Need advice on the most popular G1's, please!
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Hey hey there everyone! Some of you may or may not remember me, I think the last time I posted here was in 2009. >.>;; Hello again to all the new and old pony fans! *waves a hoof to everyone*

I'm currently working on an important art project and it's going to feature 6 G1 MLP's as the focus of the art piece. It's important to me that these 6 characters be recognized right away, so I spent a lot of time debating what are the most popular (and therefore most easily recognized) G1's. I decided quickly on Firefly. I think we can all agree that she was probably the most popular G1 thanks to her appearance in the first animated special and several toy incarnations. I then decided on Gusty, I think she was pretty popular as a toy for her color scheme and on the cartoon for her spunky personality. But the rest of them have me stumped...

Then I remembered my old stomping grounds the MLPArena so I came back to get the opinions of everyone else! ^.^

I would very much appreciate it if people could fill out the following and post their answers. I'll use this to decide which characters are featured on my art project.

1.) These must be G1's, no exceptions
2.) It would balance the art project more if I could have 2 pegs, 2 unis, and 2 earthies, but that's not set in stone so it's okay to suggest others that don't fit that criteria (I think Rosedust the flutter was pretty popular maybe?)
3.) It's not a must that the characters be from the movie/specials/cartoon, but I think the animated features really made the toys come alive for people so I'm more leaning toward G1's that were in the animated features at this time. But maybe some people think some later toys, like Rapunzel, are more popular?

Post the following and give your opinions where the question marks are please:

I think the Most Popular G1's are...
1.) Firefly
2.) Gusty
3.) ? ? ? ?
4.) ? ? ? ?
5.) ? ? ? ?
6.) ? ? ? ?
Additional comments:

(Thank you for your time doing this poll!! ^.^)

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