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Looking for that special pony or set completer? Post wish lists here!
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Dazzle Surprise

Joined: Apr 08, 2010
Posts: 726
Location: North Dakota, USA

PostPosted: 0    Post subject: Wishlist

This is my main wishlist now for everything I collect. Right now not actively buying.

A note on acceptable conditions: I am not a MIB/MOC collector. I don't like ponies with tail rust, missing manes (haircuts ok, just no baldies or mohawks), smooze, cancer, amputees, bag regrind, major permanent marks or mostly missing symbools. Otherwise I am not a terribly picky collector. I also like ponies that are supposed to have pink hair, to have pink hair (ex: SS Twilight, Posey, etc.)

Swap Extra Info: I don't care for McD ponies unless they are on my wantlist. I hate fakies and avoid them at all costs. My favorite pony of all time is Sugarberry and would welcome anything pertaining to her. I don't like ponyvilles or G3.5 either. I collect G1, G2, G3 and G4 as one can see from the following wishlist. I love Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. I love decorating for them especially. I also love having scented Yankee candles burning during these seasons because they remind me of the holidays and times with family. I am all about nostalgia. Oh this also goes along that I love watching movies that have to do with these holidays (yes even Thanksgiving...hello Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving anyone?). I love vampires. I have loved them since I was little, not just since Twilight made them popular. On that note, I don't like Twilight lol. I also like stuff that has to do with witches and magic. I am an avid scrapbooker, horseback rider (when I have the opportunity) and reader. I am very sentimental and keep little mementos from many different areas of my life. I collect many things from my childhood as those times with toys and family have been some of the best of my life. I also like video games but rarely get to play these days. We have many of the vintage systems and some of my favorite games are Pokemon, Harvest Moon, Mario, Mario Kart, Donkey Kong and Sonic the Hedgehog. I am a diehard Nintendo fan. The only reason we have any other systems (other than Sega) is because of my brothers or husband. I go to the Renaissance every year when possible and I dress up for it.

Favorite TV Shows
Star Trek-so far the Original series and Enterprise (working on watching all the series!)
Dark Shadows-original and revival (can't wait for Johnny Depp's movie to come out!)
Grey's Anatomy
Private Practice
old cartoons-Rainbow Brite, Smurfs, Hanna Barberra toons, Care Bears, Gargoyles, Thunder Cats, MLP, Dark Wing Duck, Tail Spin, Duck Tails,
Home Improvement
Golden Girls

Little Bit About Me: I am planning on going back to school for nursing, even though I just graduated with a Masters in business and a bachelors degree in Equine Science. I need something stable like that since I just got married and eventually want to have a family. I also want to be able to help people and animals. My interest is in family medicine, neonatal and maternity care. Recently, my grandmother and my father-in-law passed away, so my family is at a crossroads right now with this life change and the fact that my husband and I don't have permanent jobs yet. We are currently residing with our respective parents in different states 1,000 miles apart from each other.

*Most Wanted

Alright on to the ponies:
G2 Sugarberry
G3 Sugarberry
G4 Sugarberry
Daddy Sugarberry
G1 Fluttershy (Princess Tiffany pose)

Original/Collector Ponies
Upgrade of Collector Blossom or an Original Blossom

Regular Unicorns
Twilight with minimal glitter loss

Megan and Sundance
Original Megan with dress and shoes
Molly with dress, shoes and stockings
Original Sundance's pink bridle
Baby Sundance's pink bridle
TAF Sundance (upgrade-must have long, unfaded hair)
TAF Megan with dress and shoes
Megan's Place with accessories
Megan and Sundance wear Country Jamboree
Megan and Sundance wear Flower Darlings

Sea Ponies
Wavedancer's purple clamshell
High Tide and her lavender clamshell, pink shell brush, pink shell comb
Sand Dollar's aqua clamshell
Sea Mist and her dark pink-purple clamshell
Wave Jumper
Whitecap and her pink swirl shell

Regular Baby Ponies
Baby Cotton Candy's duck pull toy, purple playpen
Baby Glory's purple and white star blanket
Baby Surprise's yellow bear brush, stack toy, pink rocker, heart bib with pink trim

Baby Sea Ponies
Surf Rider
Sea Star and her pink and purple duck float
Tiny Bubbles's yellow and orange duck float

Rainbow Ponies

Lickety Split with really pink hair

Pretty 'n Pearly Baby Sea Ponies
Sunshower and her blue and yellow alligator float

Baby Shady (upgrade)

First Tooths
Baby Bouncy's pink toothpaste, white sippy cup, star panties
Baby Fifi's blue toothbrush, white sippy cup
Baby Northstar's aqua teething ring
Baby Lickety Split's yellow toothpaste, pink teething ring, glo worm
Baby Quacker's blue toothpaste, pink toothbrush, first tooth pillow, felt tooth, stack toy
Baby Tick Tac Toe's first tooth pillow, felt tooth

Newborn Twins
Shovel's pink snail rocker
Doodles with really pink hair and Noodles
Milkweed and Tumbleweed's purple basinette with pink canopy, light pink rattle with white top
Puddles and Peeks's aqua and yellow seesaw

Soft and Sleepy Newborns

Big Brothers
Chief's fire fighter helmet

Brush 'n Grow Ponies
Pretty Vision

Happy Tails

Magic Message

Peek-a-boo Babies
Baby Whirly-Twirl

Princess Ponies
Bushwoolie Cheery (light pink)
Bushwoolie Eager (purple)
Princess Starburst's pink magic wand, yellow moon and stars princess hat
Princess Dawn's light green wand
Princess Moondust's pale pink wand
Princess Taffeta and her yellow wand, aqua glittery star pick
Princess Pristina and her raspberry pink wand

Sea Sparkle Baby Sea Ponies
Sea Spray

Sundae Best Ponies
*Coco Berry
Peppermint Crunch


Watercolor Baby Seaponies

Fancy Pants Babies
Baby Glider
Baby Starburst

Baby Ponies and Pretty Pals
Baby Lucky Leaf
Baby Stripes and Baby Nectar the Panda

Candy Cane Ponies
Sugar Apple

Perfume Puffs
Sweet Lily
Sweet Suds
Lavender Lace

Dance 'n Prance

Diamond Dreams rehaired with soft pink hair

Playtime Baby Brothers
Baby Countdown
Baby Drummer
Baby Leaper

Princess Brush 'n Grows
*Princess Glittering Gem
Princess Skylark

Sunshine Ponies
*Sand Digger

Merry Treats's Christmas Tree Comb

Windy Wing
Cool Breeze
Moon Jumper

Baby Drink 'n Wet
Baby Flicker's blue changing table, aqua squeeze bottle

Glitter SHS Ponies

Pony Bride's wedding cake, diamond ring
Bridal Beauty's 2-layer pink beaded veil, silver wedding ring, pink bouquet barrette
Satin 'n Lace's outfit

Prom Queen SHS
Daisy Dancer's blue skirt
Sweet Sundrop's pink skirt
perfume bottle

Rainbow Curl

Glow 'n Show
Dazzleglow (pink hearts)

Precious Pocket Ponies
Bunny Hop

Pretty Ponies
Flower Dream

Rockin' Beats
Sweet Notes

Secret Surprise
Secret Star and her aqua key

Teeny Tiny
Little Whiskers

Fancy Mermaid
Baby Pearly

Flower Fantasy
Love Petal
Sweet Blossom

Paradise Babies
Baby Pineapple


Sweet Kisses
Lovin' Kisses

Blue Ribbon
Sweet Scoops (in my dreams lol)

Pretty Mane

Baby Sisters
Li'l Sweetcake

Pearlized Babies
Baby Glory
Baby Moondreamer
Baby Surprise

Baby Birthday Ponies
Baby Sugarcake

Fancy Flower


Slumber Party Gift Pack Accessories
tub of popcorn
box of cookies
"Teen Magazine" pony edition
sleeping bag

Soda Sippin' Pony Accessories
Chocolate Delight's chocolate float with drinking straw
Strawberry Scoops's strawberry float with drinking straw

Baby Crumpet's Purse
Baby Sleepie Pie's Purse
Poof 'n Puff Perfume Palace (upgrade-mine has no base)
Home Sweet Home
Megan's Place
Princess Baby Buggy
Lullabye Nursery with pink shelf

Playset Accessories
-Pretty Parlor: Nametags-Peachy, Lemon Drop, Blue Belle, Butterscotch, Cotton Candy, Blossom, Minty, Snuzzle
-Show Stable: 2nd place and 3rd place ribbons, weather vane, flags with stickers intact (butterfly, hearts)
-Waterfall: Pony Bubbles (only bottle is ok)
-Dream Castle: 1 blue goblet, 1 golden horseshoe
-Baby Buggy: BBE Baby Cuddles, lace for buggy and umbrella, heart topper for umbrella
-Baby Bonnet School of Dance: yellow bee, pink bee, yellow bunny, pink bunny; marquee, tutu, flower tiara, pink ballet box, marquee signs-Pretty Pony Prance, Swan Lake, Baby Bunny Bounce, Bumble Bee Boogie, Twinkle Toes Twirl, Woolly Wiggle Waltz
-Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe: stickers
-Lullabye Nursery: pink bowl, blue mirror, pink dresser, yellow rattle with white top, pink swing canopy,
-Poof 'n Puff Perfume Palace-nail polish
-Paradise Estate[i]-toaster, 2 heart plates, 2 cups

1983 Accessory Cases

Pony Wear
Strike Up the Band-4 white sneakers
Something Old, Something New set

Mommy and Baby Wear
Ready for Rainbows-baby slicker, baby hat
Prima Ballerina-baby leotard, baby tutu, 2 adult legwarmers, 4 white baby bow shoes

Baby Pony Wear
elephant suit
3 white bow shoes from sunsuit
Clown suit, silver mask, 4 yellow bow shoes

Play 'n Wear
Milk and Cookies set

Megan and Sundance (pink and blue bridle versions)
Baby Cuddles (pink and blue lace versions)
Something Old, Something New
Snow Angels
High Tide
Sea Mist
Wave Jumper

Thermos with Rainbow Curl Ponies
Thermos with Glory
Purple Canteen with Gusty
Purple Canteen with Princess Tiffany
Purple Canteen with Surprise?
Japanese Sugarberry Keychain


Pony Parade
Lavender with orange hair and purple ballet slippers
Dark Pink with yellow hair and white swan

Sparkle Ponies
Purple with pink hair and yellow perfume bottle

Dream Beauties
Shimmering Beauties
Dream Gleamer

Highflying Beauties
Wind Walker

Lil' Litters and Nursery Families
My Little Bunny Li'l Litters
Fancy Floppy Family

My Little Puppy Nursery Families
Funtime Spaniels

My Little Kitty Nursery Families
Sudsy Angoras

Bow Tie
Baby Surprise
Baby Lofty

International G1s

Milky Way
Up Up and Away

Christmas Pony (Felicades)
Pink Glory
Love Melody
Baby Posey
Bride Pony (Novia)
Baby Butterscotch
Baby Confetti
Baby Blue Belle
Baby Sparkler

Baby Hopscotch
Baby Cherries Jubilee
Baby Buttons
*Baby Honeycomb

Nesthackchen Babies
Baby Murorachen (Rattle)
Baby Wurfelchen (Blocks)
Baby Blubberchen (Duck)

Rainbow Ponies
Night Light

Princess Ponies
Princess Amber (Princess Starburst variant with pink hair)
Princess Sparkle (German variant-pink with pink mane)
Variant Princess Tiffany (gold mane)
Princess Serena (German variant with bubblegum pink hair)

European Fancy Pants Babies
Baby Splashes

Baby Melody
Baby Blossom

South Africa


Australia Birthflowers
January Carnation
March Daffodil
June Rose
July Water Lily
August Poppy
September Morning Glory
December Holly

*Shell Pony
Diary Pony

Cat Pony
Flower Pony
School Pony


Playset Ponies
Wedding Bells Confetti
Waterfall playset

7 Tales
Bon Bon

Flower Ponies

Beautiful Bows

Loving Families
Mommy Berrytown
Daddy Sunbright
Baby Sunbright
Baby Son Bright Bouquet

Mountain Boys

Princess Pony Accessories
Princess Sapphire's dragon Smoky
Princess Aquamarine's dragon Prickles
Princess Pearl's dragon Firey
Princess Ruby's dragon Sparks
Princess Amethyst's dragon Spiny

*Love Token
Love Letter
Love Story

Activity Club Babies
Baby Fun 'n Games
Baby Ribbon 'n Hearts

Bedtime Newborns
Baby Stargaze
Baby Sunset
Baby Moondream

Best Friends Babies
*Baby Katie

Jewelry Babies
Baby Ruby
*Baby Sapphire

Playschool Babies
Baby Count-a-lot

Seaside Babies
Baby Splosh
Baby Splish
Baby Splash

Starlight Babies
*Baby Stella
Baby Nightsong

Surprise Newborns
Baby Bouncy with rabbit symbol

Sweetie Babies
*Baby Lollipop

Lambidista (in my dreams lol)
Ladybird (in my dreams lol)
*Baby Minty (Chloe) (in my dreams lol)
Baby Peachy (in my dreams lol)
Baby Medley (in my dreams lol)

Secret Surprise
Berry Bright's pink grapes comb
Hip Holly
Bright Bramley II's accessories

Magic Motion
Moon Shadow's purple flower bracelet, purple flower comb
Satin Splash and her waterfall and rainbow
Sweet Berry's light green table, plate with muffins, 2 yellow cups, yellow teapot, rainbow
Tipsy Tulip (upgrade) and 1 purple butterfly barrette
Dizzy Lizzy and her flower wand, wishing well with rainbow roof, heart-shaped bottle necklace with rose inside

Playsets/Playset Ponies
Wedding Chapel-ring
Pretty Parlor-Ivy, small hair dryer
Magic Rainbow Forest (have bridge)
Royal Castle
Wedding Carriage and Baby Fleur
Pony from Holiday at the Countryside
Sailing Boat
My Little pony mansion and baby pony
Sweetberry's Magic Kitchen
Pony Garden Playcase-blue apples, blue pie, pink basket, Blue Haired Ivy
Enchanted Throne-large yellow tiara, crown
Birthday Playset pony Festive
Wedding Playset (not pony)
Pony School

Castle Friends
Royal Wedding-cake

Princess Ponies
Princess Crystal and accessories
Princess Silver Swirl
*Princess Trixiebelle
Princess Twinkle Star and wings
*Princess Silver Rain
Princess Fushia
*Her Majesty Ballerina and dress
Her Majesty Pearl and blue shell case
Her Majesty Star

Light Up Families
*Baby Fern
Baby Dew, blue bib, blue bottle
Baby Swirly, orange spinning top
Baby Twinkles

Royal Twins
Fire and Flame and tower charm, castle comb

Drifter and Dreamer
Nosy and Click
Study and Play's dresses

Romantic Couples
Prince Blue Dream and Princess Golden Dream

Royal Ladies
Lady Rainbow
Lady Waterfall and waterfall
Lady Cupcake's purple treasure chest, gold coin chest base, rainbow, pink key
Lady Light Heart's large pink vanity
Lady Moonshine's purple cabinet, crown, scepter, dragon,

Unicorn Ponies with Magic Wings
Copper Glow
Silver Glow
Golden Glow

Fantasy Hair
Night Shine

Fantastic Job
Miss Teacher


*Magic Diamond Glow

*Muse and accessories
*Melody and accessories

Fancy-Dress Ball Ponies
Honey and her outfit
Dragon Suit outfit

New Hair Feature Ponies

Play Area Twins
Samba (red twin)
Sunshine and Sunny
Lily (blue twin)

Wednesday Afternoon
*Bride and accessories

Purse Ponies

Seabreeze (not purple haired version)

G2 Beanie Plush
Dainty Dove
Sky Skimmer

G2 Stickers

Season Ponies
Winter Snow

Jewel Ponies
Star Dasher

Sparkle Ponies
Savannah Sage

Rainbow Surprise
Flower Wishes

Baby Keen Bean
Baby Hula Lula
Baby Sandy Island
Baby Ocean Dreamer
Baby Northern Lights
Baby Winter Ice
Baby Tea Lily
Baby Hokey Pokey

Accessory Pack Ponies
Sunshine Blossom
Sweet Summertime and accessories (Seaside Surprise)
Summer Shores
Beach Belle
Caribbean Delight
Sunny Salsa

Dazzle Bright Ponies
Kiwi Tart
Coconut Cream

Discount Ponies
Chocolate Delight

Jewel Birthday Ponies
January Joy
Fantastical February
Sweet September
October Dreams
November Nights

Perfectly Pony
Magic Marigold

Ponies on the Go
Flitter Flutter

Shimmer Ponies
Island Rainbow
Flippity Flop

Sunny Scents
Apple Spice

Super-long Hair Ponies
Rainbow Bubbles
Snowdrop Swirl
Silly Sunshine
Silver Lining
Dream Blue's barrette

Valentine's Day
Always and Forever
Yours Truly

*Baby Jingle Jangle
Baby Ribbons and Bows
Minty (VII)-design down leg

TRU 4-Pack Ponies
Candy Apple


Birthflower Pony
January Carnation
February Violet
March Daffodil
May Lily of the Valley
June Rose
August Gladiolas
September Aster
November Chrysanthemum
December Poinsettia

Crystal Design
Star Surprise

Cutie Cascade
Fairy Dust

Fun Fairy

Windy Wisp (set completer)

Pretty Pattern
Summer Bloom

Unicorn Ponies
Whistle Wishes
Brights Brightly

Celebration Salon accessories
Sweet Reflections Dress Shop
Wonder Waves Surf Shop

Playset Ponies
Anchor's Away
Baby Surfstar

McDonald's Ponies

Star Dancer
Spring Treat
Star Bright


Best Friends
Rainbow Dash IV
Sweetie Belle

Convention Ponies
2007 Pinkie Pie (VI)
2008 Pinkie Pie (RI exclusive)

1984 MLP Collector Sets
MIB Collection I with Parasol, Moonstone and Starshine

25th Birthday Celebration Collector Set
Rainbow Dash (IV) "Hope"
Cheerilee "Beauty

Favorite Friends
Pinkie Pie (VII)-"makeup" version

Special Ponies/Packs
Twinkle Hope

Art Ponies
Black and Blue Pony
Underwater Pony

Minty with white tail
Cherries Jubilee

Unknown Sellers
Secret Wish
Diamond Rose
Cherry Pie
Sky Wishes
Star Dreams

Blind Bag Ponies
Cherry Spices
Fizzy Pop
Glitter Pinkie Pie
Glitter Rainbow Dash
Sugar Grape
Sweetcream Scoops
Sweetie Blue
Glitter Twilight Sparkle
Glitter Applejack
Glitter Fluttershy
Glitter Rarity

Care Bear stuff
Champ Bear Celebrating a Win
Cheer Bear Skipping Rope
Cheer Bear Cheering from the Sidelines
Cheer Bear Painting a Rainbow
Friend Bear Sharing a Soda for Two
Good Luck Bear Pouring 4-Leaf Clovers
Baby Hugs Making Paper Dolls
Share Bear Offering Sweet Treats
Baby Tugs Bear Stacking Blocks
Cloud Keeper Shining an Award
Brave Heart Lion Protecting His Friends

Blue fold out comb with Cheer Bear on it
Purple suitcase that says "Setting Sail for Grandma's" with Funshine Bear and Bright Heart Raccoon sailing on a raft

Large 13" Plush
Birthday Bear
Grams Bear
Champ Bear
Tenderheart Bear
Share Bear

UK Exclusive 13" Plush (in my dreams)
Sea Friend
True Heart

Rainbow Brite
Rainbow Brite Toothpaste Topper

Starlite Plush
Emotions Sprite Twink
Emotions 15" Rainbow Brite doll
Weensy Baby Sprite
Plush Puppy Brite
Plush Kitty Brite
Tickled Pink
25th Anniversary Rainbow Brite
25th Anniversary 15" Rainbow Brite
25th Anniversary Moonglow
25th Anniversary Tickled Pink
25th Anniversary Starlite

Canary Yellow
Red Butler
Buddy Blue
Rainbow Puppy
Twink Sprite
Glee purple Sprite
Romeo red Sprite

Glo Friends
Glo Bashfulbug
Glo Boonie Beetle
Glo Dipper Duck
Glo Waterbug
Glo Doodlebug
Glo Firefly
Glo Garden Ant
Glo Prayerbug
Glo Horsefly
Glo Slugger
Glo Sniffles Snail
Glo Tootlebug
Glo Worm

Strawberry Shortcake
Strawberry Shortcake's First Adventures
Strawberry Shortcake Meets the Berrykins

Blowkiss Dolls
Orange Blossom

Rag Dolls
Lemon Meringue

SSC Small Pets
Hopsalot Bunny

SSC Large Pets
Custard Cat

2nd Issue Doll Pets
Marza Panda
*Eclair Poodle
Marshland Mallard

Almond Tea Sitting on a Cushion (in my dreams lol)
Angel Cake with Souffle
Apple Dumpling Sitting on Tea Time Turtle
Apricot Patting Hopsalot on the Head
Blueberry Muffin with Cheesecake Mouse
Cafe Ole Sitting with Burrito Donkey
Cherry Cuddler with Gooseberry
Crepe Suzette with Eclair and bone
Huckleberry Pie with Pupcake
Lemon Meringue with Flowers
Lemon Meringue with Frappe
Lem and Ada with Sugar Woofer (in my dreams lol)
Lime Chiffon with Parfait Parrot
Mint Tulip with Marshland Mallard
Orange Blossom with Marmalade
Peach Blush with Mirror (in my dreams lol)
Plum Puddin in Nightgown (in my dreams lol)
Purple Pie man with Berry Bird
Raspberry Tart and Sundae
Raspberry Tart on Seesaw
Sour Grapes with grapes
Strawberry Shortcake with Custard
Vinyl Storybook Carrying Case
Garden Display Case

Berry Princess (in my dreams lol)

Glass Candy Jar

Littlest Pet Shop
Ready to Go Pets
Color Change Chameleon in Cactus Cove

Cozy Home Pets
Bobbing Fish in Treasure Chest Cove-treasure chest lid, thermometer and all fish except green one
Puppy Pals with Playhouse-rolled up magnetic newspaper
Jogging Gerbils with Gerbitrail-pink running wheel, water bottle
Magic Monkey Tree House

Mommy and Babies
Mommy and Baby Bunnies-carrots

Pet Shop Playset

Ready to Go Pets
Perky Pup with Cozy Crate

Pal Around Pups
Prize Winning Pups

Chatter Pets
Purry Kittens with Playtime Kitty Condo

My Real Pets
Sleek Siamese
Clever Collie
Brave German Shepherd

Kennel Play Case

Pup 'n Kitty Clubs
Clubhouse Kitties

Dressed 'n Ready Pets
Tutu Fun Kitty
Sweet Sleepy Puppy

Littlest Pet Shop Zoo
Zoo Keep Me Safe Pets
Zoo Jungle Bunch

Zoo Nursery Pets
Zoo Baby Chimp-squeeze bottle, blanket, diaper, stickers
Zoo Baby Zebra-Baby Zebra

Zoo Play with me Pets
Baby Lamb with Clover Corral

Zoo Playset

Sparkling Ponies
Pinto Pony

Sparkling Pony Pairs
Prancing Parade Ponies with Treasure Trunk
Sweetheart Ponies with Moonglow Stables
Champion Ponies with Jumping Contest-silverish saddle blanket, brush, food trough with lavender and mint green food

Pony 'n Pet Stable Playset

Country Fun Pets
Newborn Families
Kitty Mom and Dad with Magic Birthing Cozy-carry kitten

Target Easter Exclusive

Splashtime Pets
Deep Sea Divers in Coral Tank

Shimmering MerPets
Prance 'n Play Seahorses-white horse only

Sparkling Pets
Fluffy Persian Kitty-Gold metallic food dish
Royal Bombay Kitty

Needin Feedin Puppies-white poodle only
Suppertime Guppies with Eat-it-up fish food

Sparkling Pond Pets
Water Garden Kitties

Beethoven's 2nd
Tug 'n Play Beethoven

Sea World
Sea World Stars
Baby Shamu with Seashell Cradle
Dolly Dolphin on her Dancing Wave
Pete and Penny Penguin with Icy Igloo

Deluxe Sea World Playset
OP Otter

Paw Print Club


Fisher Price Toys
Cholly Doll
Movie Viewer Theater with Cinderella

Other Toys
Tonka Cupcake Dolls
Candy Sprinkles
Bon Bon
Taffy Tammy

Cutie Fruiti
Beri Blue
Grape Suzette

Sugar and Shine

Cotton Candy
Candy Fluff

Princess Parfait
Priscilla Prom

Jam Pops
Fruity Fancy

Banana Split Bedroom
Cake and Ice Cream Kitchen
Ice Cream Sundae Vanity
Tea Party Cake

Cotton Candy
Blueberry Bell
Cherry Chip
Ice Cream Sundae Vanity

Fairy Winkles
Flower Basket
Small Jewelry Box

Cherry Merry Muffin Dolls
1988 Banancy
1989 Chocolottie
1989 Cherry Merry Muffin
1990 Cookies and Cream
Sundae Sleeper
Wedding Cake 'n Party

Miscellaneous Dolls
Baby All Gone (African American)-doll and bottle
My Pretty Ballerina
Magic Bottle Baby

Peppermint Rose
MIB Peppermint Rose doll
Scented Stickers
Plastic Halloween Costume

My Pretty Mermaids


Night Flower
Star Bloom
Sea Glow

Seaside Wedding

Enchanted Kingdom Horses
red Nina

The Forgotten Realms
Silver Shadows
The Dream Spheres

Anne Rice

Stephanie Laurens
Scandal's Bride
A Rogue's Proposal
A Secret Love
All About Love
The Promise in a Kiss
The Truth About Love
The Taste of Innocence
Temptation and Surrender
Lost and Found
Where the Heart Leads

Amanda Ashley
Embrace the Night
Deeper than the Night

Everlasting Kiss
Everlasting Desire

Bound By Night
Bound by Blood

After Twilight
Midnight Pleasures
Stroke of Midnight

His Dark Embrace

Marguerite Henry
Born to Trot
Brown Sunshine of Sawdust Valley

American Girl
Meet Kaya
Kaya's Esacape
Kaya's Hero
Kaya and Lone Dog
Kaya Shows the Way
Changes for Kaya

Josefina Learns a Lesson
Happy Birthday, Josefina
Josefina Saves the Day
Changes for Joesfina

Changes for Kirsten

Addy's Surprise

Meet Rebecca
Rebecca and Ana
Candlelight for Rebecca
Rebecca and the Movies
Rebecca to the Rescue
Changes for Rebecca

Meet Kit
Kit Learns a Lesson
Kit's Surprise
Happy Birthday, Kit
Kit Saves the Day
Changes for Kit
Really Truly Ruthie

Meet Molly
Molly's Surprise
Brave Emily

Meet Julie
Julie Tells Her Story
Happy New Year, Julie
Julie and the Eagles
Julie's Journey
Changes for Julie
Good Luck, Ivy

Others or Unknown Author
Gone with the Wind
The Baby Unicorn

Jean M. Auel
The Land of Painted Caves

Berenstein Bear Books
Valentine Party
Really Big Pet Show
The Bad Influence
Say Their Prayers
God Loves You!
Golden Rule
Go to Sunday School
Baby Easter Bunny
Lose a Friend
Trim the Tree
Big Spelling Bee
Hug and Make Up
Trouble with Commercials
Bedtime Battle
Too Much Car Trip
The Trouble with Chores
Baby Makes Five
Trouble at School
Double Dare
Moving Day
The In-Crowd
Get in a Fight
Mama's New Job
Forget Their Manners
Get Their Kicks?
Too Much Birthday
Mad, Mad, Mad Toy Craze
The Birds, The Bees
Think of Those in Need
Lend a Helping Hand
Real Easter Eggs
Funny Valentine
The Big Question
Mama's Day Surprise
Dollars and Sense
Papa's Day Surprise
The Excuse Note
Ghost of the Forest
Report Card Trouble
Blaze a Trail
Missing Honey
Big Road Race
Grow It!

Disney DVDs
Fantasia/Fantasia 2000
Saludos Amigos
The Three Cabelleros
Fun and Fancy Free
Melody Time
The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad
The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
Pooh's Grand Adventure: The Search for Christopher Robin
The Rescuers
The Black Cauldron
The Great Mouse Detective
The Rescuers Down Under
Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas
Pocahontas 2: Journey to a New World
The Hunchback of Notre Dame
The Hunchback of Notre Dame 2
Tarzan and Jane
Atlantis 2: Milo's Return
Lilo and Stitch
Treasure Planet


"It's not about how hard you hit, but how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. That's how winning is done!"-Sylvestor Stallone as Rocky Balboa in Rocky Balboa

"If you can't win, make the person ahead of you break the record"-unknown

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Hello! I have one of the ponies you're after-- I noticed you weren't buying right now, were you looking to trade?

That's quite a wishlist! More detailed than mine. I need to update mine. XD

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Prom Queen Sweetheart Sister Pony

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Hello there!
I HAVE Baby Whirly Twirl!!!
I may have a couple Care bears things you are after!


Let me know if you are interested in a PM!!!
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Teeny Tiny Pony

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You have the best wish list. I think I have some leads or friends that might have these. I'll see what I can find. There are some...I am certain I have seen. Also there are a lot of those g4's I have. I will comb threw and see who I have extras of.
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Magic Fantasy Hair Pony

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What sort of condition were you looking for? I have both Raincurl and Stripes, but they'd need some restoration especially new hair.
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Mommy & Baby Pony

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What an impressive wishlist! Smile I know you said you're not actively buying right now. But just in case - I have a few ponies from your list:
Applejack (European) #3
Applejack (European) #4
Baby Fleur
Princess Sapphire
Fire & Flame #2 (MOC)
Drifter & Dreamer (MOC)

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