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Forums » TCB » Wanted! » Mareacooda Wishlist
Mareacooda Wishlist
Looking for that special pony or set completer? Post wish lists here!
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Mommy & Baby Pony

Joined: Dec 11, 2008
Posts: 1542
Location: Maine

PostPosted: 0    Post subject: Mareacooda Wishlist

( Note: I simple update my list and info for swaps!)

* - most wanted
NIB - New in box



Regular run
* Barnicle
* 4-speed
Daddy Apple Delight
Daddy Bright Bouquet
Daddy Sweet Celebration - upgrade
Lemon Treat
Star Glow - upgrade
* Dazzle Glow
Princess Tiffany - upgrade
* Bubbles
Raincurl - upgrade
Streaky - upgrade
Flutterbye - upgrade
* Gusty
Powder - upgrade
* SS Crumpet
SS twilight
SS Fifi - upgrade
SS Magic Star - upgrade
SS Wind Whistler
SS Gusty
SS Lofty
TE Bright Eye - upgrade
Masquerade - upgrade
Blueberry Basket
Boysenberry Pie - upgrade
Coco Berry - upgrade
Sand Digger
Dancing Butterflies - upgrade
LoveBeam - upgrade
* Starswirl

MO/ Special
MO Tux N Tails
MO Napper - upgrade
CC Minty - upgrade

Ice Crystal
* Sunburst
Bon Bon
NNS Gusty
NNS Wind Whistler - upgrade
Cascade - upgrade
Gyspy - upgrade
* Bait Body Gyspy
* Daffodil
* Beautiful Bow
* Mommy Sunbright

* German Princess Tiffany
Dutch Butterfly
Italy Bubbles
* Italy Gusty
Italy Bubbles
Italy SkyFlier - upgrade
Italy Sparkler
Italy Powder
Italy Starflower
Italy Fluttershy
Mexico StarFlower
Spanish Dancing Butterfly
* Argentina North Star
* Any Argentina Wingers
* Any Argentina TAF or Rainbow series


Regular Runs
Baby Shovels - upgrade
Baby SandCastle - upgrade
* Baby Bunkie
Baby Wiggles
Baby Whirly Twirl
Baby Ribs - upgrade
* Baby Leaper
Baby Waddles
Baby Racer - upgrade
Baby Drummer - upgrade
Baby Blossom
Baby RainRibbon
Baby Rattles
Baby Tattles
* Baby Pineapple
Baby Beachball - upgrade
* Bait Body Baby Beachball
*Baby Shimmer (mermaid)

* Baby Dancing Butterfly
Baby Pearl Glory
Baby Pearl Blossom
Baby Pearl Suprise

Baby Applejacks
Baby Splish
Baby Splash
Baby Lollipop

Argentina Baby Confetti (green/blue Verison)
*Argentina Baby Butterscotch (oj/blue verison)
Any Argentina first tooth or blossom's pose
Argentina Baby Bluebelle
Dutch Baby Cat

Any orginal Brothers hats (except Texas)
* any orginal bandana for any Boys or brothers
Tux N Tails Bow
SS Rear Stand x2
winger orginal ribbons

any UK baby dragons
Baby Leafy (the cow)
* any My little bunnies family Li'l litter
Baby Creamsicle - upgrade
Baby Spunky
Baby Cha Cha

Other MLPs
Any Mummy Charms
Any Petite ponies
Any Dolly mix
*Dolly Mix: Medley

G1 Customs
*Customize Daddy Tic Tac Toe
Customize of Persona Bastet
*Customize of G4 Rainbow Dash in G1
Any Defloke SS ponies
Any Customize of Adult verison Baby Boys
Any Customize of Baby verison Mountain boy or Big Brothers
* Customize Baby verison of Argentina North Star


Any Unicorns


2008 Art Pony
2011 Pony Fair
* 2006 22" Floppy Rainbow Dash
*Breezies: Orange Flower
Breezies: Darling Dayflower
Breezie: Dancing Daffodil
Customize G3 Argentina North Star
Customize G3 Tic Tac Toe


Fashion Style: Rainbow Dash
Glimmer Wing: Rainbow Dash
With bangs: Twilight Sparkle ( her head color match her body)
Starbeam Twinkle
Sky Wishes
Shine Bright: Rainbow Dash
Royal Ball: Rainbow Dash
Princess Luna
NIB Single: Flitterheart (not with DVD)
NIB Single with Bangs: Cheerilee (not with DVD)
NIB Single: Plumsweet (not with DVD)
NIB single: Twinkleshine (not with DVD)
Diamond Rose
Cherry Pie
With bangs: Daisy Dream
*Baby Scootaloo
Fun at the fair: Baby Appleblossom
Sweetie Belle
any Blind bags
* Blind bags: Firecrackers
* Blind bags: Heartstrings
* Blind bags: SnowCatcher
* Blind bags: Minuette
Anything of Rainbow Dash on it ( I love G4 Rainbow Dash)
Customized G4 My Persona Bastet
Customized G4 Nightmare Moon
Customized G4 Celestia orginal white
* Customized G4 Tic Tac Toe
* Customized G4 Argentina North Star

MLP merchandices:
Pens/ Eraisers
Pads/ stationaries
mugs/ cups/ glass
color books

MLPs Armies
G1s Wingers
G1s Tic Tac Toe
G1s SkyFliers
G3s Breezies
G4s Rainbow Dash

Swaps info

Over MLPs conditions:
No mold ( I actually allegric to molds), No Scratch or rubbed eyes ( I feel the eyes MLPs are what give Character), No chew off body parts, No pony cancer/ ingrained dirt, NO Symbols rubs or scratches. I like ponies body clean but marks on bottom of hooves are ok and Hair can Fizzy and faded. I very pickie on SS I like them close to mint as possible.

I do enjoy customs... What I look in customs is unique qualities, I fine I do not like full body painted or dye but orginal pony body color. I enjoy different generations, poses, change color hair, breed, eye color change even if change like for example Moondancer body color is white if made her in a Blue earthpony pose ( I love Argentina ideas of Nirvana)

For Random Swaps I do not really collect G2s or G3s unless its on my wishlist. I like any G1 boys poses, G1 Nirvanas, G1 Dancing Butterflies pose G3 Customize are ok and G4 pegasus pose. I dislike any Beddy beddy eyes, wetting pants and ponies with moving parts ( unless on my wishlist) I draw to bright color ponies ( minus pink) special Yellows.

If you don't know me I hate pink and not crazy flowers. I not into girlie stuff like nail polish, make up, lotions, jewelery, I do not like whole peanuts or Panda Black Licorice. My allegries are molds, corn ( corn syrup), rice, potatoe, chocolate (coco), coffee, strawberries, pork ( gelatin), cinnamon, tomatoes, coconut and cow milk (I can get away with homemade bake goodies as long only allgeric food is cows milk (Most process butters use cows milk)

likes/ interests/ other non MLP collection
I do like for foods fudge( special peanut butter), Maple candy, peppermint, mints, wintergreen, Black licorice, Blueberries, Pears, raspberries family, Molasses, Honey, Homemade bake goods ( dribble I have major sweet tooth.) I do love Plain almonds and Natual red meat jerkies ( no spices but sweet kind.)
I enjoy smell of soft fragrents of vanilla, orange and blueberries. I do enjoy shower gels and liquid soaps. I don't mind Neckless.. I big collection bookmarks, anything made out Natural elements like stone, antlers, bones and wood. I tend like ancient looks. I love looks of curves of antlers and horns found on any creatures in the dear family. I into anything that old ancients ways before machinary of any culture. I love learn mythological stories on cultures beliefs on Spirital animals and meanings. I into animals like wolves, magical beings (special dragons), Big cats, Orcas, deer family, owls, bunnies, colors and design butterfly and moth wings.
My other collections animation that more mild fantasy example Inuyasha Black Bulter, XXXHolic, Fruit Basket, Saiyuli ( like to actual have a thing for Black Mokona)
Disney: Bambi ( Love thumper), The lion king and Brother bear..
Other shows and movies.. Ice Age, Shriek, Train your own Dragon, Spirit, Underworld, Blood and Chocolate, Ghost Rider, Last Unicorn, transformers, Xena, Hercules, Lord of rings, SuperNatural, Sanctory, Bones, Vampire Diaries, Watership Down, Red Riding Hood.
Little about myself...
I live on a farm of 80 acres that consently change and growing as passing years. I currently have small herd milking goats, rabbitry and pony. My husband has nice flock muscovy ducks, Quail and guineas fowl. We also have 2 corgis and two SR cats. No Children.


Mareacooda's Wishlist

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Sweet Kisses Pony

Joined: May 27, 2007
Posts: 145
Location: my gaf, In rainy Co. Donegal, Ireland :(

PostPosted: 0    Post subject: Re: Mareacooda Wishlist

I have a mammy Sunbright she has a tail and hair trim though so I dont know if youre interested?

Thanks Reiya for the lovely avatar Smile
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