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News » Getting To Know hilamb
Getting To Know hilamb
Posted by dragonfly on Saturday, March 13, 2010 (22:00:00) (1283 reads)
Interviews and Bios of MLPArena Members GETTING TO KNOW YOU
Pony Name: hilamb

Real Name: Hanna

Location: Finland

Age: 23

Occupation: Maby soon to be Au Pair

If you could be a cookie what kind would you be? Mint Domino(a finnish chocolate mint filled cookie)

Pants or no pants? Pants

What do you like/dislike most about yourself? I like my different colored eyes and i dont like my tummy.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? I would love to live in Japan for awhile,but here in Finland im happiest.

Do you collect anything other than ponies? Well,Donald Ducks & Clothes.

Collecting Since: 1986

Who was your first pony, EVER? How did you get it? How old were you? I got this fakie for christmas,i think i was 2.Her hair color chainged when you put her in cold or warm water. I still have her.

What generation(s) do you primarily collect? G2 but i also collect G1's.

Who is your favorite pony and why? Now this is hard,i have many fave's,but i guess from G2 Silver Swirl is my fave. After i got her i never let anyone else play with her. She is my precious pony,and one can tell by looking at her that she has been played with(her horn is missing and leg is almost off ^_^;)

Who is your favorite "Nirvana?" My italy Lickety Split i guess.

Who is your least favorite pony and why? The new G3.5's with the big heads. I just dont see the MLP in them that i see in G1,G2 and G3's.

What's the one question about ponies or pony stuff that you've always been too embarrassed to ask? I dont really think there is anything that im too embarrassed to ask.

What are your thoughts on.....
- G1s? Love them
- G2s? Love them
- G3s? Some of them are really beautiful,but im just not into them.
- G3.5s or whatever they're being called today? Dont like them
- Ponyville? I think theyre cute and want to get myslef few.

What do you REALLY think happened to the Breezies? um..I dont know,havent really looked into these that much,but i know thyere the fairy looking ponys.

Who is the one pony you have sworn you'll NEVER OWN IN A MILLION YEARS and why? party pony,i just dont see anything special in her.

What would you like to see offered next in the G3 line? Maby they could redo some of the G1's and G2's. That would be interesting

Would you rather have : (A) i want mimic anyway.
(a) MOC Mimic
(b) Loose Ladybird
(c) MIP Carribbean Delight & Beach Belle
(d) Dude, just give me the cash!

How do your family and friends feel about your pony habit...or are you still in the collecting closet? They have known ever since i was little. I talk about it with most of them if they ask.

Do you ever see yourself *not* collecting anymore? What do you think would make you stop? When i die.

MOC G1s Preserve them or let them free? Preserve.

Tell the truth! Do you ever still play with your ponies? I would want to Happy

Are you a customizer? If not, would you ever? Im gonna be,i already have in mind what im gonna do.

What are your thoughts on custom ponies? I think its art and a good way of making your 'own' ponys.

What rare/popular pony just makes you ask...WHY? Mimic.. Happy I want her and in the same time i cant understand why she is rare.

If you could help up Hasbro on working on a MLP line (either G1, G2 , G3 or G3.5), what job would you like to do? G2!

Hasbro offers you a position on their MLP design team, but you must give up one of the following to get in: your collection, your friends/family, or your bank account. Which will it be? Bank account for sure.

Which pony would you rescue in a fire? Prolly my first pony.

If you had to have a pony symbol tattooed on your butt which would you pick and why? I would want Tornados symbol,i love it.

If you had to pick between a fakie or a bait pony, which would it be, and why? Bait ponys. I think you can always turn them into something beautiful,but a fakie is just.. a fakie.

If you had to pick a G1 or G2 to be remade and released with the G3.5 line, who would you choose and why? I would want to see G1 Firefly. Cause she could show the new generation how go to adventures and stuff like that.

How many pony meets/cons have you been to? Ive been in 3.

Who is your favorite artist and have you created a pony inspired by them? I have seen many lovely pics,but i love Marco Albiero's pics.

What has been the worst part of collecting/customizing ponies for you? When your looking for a rare pony,and you dont find her and then when you havent got any more 'buy pony money' you see the pony in tha sales.

Can you leave ponies behind at boot sales/ thrift shops etc, or do you have to rescue them? I can leave them if theyre very common and i already have them.

Is there one color of pony you own more of than any other? i think white might be a color i have mostly.

Do you think there are some as-yet undiscovered G1s out there? Where would you imagine they'd be from? I dont really know,could be.

What got you started collecting as an adult? I saw this finnish pony forum and as i always have drawn ponies(of course secrently whe i was a teen) i never stopped thinking of them.

About how many ponies are in your herd right now?
- Total? Maby over 200.
- From each generation? 100 G1's and over 100 G2's. I havent counted them i awhile.

What is your ultimate collecting goal? Get all the G2's and get all the G1's ive ever dreamed about.

What's your biggest collecting accomplishment to date? I dunno,my first MOC.

What's your biggest collecting regret? Not buying dream castle when i saw it in a flea market as a kid.

What's the one pony that just seems to elude you? Magic Diamond Glow,she seems to be in the in the sales always when i cant afford her.

What is your favorite pony pose and why? I like the G2 left leg lifted from the ground and from the G1's i love Whizzers pose.

Who is your grail pony and why? Do you have it yet? Magic Diamond Glow,i dont have her yet.

Do you collect mostly MIP or loose ponies? Why do you prefer that? I collect everykind of ponies.More loose ponies id say.

In your opinion, what are some acceptable and unacceptable flaws in ponies? I dont look at the flaws so much,im not picky with them,but i dont accept it if the pony has some kind of material stuff on it,that might not come off.

Do you collect foreigns or variants? If so, what draws you to them? i dont really care bout these so much. Of course i would love to have some kind of variant,but thats not my priority now.

Who's the one pony you'd never, ever get rid of and why? My Dazzleglow,she is way too precious to me.

Which pony do you secretly carry around in your purse with you? heh i dont do that. But if i had a choise i would take a G2 baby and make her my necklace somehow.

Where's the weirdest place you've got a pony right now...and why is it there? On my stereo next to my computer,i put the new ponies there so i can adore them.

Quick! Close your eyes and grab a pony. Who is it and how did you get it? It's Trixiebelle,i got her today from Shellebelle.


Did you have ponies as a kid? If so, how many? Yes i did,it's hard to say cause as a kid i managed to lose some of them. I got every year a new pony(birthday,christmas,suprise toy etc.) So something 30-100 would be the right number as they growed.

Did you improve them by giving them haircuts, painting them with glitter polish, or anything else fun? Oh god, no,i learned from painting my few barbies that it wasnt pretty. Then i got baby Blossom(the white one) and cut his hair as i tought it would grow back. When it didint i stopped cutting my ponys hair. Until i was older when i did boy ponies.

Who were the stars of your childhood herd? Sparkler,baby North Star,Braided Beauty,Pretty Vision,Boysenberry Pie,Seaflower,Beach Ball,Sun Glider,Sea Breeze,Dazzleglow,baby Sweetsteps.

Who were the bad guys? A fakie green pony who was in Poesys pose and Mainsail. Also Boysenberry Pie would sometimes be like a mean stepmother.

Did you watch the TV show? What was your favorite episode and why? I watched alright! The return of Tambelon and Rescue at midnight castle are my alltime faves. I also love the movie.

What's your very first pony memory? The Sweet Celebration family i got for christmas,they were my second 'pony' i got.

What pony were you dying to have as a kid but your mom never bought it for you? Do you have it now? umm,i guess baby Lickety Split,since i had baby Sweetsteps i always tought she was baby Lickety Split in a ballerina costum.

Did you have any rare ponies as a kid? Who? Im not sure,i think i didint.

Tell us something evil you did to your ponies: Ill tell you something evil i did to few of my poor fakies,i cut holes in them and 'drawed' them in the face.

What's a fun or funny memory you have about ponies from when you were little? me and my first best friend went to my grandparents,as they had this big yard,we played hide & seek with our ponies. So the whole yard was full of MLP in trees,bushes..everywhere.


Got a photo? Paste it here!

What do you like to do for fun? Hang out with my friends,draw,listen to music and go for a walk,see my family.

Do you have any other hobbies? Please share! Drawing,walking and jogging.

What's your most embarrassing moment? I farted in the class when i was a kid. xD

Got kids? NO..not yet.

Would you ever name your kid(s) after a pony? If so...what?,wouldnt it just be fun to have a kid named Fizzy,but no. I wouldnt.

Got pets? Not yet.

What three places are you dying to see? (NO, Pandora does not count!) Tokyo,Lapland(here in finland) and Venice.

What are you most proud of? My way of making my friends always laugh. Im the clown of the gang if you know what i mean. Wink

I would like other collectors to think of me as....... A trustworhty person.

I really wish that Hasbro would...... Start making G1's and G2's againand the old cartoon!

My best eBay deal was..... My first time,i got Magic Star Swirl for only 5 dollars with the shipping.

My best thriftstore/fleamarket/garage sale find was.... i found baby Tic Tac Toe.

When I was new, I didn't know any better that... i still dont know so much,but as i found i had few nirvanas i looked more into that stuff.

I think that the most underappreciated pony is...... Firefly
because...... She is just pure win.

And finally
Mr. Moochick: Friend or foe?[/quote] Friend of course.
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