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Hey everyone. I'm just stopping by to see if anyone has a few pieces I've been looking for to finish off my collections. I'm mainly looking for some Jem and Shera loose items.

Jem and the Holograms

Doll Accessories:
Jerrica's Sunglasses
Flash and Sizzle Hairbow, Tights, Bracelet, Mic
GnG Jerrica Sandals, Sunglasses, Bracelets, Stand
Raya's Earrings, Drumsticks, Pole and Stand
Jetta's Shoes

Encore Shoes
Command Performance Shoes and Hairbow
Let The Music Play Tights and Sandals
Makin’ Mischeif Belt, Socks and Sandals
Winning is Everything Hat, Leg Scarf and Shoes
Permanent Wave Belt and Jacket

Rockin’ Backstager Comb and 1 Hanger

Misfits Poster
Jem Poster

SheRa: Princess of Power

Original SheRa's Mask
Original Catra's Mask
Castaspella's Vest
Bow's Headband
Starburst SheRa's Mask
Scratchin Sound Catra's mask
Swiftwind Accessories: (Saddle, Reins, Wings, Mask)

Crystal Castle Accessories:
1 door (the left one)
2 windows
Bed curtain and 2 butterfly clips
Treasure chest lid

HeMan: Masters of the Universe
Teela Staff
Evil-lyn Staff

Drop me a PM or leave a comment if you have anything I'm looking for =)

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