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Custom Tutorials

If you can think of a tutorial that would be helpful that we don't already have, please let us know so we can work on it. If you would like to submit a tutorial, please PM a Customs mod: pop-girl, jupiternwndrlnd, Kanthaka or colorscapesart. Smile

These are also good sites to find custom tutorials:

AeraCura's Custom FAQs

Aikarin's Custom Tips & Tutorials

Baby Sugarberry's rehairing tutorial

Colorscapesart's pose changing tutorial

Colorscapes My Little Pony Site

Creampuf's Tutorial Page


Dissecting Baby: The Anatomy of a G3 Newborn

Minty's Custom Tutorials & Tips

Songbird21's Tutorials

The Quest to Customize!

Unicornucopia's BBE-->NBBE tutorial

Unicornucopia's Deflocking Tutorial

Wing Sculpting Tutorial by ~Eiriel

CherryCake's So Soft Tutorial

Jupi's Easy Eye Tutorial

Here are some great tutorials that have been posted here on the Arena. Smile

Lovelauraland's eye tutorial

pop-girl's Re-Tailing Tutorial

pop-girl's Wing Tutorial

Prepping a G4 by Anime_Amy

These sites are not endorsed by MLP Arena. As with any transaction check the Trader Feedbacks. The MLP Arena cannot be held responsible for any actions that result from you choosing to purchase hair from any of the sites listed.

Where to buy pony hair?
Restore Doll
Hushabye's Hair Shoppe
Dr. Locks
cloth doll supply

A great resource for hair color matching.
skig's Hair Color Matching Guide

WARNING: - we urge members not to order from this site.

How to style pony hair.

Straw Curls and Rope Braids
Buns and Twists

Where to buy Rehairing tools

ebay seller debi255

Where to buy sculpting materials?

Aves Studios
Jerry's Artarama
The Sculpting Studio

You can also visit this thread for more links. Wink

Ever wonder what products other customizers use and recommend?
Have a look:
Feel free to add your own info to the thread. Smile

Other useful threads

the Difference Between Acrylic Paint Grades

My Top Ten Tips for MLP customizers

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And a link to DrM's fantastic picture taking tutorial!

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