either G1, G2 , G3 or G3.5), what job would you like to do?bring back g1

Hasbro offers you a position on their MLP design team, but you must give up one of the following to get in: your collection, your friends/family, or your bank account. Which will it be?bank account

Which pony would you rescue in a fire?my mermaid pony

If you had to have a pony symbol tattooed on your butt which would you pick and why? bunny

If you had to pick between a fakie or a bait pony, which would it be, and why? bait needs love

If you had to pick a G1 or G2 to be remade and released with the G3.5 line, who would you choose and why?g1 going back to my roots

How many pony meets/cons have you been to?1 last year in Las Vegas where I gave some g3 of mine away for free,that was fun and I would give more away again in a heart beat!

Who is your favorite artist and have you created a pony inspired by them?Kat Von D and no

What has been the worst part of collecting/customizing ponies for you?kicking the habit,ha ha

Can you leave ponies behind at boot sales/ thrift shops etc, or do you have to rescue them?rescue them

Is there one color of pony you own more of than any other?not really

Do you think there are some as-yet undiscovered G1s out there? Where would you imagine they'd be from?in Hasbros vault

What got you started collecting as an adult?

About how many ponies are in your herd right now?
- Total?
too many to count,hundreds
- From each generation?

What is your ultimate collecting goal?to be happy which I am

What's your biggest collecting accomplishment to date?getting my mermaid custom and rapunzel both which were incentives in my life goals

What's your biggest collecting regret?leaving so soft angel behind in a yard sale before I was really hooked

What's the one pony that just seems to elude you? I cant recall

What is your favorite pony pose and why?gypsy and I love unicorns

Who is your grail pony and why? Do you have it yet? rapunzel,yes...I felt like her

Do you collect mostly MIP or loose ponies?
Why do you prefer that?loose so I can sniff their scent of pony goodness

In your opinion, what are some acceptable and unacceptable flaws in ponies?acceptable is any flaw but not the cancer or smooze

Do you collect foreigns or variants? If so, what draws you to them?sure

Who's the one pony you'd never, ever get rid of and why?gypsy do ya have to ask why,ha ha

Which pony do you secretly carry around in your purse with you?none at this time

Where's the weirdest place you've got a pony right now...and why is it there? in my husbands truck...there is a long story there and I wrote on it etc and did things to it,its a secret love note

Quick! Close your eyes and grab a pony. Who is it and how did you get it?vanilla treat bought from shelt-i thanks to this awesome site


Did you have ponies as a kid? If so, how many?
sadly I had only 1

Did you improve them by giving them haircuts, painting them with glitter polish, or anything else fun? no way

Who were the stars of your childhood herd?me

Who were the bad guys? barbies

Did you watch the TV show? What was your favorite episode and why?not then

What's your very first pony memory?playing at friends houses with all thier PONIES!!

What pony were you dying to have as a kid but your mom never bought it for you? Do you have it now?Glory and Moondancer and YES YES

Did you have any rare ponies as a kid? Who? no

Tell us something evil you did to your ponies:made them kiss

What's a fun or funny memory you have about ponies from when you were little? stealing my sisters ponies


Got a photo? Paste it here!

What do you like to do for fun? exercise,have my photos taken,drink coffee with my husband and work towards my goals

Do you have any other hobbies? Please share! exercise

What's your most embarrassing moment? cant recall

Got kids? 2 girls

Would you ever name your kid(s) after a pony? If so...what?
not having anymore kids

Got pets? yes 1 dog named Bandit

What three places are you dying to see? (NO, Pandora does not count!)inside of a certain mansion,kat von d tattoo shop,and niagra falls

What are you most proud of? tough one..jumping out of an airplane,my husband,my kids,and doing kart wheels in hard rock cafe in LV

I would like other collectors to think of me as.......

I really wish that Hasbro would......get creative again

My best eBay deal was..... baby blue ribbon

My best thriftstore/fleamarket/garage sale find was....too many to count

When I was new, I didn't know any better meant so soft etc

I think that the most underappreciated pony is......lemondrop,I should love mine more

What sets me apart as a collector is....
I hardly collect much now and love to give mine away when I feel there is ponies to give

And finally
Mr. Moochick: Friend or foe?
Friend,always friend for me!!
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Re: Getting To Know gypsyunicorn (Score: 1 )
by Bonbonfan on Sunday, March 28, 2010 (14:19:24)
the ponies i am looking for are Rock n` beat pony Half note. Sweet heart and clover from My little pony tales and Mummy Sunbright. i am willing to trade for them. has anyone got theese ponies please let me know. i need them as i have collected Melody,Starlight,Brighteyes,Bonbon and Patch Happy Pony Jealous cold YAY! Flirty Pony

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